One Life to Live Update Friday 12/29/00



One Life to Live Update Friday 12/29/00

Written By Glynis

Lindsay is explaining to Asa how she knows that Melanie is not going to last with Bo. He tells her that something is coming and he hopes that he is there to see it happen. She demands to know what it is he knows that she doesnít. He thinks that Lindsay better work fast if she wants to beat Melanie to the altar. Lindsayís mouth drops.

Bo is coming out of his office and addressing the other officers. He goes down the list of things that have to be remembered on this special night. He asks them to keep a lid on it, because he has a wonderful evening planned. Both Sophia and Antonio are in the group being addressed. Sophia later tells the group that she has things planned for later. Roseanne shows up because she has a job interview and might be answering phones at the police station.

Bo is back in his office talking to Melanie on the phone. She happens to be free as a bird for New Year's Eve. She understands if he gets busy, but he is sure that he wonít beÖ No matter what. Nothing can spoil this. She reminds him that they are taking things one day at a time. She is a little disturbed at the moment but he canít tell.

John is with Kelly and Kevin and he is telling them that their ordeal may be over. She has to look at a picture and then they may have their life back. She doesnít want to go through this anymore.

Joey is talking to a friend in the bar. He is telling the story of Kelly falling in love with his brother. He still hears her voice and smells her perfume. The guy apparently can relate. He seems to have had an experience like that too. They are really bonding together.

Blair walks into RJís bar with a deadly red dress on. All the men are watching her in the bar. RJ watches her from afar. She walks up to the bar and orders champagne from Cristian. She is acting foot-loose and fancy-free. She is snapping her fingers and dancing in her chair. She looks behind her and sees Todd standing near the entrance. He doesnít look very happy. RJ sees that Todd has arrived as well and wonders about the combination of the both of them in the bar at that moment. Todd starts walking over to Blair and RJ intercepts his course. Todd makes a smart remark to him and walks right by him. He walks over to Blair and tells her that she looks like a tramp and she is acting like a tramp. She doesnít want to go home with him. She wants to have some fun, some good old-fashioned fun. She intends on finding out about having some fun. She leaves her barstool and starts dancing with the guys on the dance floor. Todd just watches and waits.

On the other side of the bar, Jessica and Will enter and greet Joey and his new friend. Jessica takes Joey aside to check that everything is okay with her brother. He tries to convince her that he is fine. She doesnít necessarily believe him. He tells her that he is feeling empty. He is sick of feeling angry and he knows that she didnít mean that, and neither did Kevin. He is sick of people being sorry for him. He hates that, and doesnít need it. It is hard and he will survive. He will never stop thinking of Kelly.

Will on the other hand has been left with the computer guy to discuss things that are needed for his new business. The young man is not listening. He writes Orchids on his writing pad instead of taking notes.

Kevin and Kelly are in Boís office and it seems that their ordeal is not over yet. She tells him of her fantasy of them going out on the town and how they would just be having fun, loving each other. He thinks that her dreams could come true. She wanted him to have a special night with her. He assures her that every night is going to be special now. They hug. He keeps promising her.

Sophia is eavesdropping and listening to Roseanne sweet-talk Bo into giving her the job answering phones. She has listed Antonio as a reference for the job. He gives her the okay. She can handle the unexpected. Sophia is listening to the whole interview and making snide remarks that are heard by John. John tells her that she should say she isnít up to working with Roseanne if she canít do it. Antonio checks to see how Sophia is feeling about Roseanne working there. Sophia thinks that because she used to have the job, she wants to remind Roseanne that she could help if ever Roseanne needed it. Roseanne thanks her, but her sentiments are not genuine, and both know it. Roseanne walks off. Sophia is sure that Roseanne is going to be great. Antonio shows Roseanne where her desk is going to be and takes her over there. She is sure that she is going to be fine from now on. She wonít be drinking champagne for a while. Antonio tells her that he has reservations for the both of them later. She agrees to it, loving that Sophia is hearing every word of what they are saying.

Jessica and Will walk over to Todd and thank him for the present. They are not sure why he is doing it, but they are really going to make a go of it. Will thanks him a lot, and Todd tells him to try and not steal from this company like he did from the last company.

Blair approaches the bar for a martini. Todd is nearby watching everything, and RJ is nearby watching Todd. Blair is flirting with the Cristian and Todd is obviously jealous. The room shouts for Cristian to dance on the bar. Cristian jumps on the counter and starts to dance. He stops and shouts that he needs a partner. He looks down and finds Blair staring up at him. He puts out his arms for her and she takes them. He pulls her up onto the counter and they start to dance. Todd is stunned by Blairís behavior in the bar. He really doesnít understand what she is doing. When they are through, Cristian helps her down from the counter, but continues to dance with her. Jessica and Will and watch not understanding exactly what is going on.

RJ approaches Todd and mentions to him that Blair reminds him of someone else he knows that went from him to Todd. Todd is obviously not thrilled with the implied ideas and walks over to Blair to stop her dancing with Cristian and take her home. Blair tells him that she doesnít want to go. He tells her that she will be sorry. She orders him to go and leave her alone. People overhear them arguing and Joey and Cristian walk over and tell Todd that they can help her if she needs it. Todd immediately walks past RJ and walks out. Blair doesnít look that pleased with herself.

Sophia has a conversation at the police station with Kelly. She tells Kelly that she can feel the connection between her and Kevin. Sophia tells her that she is done with scheming. Kelly tells her that real love is incredible, but worth the search. Sophia is really down on herself and apologizes for the way that she used to act towards her. They wish each other Happy New Year. Kelly tells her that there is a way that Sophia can make up for everything in the past. Sophia turns to look at her puzzled.

Bo is telling Kevin that the mayor wonít okay anymore protection for Kelly. Kevin is very upset by that. Bo tries to explain to him that things are out of his hands. Kevin hopes that Bo will never be faced with the choice of playing by the rules or protecting someone that he loves.

Lindsay tells Asa that she doesnít think that Melanie is going to get Bo, even over her dead body. Lindsay doesnít think that is going to happen at all. Asa loves that Lindsay is worried about the news. Lindsay turns around and finds Melanie standing behind her. Asa removes himself from the two and the women discuss things, with Melanie trying to be rational and caring and Lindsay just being Lindsay. She tells Melanie that she was the one that got everything that Lindsay ever wanted. Melanie thinks that if she had known, she would have given her something. She brings to her their fatherís college ring. Melanie tells her to take it. Lindsay canít believe that Melanie thinks giving her the ring would make things right. Melanie doesnít understand why Lindsay is acting like this. Lindsay accuses her of spending time with their father all the time and not letting her have any time with their father and now he is dead. Melanie tells her that their father didnít want to spend time with her. Lindsay is crying. She gives the ring back to Melanie and tells her that she needs to get dressed cause Melanie is going out. Melanie hopes for Lindsayís sake that the New Year brings her happiness, and that Lindsay will take it. Melanie walks outside the apartment and stops to think to herself.

Bo and John leave Boís office with thoughts of John coming back to workÖ.

Antonio wishes Sophia a Happy New Year. Roseanne sees them having a moment and interrupts it by telling Antonio that it is time for them to go if they want to make their reservations. Antonio and Roseanne leave together. Sophia watches them walk away. Kevin walks over to Sophia and finds out that some FBI men came to get Kelly and she is with them.

Joey is back with his friend at RJís bar. They are drinking and talkingÖ

Jessica and Will are watching amazed at the way that Blair and Cristian are behaving. Will doesnít think that it is a big deal, but Jessica canít get over it. Friends come over and ask if Jessica and Will want to go to another party. Jessie and Will agree to leave with the group and they walk out.

Cristian and Blair are still flirting with each other, but Cristian catches when Jessica leaves with Will and the group. He doesnít look pleased. Blair doesnít care. She asks Cristian is he is ready to continue with their party. He whispers in her ear and they continue to behave like school kids at the bar.

Sophia and Kevin go to his house and Sophia and leaves with the cop on duty. Kevin walks into the house and finds Kelly beautifully dressed and waiting for him. He is thoroughly happy with that and presents himself to herself to her, tuxedo and all.

Todd is on his computer. He is still angry at the way that he was treated earlier and he shouts in anger about it, as he continues to manipulate his computer.

Lindsay shows up to see Bo. She has something to tell him but he doesnít want to hear it. She refuses to leave until she tells him what it is. The lights immediately go out and Bo is not sure what is wrong.

Todd has some type of monitoring device on his screen of his computer, and it is moving over something that looks like a map. He says to himself, "Get Blair."

Blair who is still at the bar flirting with Cristian, starts kissing him and he lets her. Just then all the lights in the bar go out. All the music stops and everyone becomes quiet.

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