One Life to Live Update Monday 12/11/00



One Life to Live Update Monday 12/11/00

By Merilee

Todd's Penthouse

Todd and Blair are at it again. She tells him that every time something starts to go well, it gets messed up. She's had enough and she is on her way out the door when Todd stops her about going to see a shrink for nothing. He tells her that he saw Rae. He also tells her that he will turn her in if she leaves.


Sophia is still dressed up as Kelly. She tells Joey that it looks like the setup was a bust. She gets him to confess that he still has feelings for Kelly. He tells her that it would be nice for him to go home and have her waiting for him.

Police Department

John and Rae are out there.

Bo's Office

Bo and Lisa are discussing the shooting of Max. She says that Skye has checked out of her room and Todd's penthouse was clear. Lisa leaves, and a few second later, Rae comes into the office. She tells Bo that it was not John's fault for what happened. He agrees but he says that the people who did the investigation made the final decision. John comes in to rescue Rae but then the phone rings. He hangs up and tells them that he is on his way to arrest somebody for Max's shooting.


Sophia and Antonio are standing at the front door. She invites him in for a cup of hot chocolate. She opens the door and Roseanne runs to Antonio. "I'm so glad to see you", she says.

Dorian's House

Gray comes down the stairs with what I guess is the gun. There is a noise at the door and he goes back upstairs. Joey is back.


Mansion Renee and Max are upstairs in his bedroom. He wants her to forget about the DNA test. "Do it for Asa." Downstairs, Asa is trying to give Skye a check. He wants her to leave the country but she tells him that she will not leave without Max. She storms out of the room with Asa yelling after her and Renee witnessing the exchange. Back upstairs, Skye is telling Max that the other day all she wanted to do is crawl into bed with him. She crawls into bed and they are locked in an embrace when the door opens. Bo, two policemen, Asa, and Renee enter the room. Bo states that he is here to make an arrest.

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