One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/7/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/7/00

Written by Merilee

Skye's room

Skye is busy packing when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find a hand with a bunch of flowers. "Max?" A grinning Todd appears and hands her the flowers. She immediately takes them and puts them in the trash can. Todd asks her what she is doing with the cases. She says she is packing because she wants to get as far away from Llanview as possible. Todd tells her that he has another deal for her but of course she is suspicious. She wants to know what's in it for her. She looks at him and asks him what she did to Max. 

Asa's bedroom

Asa is in the midst of another nightmare. Ben is holding a gun on Max. Max asks his Pa for help by reminding him that he is also holding a gun. Asa aims and shoots. He starts gloating about shooting his enemy but surprise surprise Ben is still standing. Max is lying lifeless on the floor. That wakes Asa up.   

Asa's office

Max is doing some computer work. Blair is thanking him for last night. Asa comes in and tells Max about part of his dream. He dials the phone expecting Viki to answer but he is shocked when Ben answers. He tells him that he has to go take care of some unfinished business. Max wants to know what it is but as usual Asa won't say anything. Max prepares to go after him but just as he's at the door he turns and looks at the computer. (looks like he's been caught)   

Starr's room

Starr is surprised when Todd comes in. He wants to know what she is doing. She says that she is ready to do some more spying on her mother and Max. Todd explains to the girl that he no longer needs her to do that because he has taken care of it himself. He opens the door so he can hear what is going on downstairs.   

Asa's office

Max looks at Blair and wants to know if she did it. All the evidence points to her. Ben was the only other person that knew half of what was going on. Things grow very tense as Blair is literally shaking with tears. She finally admits it. He wants to know about B&B. She admits to that too but admits that Todd helped her. She says at the time that she started this; Max was sleeping with Skye. But, when they got back together she went to Todd for help in stopping the virus. "I don't know anything about computers and the nerd that helped didn't know how to stop it." Max tells her to get out and that he never wants to see her.   

Serenity Springs

Rae and Renee are talking about the last 24 hrs. There are two women snickering in the corner about Rae. Rae and Renee go to a worker and ask for a paper. They get one but Rae stops when she reads the headlines. The article is about her and the fact that she's a psycho therapist.   

Skye's room

Todd is enjoying Skye's breakfast when there is a knock at the door. Skye opens it and Rae flings the paper at her. Todd leaves. They argue about Max. Skye points out that if Rae tells Max the truth that he will hurt for a while but that she will be hurting for a long time and it won't be her fault.     


Kevin helps Joey out of the trash can. (they both look like hell) Joey starts telling his brother about what he overheard and that his life is in danger. Kevin admits that he already knows because he spent the better part of an hour being worked over. Kevin wants to know if his brother had anything to do with it. Joey says that all he knows is that the name of Buchanon was mentioned. It slowly dawns on Kevin that Asa may have had something to do with it. He explains that when he and Kelly were in the bar; Asa was also there. Suspicions grow when Asa shows up and the boys confront him. They all want to know what the other is doing there. Kevin and Joey explain what happened to them and Asa gets mad. The boys leave and Asa goes inside. He sits down with the hit man. He wants to know why the job hasn't been completed. "The job will be done on my time." Asa doesn't want Viki to be a widow so he wants it done before the wedding.   


Ben slowly wakes Viki up. She starts running around and grabs him and literally drags him downstairs. (wedding jitters) Renee comes in and demands to know what he is doing there. Viki and Renee remind him that it is bad luck to see each other before the ceremony. She starts to go upstairs but he asks for a kiss. She turns around and agrees. He reminds her that the next time he sees her; they will be getting married and that the next time they kiss; they will be man and wife. Viki goes on upstairs and Renee tells Ben that she is very proud that they have found each other. Later, Ben lets Joey in. He wants to know where Viki is. When he explains that she is upstairs; he helps Kevin in. They all go in the living room where the boys collapse on the couch. They both take turns telling the story of how they got beat up. Ben tells the two of them to leave the mob alone and that he will take care of them. He leaves to go get his doctor's bag.

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