One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/23/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/23/00

By Merilee

Lindsay's Place

Nora has come to see Lindsay but finds a note on the other woman's door. She explains that she had to go out but will be right back. Nora walks in and tries to make herself comfortable. She's talking to herself when Colin interrupts her. He's surprised to see her there and wants to know why she can forgive Lindsay but not him.  Nora explains that she cannot forgive him because he kidnapped her and kept her from everybody for months. He's still trying to talk to her when Sam barges in. Sam wants to know what Colin is doing with Nora. Colin explains that they were just talking. Sam orders him out but Colin has the last word. He wants Nora to remember what they were talking about. Sam turns to Nora and tells her that he is not too happy with her plan for Lindsay. Nora calmly tries to tell him that Colin is guilty of things too but that she had to grant him immunity to free Will. Nora hears the elevator. The two of them switch into their arguing modes.


Asa, Lindsay, Bo, Ben, and Viki are outside Max's room. Lindsay wants to talk to Bo in private. Asa tells Bo that he should not listen to her but Bo tells him that he wants to listen and they move to another room.

Another Room

Lindsay tells Bo that she has something important to tell him. (Nora is there and she reminds Lindsay that she does not have to blackmail Asa) It looks like Lindsay will finally tell the truth. Lindsay chickens out as usual and tells Bo some fabricated story (I honestly forgot what it was.)

Another Part of the Hospital

Lindsay has cornered Asa. She calmly reminds him that she has seen the payoff at the bar and that she wants some kind of payment to keep her mouth shut.

Max's Room

Blair is talking to Max. She's full of telling him how sorry she is for everything hat happened. Suddenly, his eyes open. Blair looks back at him with fear in here eyes.

In the Hall

Blair is telling Todd that Max is awake and knows the truth. She tells him that she doesn't remember anything except standing over him with a gun in her hand. Todd tells her to be quiet and that he has taken care of everything. John has come up and wants to know what they are talking about. Skye joins the group along with Rae and Renee. John asks Skye what she was doing at 1:30. She was over at Asa's to see Max but nobody answered the door. Rae blurts out that Skye did it. Angry words are exchanged and Skye finally gets to go in Max's room and John goes with her. Angry words are exchanged between the two women and a nurse comes in. She orders everyone out because she thinks Mr. Buchanan has had enough for today.

Ben and Viki are talking with Harry and his friend (somebody know his name because I can't remember). Viki wants to know if the hit on Ben has been called off and the other man says that word on the street is that it has been called off. The two men leave and Ben and Viki hug each other in relief.

Skye's Room

Skye has come back from the hospital and is moving around in her room. We see the gun that Todd has hid in the fireplace.

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