One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/21/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/21/00

By Merilee

Antonio's Place

Antonio is blasting Roseanne for what she just did to Sophia. When he had answered the door; she had sat down on the bed (without her coat) and made herself really comfortable. He says that it looked like she had spent the night and he's very upset. After getting dressed; he tells Roseanne to give him the keys she has to the apartment. She says that she only came back to get her stuff. He has to leave and she says she will close the door when she leaves. He leaves and she gets her stuff. She looks out the window and yells. She puts her stuff down and runs out of the apartment. Later, she comes back with RJ. She's in a rampage because her car has been towed off. He just laughs and reminds her that she has no job. She tells him that Antonio has set her up with a job at the police department answering the phone. He just laughs.

Hallowed Grounds Coffee House

Nora comes in and sees Renee. They agree to sit together and they find a seat and grab it. After they get their coffee, they start talking. Renee tells her that she is thinking about spending Christmas with Max and Asa. Nora asks her if that means that they will be getting back together. Renee says that she doesn't know but this might be the first step. Nora asks her what she got her for Christmas last year. Renee tells her and Nora acts relieved. Nora explains that it's hard on her considering that she has forgotten the last couple of years of her life. She imagines herself still married to Bo but deep down she knows she's not. Nora says that she has to leave and goes out. She makes a call to Colin and tells him to meet her in the park. Back inside, Renee is gathering up her stuff. A mugger grabs Renee's purse. She tries to get it back but he brings out a knife. Antonio and Sophia are there. Sophia does her thing and Antonio manages to grapple the man to the ground and cuff him. Renee tells him that it was her purse and she looks at Sophia and tells her that she's bleeding. The girl shrugs it off and Antonio tells Renee that she has to go downtown to make a statement.


Bo and Hank are jogging. They sit down for a rest. Somehow, they start talking about Lanie. Bo says that he is going to be with her. Hank says that he already knows it. He wants to know about Nora. Bo says that she seems to be okay but he wants to take things slow out of consideration for his former wife. Bo looks up and wants to know what Asa is doing with the parks commissioner. Asa and the man come over to Bo and Hank. Asa says that the park needs some work and that he is paying for some things to be done. The man leaves and soon Hank leaves. Asa tells his son that Renee is coming to spend Christmas with him and Max and he would really like it if the rest of the family could join them. He suggests that Bo bring Nora. Bo says that's impossible that if he came he would bring Lanie. Asa starts making noises about the Lindsay look-alike. Things get really heated and Bo walks off. Later, Nora and Colin meet. She starts questioning him about dreams that she's had. The last question deals with Lindsay coming toward her and she wants to know if that ever happened. Colin is just about to answer when Asa bellows for him to get away from her.

Lanie's Room

She is back from a day at work. She clicks on the answering machine. The first message is from Bo and the second one is from Colin. Just then there is a knock at the door and she hurriedly turns it off and lets Sam in. He is holding the divorce decree in his hand and he wants to know what is going on. He tells her that giving him all this isn't right and he will try to block it. She tells him that she just wants to get the divorce over with. He reminds her that the house was hers because it came from her family. She tells him that because that was where he had Nora that she doesn't want it.

Lindsay's Place

She is putting on a long blond wig and looking at herself in the mirror. The image of Nora appears and Lindsay says that she thought she had gotten rid of her. Nora says no and that she wouldn't miss this for the world. Lindsay looks at herself in the uniform and seems to like the results. (I don't think she looks anything like her sister.)


Lindsay (as Lanie) is waiting to talk to a representative of the bank. The image of Nora is there. Mr. Stockton comes in and she tells him that she wants to get into hers and Colin's box. He says that she has to have a key and she tells him that she doesn't have one. She tells him that she is going through a messy divorce and that she wants to get some papers out without Colin's knowledge. Could he help her? He says that he will see what he can do and before he leaves he tells her that her husband is a fool. A few minutes go by and he comes back. He tells her that everything is okay and he gives her the box. He says that he has to have her signature and she tells him that being a doctor that her signature has gotten worse. He compares the signatures and tells her that he is satisfied. He asks for a date and she tells him to call her at work. Left alone, she finally opens the box but is stunned only to find a lump of coal with a note. Just then, Sam and Lanie come in. (The looks on all their faces.)

Police Department

Renee has finished with her statement and Antonio tells her that she can go.

Bo's Office

Bo and Hank have had a conversation. (I'm sorry. I can't remember what it was) Later, Antonio has come in and he tells Bo that he has to talk to him about Sophia. "Too late. She's already beaten you to it."

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