One Life to Live Update Monday 12/4/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 12/4/00

By Merilee

Motel Room

Ben and Viki are settling into their room. He continuously apologizes for this not being a proper honeymoon. They start talking about each otherís clothes and he laughs at the jacket she is wearing. "But Kevin gave it to me." He brings out a bag and takes out a new jacket. He turns it over and on the back it says "Blondie". He tries to teach her how to drive a motorcycle. When the lesson is over; they look around the room. He turns down the bed and she is surprised to see black satin sheets. He opens the refrigerator and brings out a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Police Department

Bo has brought in Blair for questioning and Todd is with them. Bo ushers Blair into his office without Todd.

Bo's Office

He takes Blair into his office and begins questioning her about Asa's guns. She tells him that "yes" she knows where he keeps his guns. She knows where he keeps everything. Bo hands her a gun and asks her to hold it and aim it. She does so but she starts shaking.

Lindsay's Place

Will has come to pay his mother a visit but he has brought someone with him. Sam appears and slowly walks towards Lindsay. Will tells his mother that Sam has come to apologize. Sam tells his ex-wife that he is sorry for everything and he wants to drop the vendetta and he finishes by telling her that this might bring Jen back. Will hugs his mother and asks if they can all meet for dinner later in the week. Lindsay says that anytime will be fine with her. Sam agrees but reluctantly. Will leaves but Colin soon appears. He wants to talk to Lindsay but Sam says that they weren't finished with their conversation.

Police Department

Antonio tells Hank that he is worried about his brother going to work for RJ. Hank tells him that he will look into the matter. RJ asks his brother what they were talking about.

Lindsay's Place

Todd comes bursting in and tells Sam that he is needed at the police station. Sam wants to know if it's something he did. "No!" Before they leave, Sam tells Lindsay that he will be back. Colin shows Lindsay a list of phone number. "These are a list of all the phone numbers of all the radio stations in the state." He also reminds her of the letter that will be sent to Bo if she doesn't give him the money. He tells her that she has until midnight.

Bo's Office

Blair is holding the gun and shaking terribly when Sam comes in. He tells her to put the gun down and not to answer any more questions. As she is leaving the office, she turns around and tells him that she's afraid of guns.

Police Department

Sam reminds Blair not to do anymore talking without a lawyer present. Todd says that he will take care of things from here on. Sam leaves and Blair turns to Todd to thank him.

Bo's Office

Sam reminds Bo that he was railroading Blair. He wants to know if there is any information on Ben's shooting. Bo says that they are working on it but cannot divulge any information.

RJ's Bar

Jessica is talking to a worker and wants to know about who can help her with the lights in her apartment. He tells her that she'll have to talk to the manager and points out Cristian. Jessica goes to him and asks him what is going on. He tells her that he needed a job and this one was open. He tells her that he had no idea that she and Will were living upstairs and reminds her that he is not following her. She wants to know if he will go back to school and take some classes. He says no because he wasn't that good anyway. Will comes in and is soon followed by RJ. RJ says that he owns the place. Inside, Cristian asks RJ if he will cut him in on some of his dealings and he doesn't care what his brother thinks.

Asa's House

Asa takes a sip of his drink and looks down at the floor. He sees Ben's body. He takes another sip and the body is gone. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. Roarke and one of his men are standing there. Roarke wants to know where Ben is. Asa reminds him that the hit was made and the bullet missed, but that he could keep the money. Roarke reminds him that Ben has other enemies. Later, Lindsay confronts Asa. She reminds him of what she saw and demands payment. He says that he will give her $2 million and not a penny more. Lindsay tells him that she will take this as down payment. Asa tells her that if she comes back he will sic the dogs on her.

Todd's Penthouse

Blair sees her cases and Todd tells her that he had Nigel pack some things and have them delivered. She thanks him for taking care of her and says that she will move into the guest room. Later, Todd is lying in his bed when there is a knock at the door. Blair comes in and tells him that she had a bad dream. "Could I sleep in here with you?", Blair asks.

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