One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/9/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/9/01

Written By Glynis

Roseanne is telling Antonio that she is in love with him. She loves shoes but she is not in love with them. She is in love with him. It is the last thing that he probably wants to hear, but it is the truth. That is how she feels. She knows that it isnít what he wants. He wanted something casual and she thought that was okay for a while, but now, she wants something else from him. She thinks that he is going to let her down easyÖTell her that he is sorry, but he doesn't want to see her anymore. She is sure that is what he is thinking. Antonio has been thinking that she was getting more hung up on him. Sometimes, he gets hung up on work and he knew that she was feeling more for him. He just ignored it so that he wouldnít have to deal with it. He didnít think that he would be able to handle it. He has been in love before and it wasnít forever. The first time he thought that he would hear those words again, he thought that he would be running in the other direction. He isnít running, he is still there. She wants to know what that means. He doesnít want to lose her and he cares for her. He thinks that the relationship isnít all that casual for him either. He just wants the relationship to be enough for her too. She used to push Cristian to tell her that he cared about her, but she hated being that insecure. She thought that by forcing him, everything could be fixed. The truth was that they never had a chance and she doesnít want to make that mistake again. She thinks that the two of them have a chance. He is not in love with someone else, he just isnít in love with her. There is always a chance though that soon he will be. Right now, that is all it is going to be. He needs her and he wants her in his life. They share a kiss. She realizes that she needs to get dressed and get back to work.

John is looking for Roseanne at the police station. Sophia tells him that she has no idea where she is, then she smiles to herself, knowing that Roseanne is going to get it as soon as John gets his hands on her.

Kevin is with Vicky and Sam. She thinks that Kevin should be with Kelly. He gets up to go but tells Vicky to call if she needs anything. He says goodbye to Sam and then leaves. Apparently, Vicky was dreaming about Ben. He was in his tuxedo and standing alone, looking lost. She doesn't know what that means. Sam tells her that after he heard that Nora was in the train crash, he started dreaming about her. She was always safe in the dream and when she was really alive, he felt that it was her way of letting him know that she was okay. She remembers that Sam was the only one that believed that Nora was alive. He feels that he has a spiritual connection with Nora. They have a powerful love. She believes that she has a powerful love with Ben too, but still she is optimistic. Sam remembers driving along and all of a sudden he is hit with an electric jolt. Her picture flashed through his mind and he felt Nora. When she said Benís name out loud in her dream, it reminded him of that time when he was waiting to see what would happen with Nora. He is convinced that with his heart, there is a connection. He is certain. The phone rings and Vicky answers the phone. It is Ben. "Blondie, it is me!" Vicky covers her mouth with shock.

Ben demands of his captors where he is and who is holding him. The captors donít have any answers for him. He has to wait until the Kingpin comes to speak with him. Ben demands a phone and the captor tells him that he will get him one immediately.

Blair is upset that Todd is taking her to Santa Domingo to get married. She thinks that people will think that they are ashamed of what they are doing. He demands that she marry him now this way or they can forget the wedding all together. She tells him in no uncertain terms that canceling the wedding is fine with her!

Kevin arrives home and is looking for Kelly in the house. She is no where to be found. He remembers Vicky saying that it can happen fast, that someone that you love is taken away from you. He is wondering to himself, "Where are you?"

On the landing, where the hitman is, he hears voices and hides immediately. Kelly is with the policeman who accompanies her to the landing. She convinces the policeman that she will be fine alone there. He looks around, but doesnít see the hit man hiding under some construction equipment. He leaves her there and tells her that he will be close by. She thanks him and is left alone on the landing. The hitman canít believe his luck. Just then Joey arrives. He opens the door and there they are face to face. She wants to know what Joey is doing there. He tells her that he saw her head over there and that is why he is there too. She tries to tell him that he has to stop sending her flowers and bumping into her. He tells her that he is getting a handle on things. He went visited a tree that they had visited together and that was when it hit him that it was over. She tells him that he has to understand that she is with Kevin all the way. He asks her if she has slept with him. She tells him that she has. She needs him to understand how things really are now. As the two talk together, the hitman is aiming his gun right at Kelly. He is waiting to get a clear shot at her. Joey has taken a few steps away from her and right now the target is clear to him. Joey freaks out and reminds her that they are still married. He wonders if everything that they shared were just lies. The policeman returns and checks to see if everything is okay with all the yelling and shouting that he hears. Joey tells her that he is done with her and his marriage to her has been a mistake. He walks off leaving the policeman and Kelly standing there. Soon the policeman and Kelly leave the landing as well. The hitman stands up upset that his perfect opportunity has been disturbed.

Ben is being treated nicely by his captors. They even offer to bring him a beer. Ben makes some sarcastic remarks as to the procedures of kidnapping. He is brought his beer and it is even poured for him. He takes the beer, and looks around at the exquisitely decorated room. He is having a fancy dinner and the table is being prepared right before him. He really only cared to eat a pizza. He asks who is going to be there. The manservant tells him that his employer will be there soon and everything will be explained to Ben shortly.

Sophia is taking over the phones at the police station for Roseanne who has obviously skipped off for a few hours. John is taking care of business with some people. Everything is going crazy there.

Vicky is clutching the phone in her hands and Sam has called for Bo who is going to come over as soon as possible. She is glad that Ben is alive and that he is okay. They canít figure out what they want from Ben.

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