One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/16/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/16/00

By Merilee


Roarke and his men are still sitting at the table talking to Ben.   A lot of bad blood is exchanged between Roarke and Ben.  Roarke starts threatening Viki (and you know that isn't good).  Joey and Kevin have joined the so-called fun.  Ben tells Roarke that he better never come within 500 feet of Viki or Ben won't be responsible for what he does.  With that Ben, Kevin, and Joey leave.


Max is asking Asa about what has just happened when Bo comes up.  Bo is suspicious and asks what he is talking about.   Asa explains that he heard about the shooting and he wanted to see if Renee was okay.   Max leaves and Nora approaches Bo.  "Do you believe that?  I don't know."  Lindsay comes running in and asks Will if he is okay.  He assures her that he is.  She makes her way over to Lanie where she starts questioning her sister about Bo's motives towards Nora.   An officer tells Lanie that Ben is back and she is wanted upstairs.

Hotel Room

Rae, Renee, and Jessica are doing their best to comfort Viki.   Rae and Renee ask her if she would feel better if she took off her dress because of the blood.  Viki tells them that she will not take off her wedding dress until Ben comes back to her.  Outside, Antonio and Sophia are in charge of guarding Viki.  A hotel employee comes up and hands Sophia a bunch of flowers. The two are left alone and Sophia starts dreaming about her and Antonio.  (of course, it's a romantic dream) She comes out of it when Antonio leaves.  Roseanne comes up searching for Antonio.  "He's not here."  Roseanne tells her that she and Antonio are together and if that she can't accept that and be their friend....................  Sophia tells her that she doesn't know her mind and walks off.  Later, Antonio and Sophia are guarding the door again.  They hear a noise and Sophia draws her gun.  Ben remarks that it seems like everywhere he turns that there is a gun pointed at him.  He spies the roses and takes one inside.  There is a bittersweet reunion between the newly married couple.  Left alone with his bride, he tells her that it looks like he will have to go back to his old life for a while.  "Can you handle it?"  Viki assures him that the answer was in the vows that she recited and that she will stick by him.

Dorian's House

Todd has led a broken down Blair to Dorian's house.  She is afraid that she is having a break down but Todd is telling her that she's not.  He tells her to lie down and try to take it easy.  Blair is left alone in the room and starts to drift off when she hears a familiar voice.  She starts having a conversation with her mother.  Addie tells her that everything is okay and she will be fine.   The phone rings and Todd answers it.  As soon as he hangs up, he turns back toward the bed.  It's empty.


John has given an album full of suspects to Kelly and she is looking through it.  Kevin approaches her and looks at the book.  Joey and John have joined them.  Kevin points to a picture and tells them that he has just left him at the bar where he has been doing undercover work.  Todd comes rushing into the room and demands to know where Blair is but nobody has seen her.  Joey approaches a solo Sophia and asks her if she wants to dance.


Max approaches Roarke.  He tells them that he is an associate of Asa's and gives him an envelope.  Roarke tells him that the job was not done but Max tells him that his associate is satisfied with the results and leaves. Roarke counts the money and tells Gray that according to him the job is not done.

Asa's House

Max is in Asa's office but he's not alone.  He is pouring a drink and his back is to the door.  A shot rings out and Max falls to the floor.

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