One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/28/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/28/00

By Merilee

Cristian's Apartment

Antonio is stunned in the shower when he turns around and sees Sophia standing there completely naked.  He asks her what she is doing.  Sophia realizes what she has done and turns around and walks out and wraps herself in a towel.  She tries to joke about it and says does this look like I'm one of the boys?  Antonio stammers a disagreement and continues to stare at her.  Roseanne comes in with two candles but stops when she sees Sophia.  The two girls start bickering and Sophia leaves.  Antonio tries to explain things to Roseanne but she is not listening.  He's got his pants on and they are standing by the door when the mood suddenly changes.  The two of them are in the shower, and you can guess what happens next.

John's Apartment

John and Rae are really getting into it.  (took them long enough) It looks like they are going to take the next step when John suddenly stops because he hears a noise.  He grabs a gun and heads to the door.  He opens it and points the gun to Sophia.  She's looking for Rae.  John gets a phone call from the department.  He hangs up and he and Rae look at each other.  They promise to pick up where they left off in an hour.  The two women left alone sit down to talk.  Sophia details the whole evening and how she ended up naked in front of Antonio.  Rae gives her some good advice and then asks the girl if she wants some ice cream.  They have 15 minutes left.


Ben tells Viki about the dead fish and the threatening note attached.  Seems that the contract on his life is not off.  He tells her that he will be gone for about a month.  Viki says that she is going with him but he says no.  She says that she took her marriage vows seriously.  "Until death do us part."  

Tower's Dining Room

Lindsay and Nora are still going at it and the noise has brought a waiter over to try to break it up.  They are joined by Franco and Sam who manage to pull them apart.  Lindsay is still denying everything but Nora is not buying it.  Nora tells Franco that she will pay for the damage.  The two women are left alone with Sam.  He wants to know who started it.  Lindsay says that she was leaving when Nora turned over the table and attacked her.  Sam tells Lindsay that he is going to check on Will.  Lindsay is seated at another table and Nora makes a phone call to Colin.  She wants to meet him.  Later, RJ has met with Lindsay.  She tells him that Colin has a letter that details everything and if that something should happen to him; he will mail it.

Will's Apartment 

Will and Jessica have come home.  The two of them are looking out at the view when there is a knock at the door.  Will lets his father in and Jessica excuses herself.  Sam starts apologizing to his son for what happened tonight.  His son tells him that he does not believe that his mother had anything to do with it.  Will brings up Jen and tells his father that is the reason why she is not here.  She got tired of her parents constant bickering and left when she could.  He feels that he is stuck with it.  Sam tells him that his children mean the world to him.

Nora's House

Nora lets Colin in.  She tells him that she has a memory of him being kind to her and that's confusing because of the things she knows about him.

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