One Life to Live Update Monday 11/27/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 11/27/00

By Merilee


Ben and Viki are about to celebrate their first Thanksgiving together. Kevin, Joey, and Kelly show up. Viki corners Kevin and asks how things are going. He agrees that things are a little bit crowded over at Dorian's but that with a guard outside; they are all there to protect Kelly. A little bit later, Viki corners Joey and asks him the same questions she asked her other son. Joey says that he will not let anybody hurt Kelly again. Jessica and Will join the party but Jessica tells her mother that she will not be staying for dinner this year so Joey and Kevin will have to fight over the turkey themselves. A little bit later, drinks are passed and Ben gives the toast. He wants to thank Viki for his first Thanksgiving and is looking forward to many more to come. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. Nobody is there and he picks up a package. He takes it inside and opens it. It's a dead fish with a note attached to it. He closes the box just as Kevin comes out and wants to know what that awful smell is. Ben shows him the note but tells him not to tell his mother. Later, all the guests are gone. Ben comes down the stairs with a packed bag. Viki wants to know where he is going. "I am leaving you."

Police Department

John is busy working at his desk. Rae shows up and wants to know if they can meet at either place and continue where they left off the night before.

Nora's House Nora looks really great in her outfit. Sam is there with her.

Bo's Office

Sam has invited Bo to Nora's and Lindsay's Thanksgiving dinner. He further entices him by saying that Lanie will be there.

Towers Dining Room

Roseanne and Sophia are on one end of the room where Sophia is sitting at a table. The girls are arguing as usual but they both try to remain calm. Roseanne tells Sophia that she should leave Antonio alone and that he belongs to her. He just sees Sophia as one of the guys. Across the room, Lindsay is surveying the table. She doesn't look happy as to where people are going to sit. Across the room, Antonio, Roseanne, and Cristian are enjoying drinks at their table. Antonio looks up and sees Sophia sitting at her table by herself. Antonio asks the other two if it would be okay with them if he invited Sophia to join them. They all agree and he approaches the other girl. Sophia agrees to join them but she has to know one thing. If she were alone in this crowded dining room; would he notice her? She does not get the answer she wants but joins them anyway. Back where Lindsay is, Nora has joined her. Nora looks over the table and fixes some things. On the other side of the room, some wine is spilled on Antonio and Sophia knows how to fix it. Later, Cristian encounters RJ. Cristian wants to know what his new job will be. RJ wants him to be bartender at his new bar. There will be other duties later on. Roseanne has come back in with two glasses of wine and she asks Cristian where Antonio is. "I don't know." On the other side of the room, Nora, Lindsay, Lanie, and Hank are already seated when Sam joins them. "I don't think that Bo will be able to make it." Bo shows up and room is made for him. Will and Jessica show up and take their seats. Sam starts the conversation by telling everyone that Nora has some good news. Nora tells them that Larry thought it would be a good idea for her to have another injection of the memory drug. Everything is going smoothly when all attention is focused on Nora. Hank asks her if she needs a doctor. Sam asks her if she has remembered anything. Nora starts by telling everybody that she remembers the bedroom where she was and gives descriptions of it. She says that there was a picture of Lanie and Lindsay. Lanie said that that was her room. She describes the curtains and hearing voices downstairs and one of them was Lindsay's. Lindsay argues back by coming up with a story of her own. How she was there when Will carried her down the stairs and laid her on the couch. "I remember. I remember." Lindsay asks Will if that ever happened. "No." Lanie asks Lindsay if she wants to go home but her sister declines. Hank tells Nora that he is there if she needs him. Bo is leaving but Sam tries to stop him. He asked her if he saw the guilty look on Lindsay's face? Nora and Lindsay are left staring at each other from opposite ends of the table. Lindsay turns to leave and Nora turns the table on its side. Nora makes a dash to Lindsay and starts choking her.

Cristian's Place

Antonio is in the shower when there is a touch on his back. Surprise! It's Sophia.

John's Apartment

John has come home and him and Rae look at each other (guess where they end up!)

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