One Life to Live Update Monday 11/13/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 11/13/00

By Merilee

Skye's room

Skye is doing all the talking and Blair is just standing there. Blair is seeing things in red. She silently enters the room and spies a pair of scissors. Skye looks definitely afraid by then. Blair comes towards her with the scissors in hand. Blair cuts her on the hands but I don't think she really meant it. She spots the clothes on the bed. She starts cutting and Skye tries to get her to stop. She tries to call downstairs and just then.......................

Asa's office

Asa is sitting behind his desk still not making sense. Max wants to know what is going on but Asa is not letting on to anything. Todd comes in and demands to know where Blair is. Max does not know and he tells them that he doesn't care. Asa tells Todd that he better leave or else.

Skye's room

Todd shows up and for once Skye seems happy to see him. She tells him what Blair is doing and Todd asks Blair to quit and give him the scissors. She seems to come out of her trance and gives them to him. The two of them leave and Todd puts the scissors back where Blair got them.

Asa's office

Skye comes running in and complains to Max that he has to do something about Blair. "She's trying to kill me." She tries to show him her hands. Max takes her out in the hall and tells her that now is not a good time. Skye tells him that she is afraid to be alone. He tells her to go to a room full of people and he goes back in the office. He wants to know what Asa has done. He keeps asking and asking and finally looks like he can't take it anymore. It looks like he is finally going to tell the truth but of course he stops. Asa picks up on the hesitation but doesn't get any further. Asa finally admits that he hired a hit man to kill Ben.

Todd's penthouse

Todd leads a broken down Blair into the front room. She wants to know where Starr is. "She's at a sleepover. You know this." Blair reminds him that his father is Victor Lord and that her mother is Addie. Todd gets mad at this and blows up. She thinks she is going crazy. He blows up at this. "You are not going crazy! Just take some deep breaths. The phone rings and he answers it. It's Starr and she wants him to go get her ballerina outfit at Asa's. He tells her no. He hangs up and turns around. "Blair?" He sees the open door and leaves.


Everything is going smoothly but Ben looks like he's fit to be tied. Sam tries to reassure him. He is flipping a coin and Sam wants to know if it means he will get married or not. Ben explains that Renee gave it to him for good luck. In the front hallway, Viki is gathered with her attendants. I don't think she's quite as nervous as Ben. Bo and Hank come in and make their way to their seats. The wedding starts and at long last Viki comes up the aisle. Andrew starts off with the general "If anybody should know why these two people should not marry. Harry stands up but his friend pulls him back down. Viki winks at him and turns her attention back to Ben. The ceremony continues with Sam reading a poem. After that, Jessica sings a song and she and Will exchange smiles. Viki and Ben exchange rings. (that was a beautiful wedding and the dresses were wonderful)

Palace Hotel

The waiters are setting up for the reception but upstairs Gray is putting together his rifle for his dirty deed.

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