One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/21/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/21/00

By Merilee

Rae's room

Rae is doing some work when there is a knock at the door. A worn out John is at the other side and she invites him in. She quickly makes a phone call. The next time we see him; he is in front of the fire with no shirt on. Rae comes out of the bathroom looking very nice. (wonder what is on her mind) They take one look at each other and seem to melt in each others eyes. Things start to get heated and it looks like John is leading her to the bedroom when the phone rings.

Asa's Office

Max is still laying on the floor with blood pouring out of him. Blair seems to be coming out of her state and is starting to make some sense. Todd tells her to leave everything up to him that he will take care of her. She reluctantly goes with him. He takes her to a bathroom where he tells her that she has to take off her shirt. She looks at him questionably. He explains that they have to wipe away all traces of blood. He then takes her hands and starts scrubbing them under the running water. (I wonder where he put the gun after he picked it up) They go back into the other room where he tells her that they have to get her story straight. They were at his penthouse discussing Starr's visitation. He brought her home and she came in and found Max on the floor. Asa (the old Asa) comes in and demands to know what happens. He asks Blair if she shot him. She starts telling the story that Todd meant for her to tell everybody. He is sitting over against the wall talking about his dream coming true. Blair is leaning over Max moaning that she didn't mean for this to happen.

Rae's Room

John answers the phone and hangs up and looks at Rae. Max has been hurt at Asa's home. She wants to go with him but he tells her to go on to the hospital. He asks her if she will be okay. She says yes and he leaves. She calls Renee.


Cristian is working behind the counter when a frantic Roseanne comes in. She tells him that she needs the $3,000 to save her from being evicted from her hotel room. She tells him that all her money is gone. He tells her that he has a couple of hundred but that's all. RJ comes in and sits down. Heated words are exchanged between RJ and Cristian. Roseanne asks RJ for the money but he laughs and tells her no. Tension really build up between the two guys and Cristian decks RJ.

Examining Room

Roseanne comes in and asks the doctor how Cristian is. All he says is that he wants Cristian's regular doctor to see him in the morning. Cristian and Roseanne are left alone while he is looking at his hand and act like he's feeling sorry for himself.

Will's Apartment

Jessica is telling Will why she can't go to bed with him. He listens to her reasons and says he understands. (but, does he really) She goes out to the little balcony where later he puts a blanket around her. She is staring off into space but turns around and looks at him as he's back inside. She turns back around and continues to stare.

Cristian is off walking. (no Roseanne) Somehow, (I think) he ends up in front of Will's apartment. He looks up and sees Jessica.

Will's Apartment

Jessica calls to Will and asks him to join her. They share a kiss before they go inside. She tells him that she has made up her mind and that she is ready to sleep with him.


RJ is talking to some man and you know it's not good. RJ reminds him that he needs a good courier. Cristian comes in and RJ wants to know if he is going to be assaulted again. Cristian apologizes for his earlier actions and the other man leaves. (I don't remember how but Cristian is hired by RJ.)


An unconscious Max is brought in and Rae is right behind them. Renee is there when Asa comes in and demands that Rae leave. Renee and Rae hug.

Asa's House

John asks Sophia what has happened and she tells him the details that she knows. John looks at Blair and she tells him the story that she knows so well. Todd tries to intervene but John silences him. He continues to question her and she starts to hesitate and Sophia wants to know one thing. "What did you mean by not meaning to do this?" Blair wants to go to the hospital but John tells her that she needs to go downtown and they will do some testing for gun residue.

Examining Room

Max is okay for now. Asa is sitting next to him. The door opens and Renee and Rae start to come in. Asa orders Rae out.

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