One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/7/00



One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/7/00

By Merilee

Motel Room

Ben and Viki try to make the best of their surroundings but things keep happening. They hear a noise from outside and he orders Viki to hide. Ben grabs his gun and throws open the door. Harry and his friend (can't remember his name) stumble in. They have some bad news for Ben. Viki comes out of hiding when they tell her and Ben that the cop responsible for pulling them over was not a cop. Ben thanks them for the information and asks them to leave. Harry volunteers to take Viki to a safer place which she declines. Left alone, Ben and Viki discuss their situation. He reminds her that most people bring back memories of honeymoons of mountains and scenery. She takes him back to the bed and activates the vibrator on the bed. She lays down beside him and oh boy. There is more movement at the door and once again Viki goes to hide while Ben gets his gun. The door opens and he points the gun to a startled housekeeper. At the commotion, Viki comes out and finds Ben apologizing to Virginia. Virginia (who prefers to be called Gin) explains that she thought the room was empty. Viki says they put the sign on the door but Gin tells her that she put it on the wrong side. Ben explains that he and Viki are undercover cops. Later, Ben and Viki are alone again when he lays the gun on the table. He tells her that the door is chain locked and the windows are locked. They are in an embrace when the door silently opens. A gunman burst in.

Dorian's House

Kelly is working on the computer and Joey and Kevin are busy doing other things. She gets up with the complaint that she can't live like this anymore. Joey says he has something that might help her and leaves the room. Kevin and Kelly start talking about the upcoming divorce proceedings of Kelly and Joey. She tells him that Joey's lawyer has asked for a rescheduling because of something. Later, Kevin and Joey are alone in the room. Kevin starts talking about their living arrangement and that they really don't need Joey with them. Joey disagrees and reminds Kevin that because he is still her husband that he feels responsible for taking care of her. Kelly comes back and asks the two of them what they are talking about. Joey tells her that Kevin wants him to leave; does she want him to? "No."

Colin's House

Colin is laying on the floor with a cloth on his head. There's a knock at the door and Colin does not act surprised when he opens it to find Bo. Bo follows him into the big room and tells Colin about the fact that he knew Nora had been there. He tells him that he knows about his immunity but if something should happen; Colin better watch out. Colin tells him that Nora came today because she was suspicious but the next time she might come as a friend.

Lanie's Office

Lanie is looking over a file when Todd bursts in. He wants to know if she will remove the scar from his face. He says that people might treat him differently if he didn't look like this. Lanie tries to calm him down but just then Sam comes in. He asks if she is okay and then he wants to know what Todd is doing there. Lanie explains what Todd wants. Sam wants to talk to Todd and Lanie tells them that they can talk in her because she has a staff meeting. Sam says he knows that he is doing this for Blair in the fact that he's hoping that they will get back together. They start yelling at each other and they end up hugging each other. Todd is the first to pull away and he silently walks out of the door. Sam follows him but Todd does not answer.


Lanie is looking over some stuff when Bo appears. He tells her that he went to Colin's house but that nothing was really solved. He wants to go in her office and talk but she tells him that Sam and Todd are in there. He asks her why and she tells him that they are just talking. Later, Bo goes to leave but not before the two of them share a quick kiss. Lanie sits back down and looks over the file when Colin appears. He tells her about Bo's appearance at the house and tells her that she better mind her own business.

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