One Life to Live Update Monday 11/6/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 11/6/00

By Linda C

Bridal shower room

Jessica is still cleaning up when Will repeats his proposal. She looks at him and tells him that because of what happened to them the past year,  she can't do it right now. She tells him about Madame Seville and the prediction that she made for her. He goes over to the cards and tries to read them for himself.   


Joey has come in for a drink. He downs one shot of vodka and orders another. His ears perk up when he overhears the name "Buchanan". He pretends to be checking out the jukebox so he can hear better. Roarke and one of his goons are talking about Kevin and Kelly. They talk about the shooting at Crossroads. Roarke says that the bullet that was meant for Daniel Faulkner got Kelly instead. Later, Joey is outside trying to make a phone call. He is talking to Kevin but before he can tell what he heard, Roarke cuts him off and the goon beats him up. Later, we see him sprawled out in the trash bin.   

Recreation center

Kevin is still shooting baskets. Kelly comes in. They start talking about Joey, and Kelly wants to know what happened to them. He tells her about the fight between them. The mood lightens up when they challenge each other to basketball. Kelly wins and Kevin reluctantly admits defeat. All of a sudden, Roarke's goon bursts in. He goes after Kevin. Kelly tries to run but he drags her back. Kevin is finally sprawled out on the floor when the man leaves.   


John and Rae are slowly strolling through the park. John suggests going to someplace warm, like his place. He talks about sitting in front of the fire. Rae is somewhat hesitant but the story finally comes out. She is looking at this experience like a high diving board. She was a good swimmer when she was younger but she was afraid of the high diving board. She tells him that she climbed the steps and walked to the end of the board. She looked down into the water but it took her a while to finally jump. She tells him that she wants to take this slowly but that she will do it in the end.   


Viki is on the phone to Ben. There is someone watching her from the terrace. She is telling him that it is bad luck to see each other before the wedding. The doorbell rings. Surprise, surprise; it's Ben holding the cell phone. They start acting silly and end up in the attic. Looks like they've started the honeymoon already.

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