One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/2/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/2/01

Written By Glynis

Colin comes over to Lanieís to wish her a happy New Year. He walks right in and she doesnít look very happy to see him. She has given him everything from the marriage, and she just wants to discuss one more thing. He implied that she did something wrong regarding her fatherís death. There was just a matter of time till he stopped having the pain. She really loved her father. Bo is coming over and she wants to tell him the truth of her fatherís death as it happened. She wants to tell Lindsay too. Colin promises not to tell anyone about the way her father really died. He doesnít understand how giving her father the overdose of morphine was an act of mercy. She tells him that she had to do it. A delivery arrives for Melanie. It is a box with a gift basket on top. She tips the delivery person and sends him on his way. Colin makes a sarcastic remark about Bo being romantic. Colin tells her that what she did was illegal. Her father was dying and he was begging her to help him. She didnít do it for the inheritance. Bo will understand the truth. Colin wants her to tell Bo the truth. He wants the both of them to suffer. She is sure that he will understand. There is no "statute of limitations" on murder. Melanie tells Colin to get out, but he wants to stay. He promises not to say anything. He just wants to be there when she tells Bo about her helping her father die. Finally, he agrees to go. He reminds her that she has to tell him everything. She is sure that Bo will not arrest her. Colin hopes that Bo compromises everything for her. He wishes her Happy New Year. She slams the door after him.

Bo and Lindsay are still stuck in the small room together. He wants to know why Lindsay tries to hurt Lanie continuously. Lindsay is the sister that got nothing from her father. In the end, Lindsay could have reconciled with her father, but Melanie didnít let her near her father. Melanie got everything. Melanie tried to give Lindsay their fatherís ring as if that would make things better. Lindsay was cut out of the will because of Melanie. Bo wonders about Lindsayís own sins. What she had to do with Noraís kidnapping. He wants to talk about her. She thinks that Bo has changed. He is not the woman that she used to love. She thinks that people have turned him against her. He wants to understand what she was forced to do. She only remembers when he would always understand. She used to be what he needed. Things were unpredictable and when they made love, it was wonderful. He only wants to know what she did. He confirms that he doesnít want her anymore. She wants to find out if he really doesnít want her. They are stuck in the room and no one can get in. She tells him that he wouldnít be hurting anyone, he isnít even engaged yet. If she is wrong, he can marry her sister with her blessing. He thinks that this is foolishness. He doesnít want this. She tells him that he can kiss her and then he can tell her that he doesnít want it. He tells her no. She tells him that she will tell him everything that he wants to know if he only kisses her and makes love to her now.

Ben is setting up a romantic evening with Vicki. He pours the champagne and she comes out dressed to kill. He tells her that he loves her and he loves to pamper her. She loves the way that he looks at her sometimes. He thins of her as a work of art. There is still something missing. Ben brings out a velvet box and opens it up. He has bought her some very nice earrings and she puts them on immediately. Now they are ready for the surprise that he has for her. He remembers the first moment that he remembered that he had to have her. When they met, he knew that she was beautiful, exciting and extremely intelligent, but when she grabbed a pool cue, he was hers. She tells him to rack them up and they get ready to play a game of pool. Vicky shoots first. They smile lovingly at each other.

Kevin tells Kelly that she looks like a movie star, or a goddess. She is a real woman with real feelings. She loves him and always will. It was a year ago that same night. They have wanted each other. It has been hard to wait, but they have. She loves him and she wants him to make love to her. She has been in his dreams too, all of them. They donít need music the music is already playing. They can hear it. They dance together in the candlelit room. Kevin and Kelly start kissing and start taking off their clothes to make love for the first time. They stare lovingly into each otherís eyes. Soon their clothes are off and they lay together on the bear skin rug in front of the fire.

Cristian and Blair are alone in a secluded room. Blair is concerned that Cristian is only making nice with her because Jessica was in the room. He tries to explain to her that is not the case. She just wants to feel good and think about right that moment. He thinks that sounds like a perfect idea.

Todd is walking throughout the same building with a light in his handÖHe hears voices behind a door and walks up to it listening. He slowly opens the door and sees Blair with Cristian. He hears her say, "To hell with Todd, to hell with everybodyÖ" Todd stops watching Blair and goes back into the hall. He sees a can of paint thinner and picks it up. He thinks long and hard to himself. Finally, Todd pours the paint thinner around the door to the room where Blair and Cristian are. He then lights the thinner on fire watching it burn and get brighter and brighter.

Ben and Victoria are still playing pool together. He is flirting with her, and having a hard time playing pool with her. They decide to call the game a draw. She is hungry so they decide to go and eat. He takes her to the table and then takes his seat. He always hoped that someone out there would be for him and he has found her. In spite of what they go through, he continues to fall in love with her, more everyday. She gets a little sad because she wonders if their trouble will ever end. He promises her everything in life and more. They toast to each other. They are lucky to have police protection. She really loves him so much. She believes in the both of them together.

The cop outside comes to relieve the policeman on duty. The cop doesnít recognize the new policeman and decides to check in and make sure that the new policeman is to be there. When he radios in, the thug hits him on the back of his head and knocks him out. Apparently, checking in was a bad idea. The fake policeman enters the room and tells Vicki and Ben that there has been a change in plans and Ben has to come with them right away. Ben figures it out right away and grabs the thug to give Vicky time to escape. "She doesnít get to leave because at the door there are two other crooks that block her way. They wish her Happy New Year and leave with Ben closing the door behind them. Vicky is thunderstruck.

After the loving, Kelly and Kevin sit together thinking how they have waited for this for so long. She loves him and he loves her. They are rolled up on the floor wrapped in a blanket. They wish each other Happy New Year. They hug each other and sit among the candles together.

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