One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/12/00



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/12/00

By Merilee

Dorian's House

Kelly is asking Joey to leave because she doesn't think the living arrangement is going to work. He looks pained but tries to stay calm. He does ask her if it means she wants to be alone with Kevin but she says she can't do that because she is still married to him. With nothing left to say, Joey leaves and closes the door behind him. Kelly follows and watches him leave. Kevin has joined her. She closes the door and tells Kevin that she had to do it. They both go in different directions and Charlie (Gray) comes down the stairs. Kevin hears this and comes back and asks him what he is doing there. Charlie says that he heard something upstairs and went to investigate. He says that he did it quietly so as not to alarm them. He leaves and Kelly comes back and wants to know what Charlie was doing there. "That's what I'd like to know."


Antonio is telling Roseanne that he does not appreciate what she is doing. He feels like he is being used. She acts like she does not understand. He explains again that Sophia and the shower were just a joke and he thinks that by her doing all this is just an embarrassment to the three of them especially Sophia. He leaves and she goes to the door and watches him go. Sophia has come downstairs and lays into Roseanne about her being alone. Roseanne tells her that the night is not over and she puts her coat on. She tells Sophia that while she is thinking about Antonio making love to her, Roseanne will be doing it in person. Roseanne leaves and Sophia throws a pillow at the door. Later, Sophia is vacuuming when Joey walks in. She stops and they trade stories about their true loves. She goes in the kitchen and comes back with carton of (I guess) ice cream. After much talking, they agree to help each other get their loves.

Max's Room

Bo tells them that they found Asa's gun, the one that was used to shoot Max. He tells them that it was found in the chimney of Skye's room. Skye continues to tell them that she didn't do it. Bo says there is one more piece of evidence. She was standing right outside the door when she made a threatening phone call to Max. He tells Skye to get dressed or he will have Lisa help her do it. Defeated, she does what he says and Bo, Lisa, and Shelby lead her away.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd and Blair are still arguing. She tells him that she will say he shot Max and he says that no one will believe her. He says that if she takes Starr that he will tell the police everything and name her. She tells him that if he names her that she will tell them that he was an accomplice and that he had a motive. That he wants her back.

Police Department

John and Rae are talking when Blair comes in and announces that she knows who shot Max. Todd has followed her (and you know that look). There is commotion coming from the hall and a handcuffed Skye appears with Lisa and Shelby. It is announced that she was arrested for shooting Max. Blair goes to her and tells her that she hopes she fries. Skye tells her that she didn't do it and says that she will find out who did. They lead Skye away and John asks Blair (what was that about who shot Max?" Blair said that was Skye and that's what she was about to say. Blair and Todd leave and Skye starts making noise about her phone call. She calls her father in Pine Valley but gets Winifred. She asks to speak to her father but is told that he out of the country. Skye gets disgusted and hangs up. Later, Lisa announces that they are finished with her and Bo says to take her to jail. Skye says that she can't go there but Bo says that she was arrested for murder. Rae's phone rings and she goes out in the hall to answer. It's the hospital and the lady says that they have the results from her test. Max's Room Max is telling Asa that he has to go to the jail because Skye is all alone. Asa reminds him that Skye was arrested for murder. Max reminds Asa that he was in jail and the old man tells him that he was guilty. Outside, Rae is telling Renee that she is on her way to the hospital because the test results are in. They witness Max leaving to go to the jail.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd and Blair are back from downtown. Not much is said but there is a bunch of laughter.

Cristian's Apartment

Roseanne has come to Antonio. She tells him that she talked to Sophia, that she apologized, and that Sophia accepted. Roseanne turns on the charm and takes off her coat and asks him if there is anything that she can do.

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