One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/16/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/16/01

Written By Merilee

Antonio's Apartment Things are intense between Antonio and the two girls. (I bet you could cut the tension with a knife.) Sophia explains that she called for backup because of the danger that she and Kelly were in and can't understand why he didn't respond. It comes out that he never got the message. She further explains that she called here at the apartment but that she was cut off. (I forget who) but somebody explains that they thought it was a ploy to get Antonio and Roseanne separated. Sophia starts blasting Roseanne (and might I add it's about time) for not relaying the message because they were about to be killed. She walks out of the apartment and Roseanne starts babbling. She reminds him that he asked her to move in with him and wants to know if they can start anew. Antonio calmly says he understands but then tells her that he is going out and doesn't want her there when he get back. Left alone, Roseanne goes berserk. (Thank you for giving me the ending that I wanted!)

Llantano Mountain Joey is standing at the tree with the initials of his and Kelly's when Kelly and Kevin appear. He asks her forgiveness for what happened to her because he says that it is all his fault. She tells him that it's okay and tells him that she understands everything now. She moves off and gives the two brothers a chance to talk. Joey tells his brother how he always admired him and wanted to be just like him. He finally felt that he found the girl he loved but then something happened. He tells him that he knows what he has to do. He is leaving town and tells him that Clint wants him to come to England and with his pull, he thinks he can get him a job. He says that it won't be forever. The brothers hug as Kelly looks on.

Police Department Max asks an officer if he can see Skye. The officer tries to tell him why he can't, but Max keeps interrupting. Nora overhears this exchange and wants to know why Max is so intent on seeing Skye. She tells him that it will be better for them not to see each other. Later, Sophia comes in and the officers start applauding. They want to know all about the situation and how it was handled without any backup, but she isn't talking.

Rae's House Todd is busy behind Rae's desk making a copy of the Bible page when he is interrupted by John and Rae. John wants to put him under arrest but Todd balks. Todd says that he thought he was supposed to come over anytime that he had a problem. Rae wants to talk to Todd alone. She says that Todd must really need to talk. John tells her to be careful but reminds her that as Skye's mother and Skye will probably be released from Max's shooting and that probably he had something to do with it. Would she still consider it doctor/patient confidentiality? John leaves and Rae sits down. She wants to know what is going on but Todd decides to go on a different approach. He wants to talk about mothers. He wants to know how a mother can give a child up for adoption and later never tell her.

Blair's Room Blair is at her door talking to Skye. Finally, they go in the room where an angry scene ensues. Starr comes rushing in with her water gun and immediately douses Skye. The girl warns her not to talk to her mother like that. Blair tells her daughter that it is okay and to go back to bed. Starr insists on leaving the gun just in case. Starr leaves and Blair throws the gun on the bed. Skye tells her that she took a lie detector test and passed. She suggests that she take one and then proceeds to tell her that Starr will become a ward of the state but nobody will want a brat like her. Max comes in and wants to know what is going on. A few seconds later, Todd shows up and tells them that (I forget what he said.)

Bo's Office Sophia finally breaks down. She hears a noise and thinks it's Bo, but she turns only to see Nora. John comes in and wants to know what happened. She explains that she and Kelly were in a dangerous situation and that she had called for backup but nobody came. John says that he will look into it and Sophia can't believe what she hears. The door shuts behind him and Sophia really starts to cry. She tells Nora that the man she loves let her down.

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