One Life to Live Update Monday 12/18/00



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/18/00

By Merilee

Kevin's Office

Joey and Kelly are having a heated conversation about things including the topic of Kevin. Kelly starts to get suspicious when Joey starts saying things that Sophia already told her. Meanwhile, Kevin is outside the office. A gentleman approaches him wanting to know where Joey Buchanan is. Kevin says that he is his brother and he asks the man who he is. The man's name is Lou and he's Joey's divorce lawyer. (We never do get to find out what the conversation was between the two of them.) Back in the office, Joey starts to look kind of guilty when Kevin comes in. Joey reminds Kelly about all of Kevin's women and how he has used them. He figures that she hasn't gone to bed with his brother because she still loves him. He finally tells her that he stalled the divorce because he wants to work things out.

Cristian's Apartment

Sophia is making her move on Antonio. He tells her that he is still mixed up with his ex-wife and that he is not ready for another committed relationship. He tells her that he thought Roseanne understood this. Sophia mumbles something under her breath that sounds like men being so gullible or something like that. They settle down to share some tea and make plans to go to RJ's new opening. She says that they will be able to keep an eye on Cristian.

Bo's Office

John is back from his hearing and Rae has followed him into the office. She wants to know what happened. He tells her that he has been suspended for two weeks and that he is turning in his badge and gun. She reminds him that it is only for 2 weeks.

Police Department

Skye is being handcuffed to the bench and she asks the policeman what is going on. He explains that she will be going for a bail hearing in a little bit. She reminds him of the fact that she is not guilty. He tells her that that's what they all say. Later, Skye is surprised to see Max standing over her. He tells her that he would have been here sooner but he had a small relapse and ended back up in the hospital, but that he is okay. She asks him to stand by her but he says that he is not sure if he can. He leaves and Rae comes over. Ugly words are exchanged between the two and John ends up separating them.

Bo's Office

Rae is still hot under the collar but John manages to calm her down. He tells her that Skye is her daughter.


Viki, Ben, and Sam are there. Viki and Ben are in an embrace. Todd comes bursting in and demands to know where Blair is. None of them have any idea and Sam wants to know how he knows that she left. He tells them that all of her suitcases are gone and so is Starr. He gets upset and walks out of the room but the other three follow him. Ben reminds him that he was the one to burst into his house. Todd finally leaves. Viki looks at the two men. She tells Ben that he now has somebody else to worry about. "Todd!"

RJ's Bar

Roseanne comes in and wants Cristian to fix her a drink. He tells her that he can't until tonight, but does make an exception. She talks about her problems with Antonio and tells him that Sophia will be there to try and pick up the pieces. She tries to get him to see that Antonio will never fall for her. Cristian looks up and Roseanne turns to see what he is looking at. Antonio and Sophia are standing in the doorway. (Poor Roseanne.)

Jessica and Will's Apartment

Will asks his mother about the money that Asa gave her for him. Lindsay tells Will and Jessica that the gallery had fallen on hard times after Dorian had left, and she used the money to straighten it out. She finally makes her excuses and leaves. Jessica asks Will if he really buys the story about the money.

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