One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/4/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/4/01

Written By Merilee

John's Place John is now back from Crossroads. He opens the door to find Rae sitting in his living room. She asks how Viki is and he tells her she's doing about as well as expected. Rae says that the New Year has started off rotten and that it has just gotten worse. She holds up the bottle of champagne and explains that she went to see Skye. To offer her a peace offering for the new year but that she messed up. She explains that she did not know that the girl had an alcohol problem. John tells her that it is not her problem and that there was no way that she could have known. Rae points out that as her mother; she should have known. John asks her about Skye's father and wants to know if he had a drinking problem. (Sorry, I didn't hear the answer.) She tells him that she is leaving town for a while but that she will never leave him. Things seemed to be resolved as they head up the stairs.

Dining Room Will is telling Colin to leave his mother alone. Colin says that he has business with her but Will won't listen. Colin turns to leave but looks at Lindsay with that famous grin of his. Will wants to know what that was all about. As usual, Lindsay sidesteps the situation by reminding him that he should be celebrating the night with Jessica. Jessica is off to herself when Renee approaches her. Jess tells her that she does not think that Lindsay is being truthful with Will. Later, Jess approaches Will and asks if he believes what his mother is telling him. He says he does and asks her if she believes her. Jess goes quiet for a minute and then tells Will that she wants to dance. Outside, Colin approaches Lindsay. She gives him an envelope and tells him that that is all of it.

Lanie's Room Lanie and Bo are very happy to see each other. He surprises her with a ring and asks her to marry him. He declares his love for her and she tells him the same. He tells her that on the first night they met that all he wanted to do was arrest her but that something changed in him that night and she's the result of that. He asks her again but she starts hedging. He wants to know what is wrong. "Is it Colin, Lindsay, Nora?" She assures him that it is none of those people. Later, he has left and she is on one side of the door while he is on the other.

Storage Room Blair is surprised by Todd's marriage proposal. She tells him that she can't marry him because she is still married to Max. She says she wants love and that she has none of that now. She reminds him of all the times she has forgiven Max for what he has done with his "fake" family. She says that if it wasn't for her that he wouldn't have any of that. "Do you love me?" Todd says he loves her but then he says something like what is love. Nobody loves me but you are the only one that likes me. Through tears, Blair quietly agrees to marry him.

Cabin Kelly and Kevin look like they are really enjoying themselves. The place starts to get cold so he goes outside for some more firewood. He comes back in and puts a log on the fire. He tells Kelly to close her eyes and he will lead her outside. She reminds him that it's cold but she goes with him. They get to their destination and he tells her to open her eyes. Surprise. It's a hot tub just waiting for them. They get in and start to get real cozy. She asks him when he had time to do this. He says that he did it when he was outside. (Gosh, I wouldn't mind a hot tub right now but I wouldn't want to be with Kevin. I choose Antonio!)

By Glynis

Blair can’t believe that Todd wants to marry her. She doesn’t know if she gets an opportunity to say no. He tells her that she will see what happens if she says no. Why would she want to marry anyone? He thinks that they are the same. She shot her husband in the back and he covered it up for her. They are the same. They are perfect together. The two of them are a match. She tells him that if he wants to marry her, he would love her. She asks him point blank if he loves her. She demands an answer. Maybe that is what he is trying to say to her in his own way. He can’t say it. He likes that she is Starr’s mother. She is sarcastically telling him that she is totally swept away by that. He just says he loves someone to get them to do whatever it is that he wants. She is sure that he doesn’t love her. He wants to possess her. He says it. "I l-l-love you." He thinks that love is an illusion that exists only in their minds. Everyone is alone and thinks that love makes them think that they are not alone. Nobody loves him and he doesn’t care, because he doesn’t deserve it. Love is a hoax, it is a joke, a slight of hand. The only two people that are in sync with it are Blair and himself. He will never let her down, because she doesn’t expect anything from him. If they do get any more from it, then that will be icing on the cake. Blair understands him. He asks Blair to reconsider his proposal. Blair tells him that she will marry him, much to Todd’s surprise.

Bo proposes to Melanie. She loves him but she just can’t answer the way that she wants to. Melanie loves Bo, but she is leery about accepting his proposal. She tells him that he deserves more than she can give him. He disagrees. He thinks that this has something to do with Lindsay. He tells her that she can talk to him and she needs to believe that. She does believe in him. He is imagining many things and just wants to know what is going on. She agrees to tell him. She ends up asking him to leave. She tells him that she is in the way and he needs to go. She begs him to leave as she starts crying. "Please go!"

Kevin and Kelly are together and he is telling her that she has nothing to feel guilty about. In her heart, she still feels guilty. Kevin thinks that they have waited a year for this and they deserve it. Once he got to make love to her, he thought that he would never stop. He wants her to go outside. It is freezing. He drags her in her blanket to go outside.

Jessica and Renée are talking about Lindsay. Jessica knows that Lindsay isn’t being honest, but Will doesn’t want to hear it. Renée thinks that she should stay away. Jessica tells Renée that Lindsay took money that was meant for Will. She spent it all. The fact that she is his mother is the reason that she uses Will. Renée thinks that Will has been dealt a tough hand and he is the only one that can play it. Lindsay is the only mother that Will will ever have.

Lindsay is telling Will that he should be spending time with Jessica. She is fine. Will wants to know what is going on with her. Lindsay tells him that things are worse than he thinks. Bo is going to ask Melanie to marry him. Will asks her to promise that she will stay away from Colin. She promises to stay away from Colin and hugs her son. Lindsay leaves him and Jessica comes up behind him and they hug. Will is not sure if he is okay. She wants to know if he believes his mother. Will is sure that his mother is telling the truth. He wants to know what she thinks. She doesn’t answer and then she decides that she will tell him instead that it is New Year's Eve and they should be dancing. They start dancing.

Lindsay and Colin discuss Bo and Melanie getting engaged. Colin wants more money. He is forcing her to lie to her own child and she won’t do that anymore. He tells her that she has to pay for her mistakes one way or another. He imagines what it is going to be like when Bo hears the little secret. Lindsay wants to know what the secret is that Colin is talking about. Colin wishes her a Happy New Year and leaves her wondering what he was talking about.

Kevin and Kelly are in the winter outside sitting in the Jacuzzi having a drink and just being together. They kiss passionately.

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