One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/9/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/9/00

By Merilee

Serenity Springs

Viki, Renee, Rae, and Nora are in the sauna. Viki, Renee, and Nora are relaxing but Rae is off to the side lifting arm weights. Viki asks why she is doing this. The other two ladies start teasing her about it and Rae finally admits that she has a date after the wedding. When next we see them, they are in the gym part. The merriment continues. Jessica enters and the girls leave for some kind of juice. (I can't remember) Viki thanks her daughter for all that she has done.   

John is on the phone making arrangements. He cuts the call short when he realizes that he is not alone in the room. Ben tells him not to worry that everything has been taken care of. John assures him that the phone call was not about him; that he has plans for after the wedding. Sam enters the room and tells them that everything is all set. Ben leaves the room and Sam makes the comment that he thinks his brother is too calm. He has an idea and he wants to know if John is with him. Later, Will joins his father and John. Ben comes in and looks in the wardrobe bag. (I don't think he's happy with what he sees) The other three are trying to keep straight faces.   

Asa's house

Todd and Blair are yelling at each other. He finally admits that he did not stop the virus. Blair is crying and tells him that thanks to his deeds; he has ruined her marriage. She wants to know why. He reminds her that she used to walk on broken glass on her hands and knees through broken glass to get what she wants. (poor Blair)   

Skye's room

Max enters the room and apologizes very fast. Skye guess that he know everything. "Did Blair admit it?" He tells her that she finally broke down and told him everything. At first, Skye does not want to have anything to do with him but she gradually changes her mind. He abruptly kisses her and before too long they start ripping off each other clothes and wind up in the bed. Blair is standing out in the hall listening in. She slowly opens the door and sees her husband and Skye.   

Cristian's hospital room

Cristian is in bed talking to Antonio. The older brother wants to know what the younger brother is thinking. (duh) Later, Cristian's doctor, Antonio, Sophia, and Carlotta enter the room. The doctor asks Cristian how he is feeling. "You tell me." By the door; Sophia and Antonio are huddled together. ([I wish I could remember what they were talking about) Carlotta is left in the room with her younger son. She gives him a letter, gives him a hug, and leaves. Cristian opens the letter from Jessica. She is sorry about the accident and that she hopes this helps him to feel better.   


Jessica, Rae, Renee, and Nora are in their wedding dresses but Viki is not yet dressed. Rae and Nora find out about the visit from Ben and Renee tells them how she had to chase him away. The doorbell rings and Viki answers it. It's Harry and he has a present for her. He leaves and she goes back in the other room. She opens it and tells the others that it is exactly what she expected from Ben. The doorbell rings again and she answers it. Todd comes barging in claiming that he is there to wish his sister good luck. (huh)   

The guys are still together. There is a knock at the door and Ben answers it. Harry has a present for him.

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