One Life to Live Update Friday 1/5/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 1/5/01

Written By Glynis

Sophia brought Roseanne some balloons for her new job because she knows that it can be a nightmare. Antonio leaves them to take care of something. Roseanne doesnít believe that Sophia is being sincere. Sophia tells Roseanne that sheíd better get used to using the menís room. Then she tells Roseanne to get her some coffee.

Sam wants to know what is going on with Ben. Bo thinks that Sam is too close to the situation to be objective. Sam thinks that he may know who did the kidnapping. The culprits may be mob people. Sam drops a name. Bo thinks that Roarke is someone that Sam should stay away from or he will end up dead. Ben, apparently, has a connection from his past to the Rousseau family. Bo takes the necessary precautions. Bo wants to know if anyone contacts him. Roseanne walks in with information in a file. She blurts out some information that was private and confidential. Something that has to do with an investigation into Melanieís past. She sheepishly leaves the office. Sam asks why Bo is investigating Melanie.

Viki meets with Roarke. She tells him that her name is Victoria Davidson and that she wants her husband back. Soon Antonio intervenes and helps Viki out of a sticky situation. She thanks him, but Roarke wants someone on Viki at all times. He is sure that she will lead him to Ben.

Lindsay comes to see Melanie. Melanie doesnít want to have any visitors. Lindsay wants to be the first one to congratulate Melanie on her engagement. She tells Lindsay that there is no engagement. She isnít marrying Bo. She isnít ready. Lindsay wonders what else it could be that is making her sister not marry Bo. Melanie wants to talk to her about the problem. Lindsay doesn't get it. She really needs to know what is the matter. She guesses that it has something to do with their father.

Roseanne is having a terrible time with the phones. Sophia loves it. She brings Roseanne some filing to do. Roseanne is not very happy with the order. Sophia tells her that when she is asked to do something, she should do it. She also tells Roseanne that she has broken a rule by going into Boís office when the door is closed. She also asks for another cup of coffee. Roseanne tells her that she knows what Sophia is doing. She is pretending to like her to make her miserable in the end. Sophia denies that is what she is trying to do. Roseanne walks back to her desk.

Blair returns to RJís bar and Cristian is there. She wants to have a drink. Jessica is there and asks him what it is that he is doing. Cristian thinks there is nothing wrong with what giving her a drink. Jessica wonders if she ever knew him and Cristian wonders the same thing. Jessica leaves. Cristian assures Blair that he is over with Jessica. Cristian is worried that Blair had trouble with Todd. He is glad that she is over him. Blair thinks that she will never really be over with Todd. No one can understand them. Cristian canít understand her relationship with Todd. He is too sweet. She doesnít even understand her relationship with Todd. Half the time she doesnít understand the things that she does.

Jessica and Will discuss his potential in business. She tells him that she is the only thing that is missing. They kiss.

Roseanne is answering the phones and still having a difficult time. Sophia is sitting in front of her and listening to her difficulty. An officer comes in for information on a tip. She really screws it up and the officer walks off very upset. Roseanne gets up and leaves the room. She wants to talk to Antonio, but he is busy. RJ sees her stress and wonders if she wants to discuss a business proposal now.

Sam and Bo discuss Melanie and her secret. Something is getting in her way. Someone may be getting in her way. It may be Colin, and it may be Lindsay.

Viki is at Boís office. She wants something done to find her husband. If Roarke doesnít have Ben, then who does?

Ben is taken somewhere. They finally take his blindfold off and he is shocked by where he is.

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