One Life to Live Update Monday 1/8/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 1/8/01

Written By Merilee

Interrogation Room Skye and John come in and immediately she starts in on people. John points out to her that that bottle that Rae tried to give her on New Year's was a peace offering but Skye isn't buying it. The tone in their conversation changes when he asks her why she stopped the test. She says that she felt extremely uncomfortable with Max in there with them. She asks him what exactly the test does. He explains that it measures the heartbeat and can sense when she is not telling the truth. She explains that after being locked up for so long that she feels she would fail the test and tells him that she has been trying to prepare herself for a prison sentence. John says that he is starting to believe her but would like her to take the test again so that he can be absolutely sure. She finally consents and later we see her hooked up to the machine. She is talking and John asks her if she's always like this. She tells him that she's always like this when she's nervous. Later, the results are back. John takes great delight in telling her that she passed with flying colors.

Dorian's House Kelly opens the door to Sophia and invites her in. She hugs her and thanks her for what she did for her and Kevin. She starts to tell her about what they did in the hot tub but Sophia stops her. She explains that that is not why she came over. She explains about the guy in California and how he was already in prison on the night of the shooting. The doorbell rings and Sophia tells Kelly to stay right there and she will get the door. She comes back in with some flowers and Kelly starts to read the card and goes quiet. The card is not from Kevin; it's from Joey. She reads the card aloud and tells Sophia that she can't believe he would do this to her. Sophia reminds her that it says that he wants to meet her for one last time.

Charlie's (Gray's) Apartment Charlie slowly puts on his disguise and walks out the door.

Police Department RJ and Roseanne are out in the hall. He is taking great pains about rubbing her new job in her face. She asks him what he wants. He wants her to let him know what is going on when it has to deal with him. "You mean like when you're going to be arrested?" She says no and things start getting a little rough. Just then Antonio wants to know what is going on. RJ lets go and walks off. They go back inside and Antonio asks if she has had her lunch yet. She tells him no and he wants her to spend it with him. Later, a woman is sitting at Roseanne's desk and she asks Sophia where Roseanne is. Sophia says that she doesn't know but to ask Antonio. She says that that would be hard since they left together over an hour ago. She explains that she has to go to her son's school. Sophia tells her to go ahead because she will take care of things.

Dorian's House Kevin comes in and wants to know what Sophia is doing there. She explains that she came over to tell Kelly about the man in California. He spies the flowers and wants to know where they came from. Kelly said that Dorian sent them. Later, she is alone and rereads the note.

Roof Gray calmly walks on the roof.

Closet Todd walks in and casually comments on the job that Cristian is doing. Chris says that it's kind of funny how the fire started while he was in here getting it on with Blair. Todd tells him to stay away from Blair. Chris says that it is up to her to stay away. Later, RJ walks in. Todd has knocked Chris on the floor (I didn't see what happened then). RJ tells Chris to go back upstairs. The two men start talking about the fire and Todd says that it is funny that every business of RJ's always seems to go up in smoke. He says that he can't blame him. The parting shot as Todd is walking out; he reminds RJ of how he took Tea away from him.

Asa's House Max and Blair are supposed to be talking about things but they end up yelling especially after he finds out that she will be remarrying Todd. "What about Starr?" Blair explains that she will be happy to live with her father again. He reminds her of the fact that he is a rapist. At the top of her voice, she asks if there is anybody that will stand in their way of being ex husband and ex wife. Of course, there is no answer. She reminds him that she wants to split everything 50/50. He says that he will give her the clothes on her back and everything that she brought with her. Todd comes in and announces that he and Blair have to leave.

Antonio's Apartment Roseanne cannot believe that he brought her here for lunch. Things turn ridiculous when she starts yelling at him (like a cop). She tells him that she wants him to spread his legs because she has to frisk him. Things really get weird when they end up in bed (doing the you know what).

Plane Blair wants to know what she is doing on Todd's plane. Just then, Starr and a woman come out and Starr is all dressed up. Blair wants to know why her daughter is all dressed up and where are they going. Todd says that they are going to Santa Domingo (I think). She says she can't go because she has no passport. He takes out a passport and she reads it. It says Blair Cramer Manning.

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