One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/5/00



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/5/00

By Merilee

Asa's House

Bo asks Lindsay and Asa what the check is for. His father tells him that the money is for Will and for all the trouble that Asa caused Lindsay's son. Bo asks his father why he doesn't give Will the check. Asa reminds him that Will probably wouldn't take anything from him. The older man goes to the bar and pours himself a drink. Bo asks Lindsay if the old man is on the level and Lindsay says yes. She leaves and Asa turns to his son. Bo wants to know if he knows anything about the shooting of Ben. Asa is more worried about Max. Bo questions him about the place where he keeps his guns. Asa finally admits that he thinks it was Blair. "What about Skye?" The older man will not think of her because she loves Max. Bo asks about the possibility of her being here at the time of the shooting. Asa admits that she was here twice. The first time was when Max got angry and told her to leave because he heard that something was going to happen to Ben. The second time was when Skye called him on the cell phone and told him that she was not leaving the front door unless he spoke to her. Bo tells his father that Asa's gun is missing.

Colin's House

He makes a call to Lindsay and as he hangs up his doorbell rings. He's stunned when he opens the door to Nora. He invites her in and she tells him that she parked her car across the street and has called the babysitter. If she cannot be reached in an hour, they are to come here and look for her. She tells him that she is aware of being here and being kept but she wants to know what role Lindsay had in this. It looks like Colin is about to tell her something when Lindsay comes in the front door. Lindsay tells Nora that her affair with Colin is over but Colin tells her that it was not an affair; that they just slept together. Nora leaves and Lindsay starts telling Colin off. She calms down long enough to give him the check that Asa gave her. She tells him that she will try to get the rest.

John's Apartment

It looks like Rae and John have finally gone all the way. She is telling him about the blood test that she done with Max and how Renee helped to do it. He says that if all this is true; that Max has been lying to the law the whole time. He asks Rae if she could live with the results and that Max might go to jail. The phone rings and John answers it. He hangs up and tells Rae that he is needed at the department.

Todd's Room

Blair tells Todd that when Starr has nightmares; she tells her a story. Todd comes up with a story involving the people of Llanview featuring Max, Skye, Todd, and Blair. By the time he finishes; he notices that she's asleep. It's a troubled sleep and Blair suddenly wakes up. Todd asks her what is wrong and she tells him that she had a nightmare. Todd admits that he has them too but that he tries to dream a happy ending. He also admits that he's dreamed of their marriage.

Max's Room

It looks like Skye has spent a lot of time with Max. He's worried about the test results but she tells him not to worry. She will take care of it. She goes outside and gets something off of Max's chart.


A man is telling Skye that she has entered into a place where she should not be. Rae hears this and asks what is going on. He tells Rae that Skye was caught in the lab. He says he has to make a call. He comes back and tells Skye that she is not welcome in this hospital. "But, what about my friend? Use the phone." She tells Rae that she has not heard the last of this.

Max's Room

He thinks it's Skye and he asks her if she got the results. Rae tells him that Skye was caught and that she was escorted from the hospital and told not to return. Rae takes great delight in telling him that he is a part of her life whether she likes it or not. When he was brought in; he needed blood and she was a perfect match.

Bo's Office

Bo tells John and Hank that he has a tape that he wants them to listen to. It's a tape of Skye saying that she is right outside and that she is not leaving until she speaks to Max. He clicks off the tape and tells them that he wants search warrants for Todd's penthouse and Skye's hotel room.

Skye's Room

She is on the phone with Max. She tells him about being caught but she assures him that they will be able to work through this. The camera cuts to the gun in the fireplace.

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