One Life to Live Update Friday 11/3/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 11/3/00

By Linda C

Skye comes in blasting Todd. He acts like she doesn't exist. She asks if he hears her? He says all of Pennsylvania can hear her. She says he set her up by showing her information about Blair stabbing Max and then pulled the rug out on her. She says she doesn't get it, is he trying to come to Blair's rescue? He says she is right, she doesn't get it. Todd says what happened in the diner can be to her advantage once Max finds out that Blair really was stabbing him. Skye wants out. Todd says he is going to make her and offer she won't refuse. Skye says she has had it with everyone. Todd says she still has it bad for Max. She says they have given her nothing but trouble since she came to town. He says think of it this way, she can get back at all of them. He asks her to stick around at least 24 hours before making her decision and he will give her a healthy severance check. She asks what could happen in a day. He snickers. He tells her he doesn't have her money now anyway so she will have to wait until tomorrow. She says one more day and she is leaving for good. He says he is positive she will want to stay. She leaves and he says, one day, I guarantee it.

Blair wakes up to find a package in her bed. She opens it and smiles brightly. Later, she comes down dressed in a pretty gown and holds an invitation. Max leads her into the living room which is decorated. He proposes to her. She says they are already married. He says that marriage was done for the money. He says she deserves more than that, she deserves it all. He professes his love until death do they part. She says she always wanted to be his wife and for all the right reasons, they love each other. He says he did have some doubt with the bringing of B&B, but his wife stayed by her conning husband thinking he really had a brain aneurysm. He says he is sorry for what he did to her with Skye too. She is in tears of joy. They sip some wine as Mr. and Mrs. Max Buchanan. They talk about their scamming days and wonder if they can get along without them. He says no, but they can get away without doing it to one another.

Viki admires the cake but notices she is on top alone. Rene tells her not until tomorrow. Nora is in a daze. Lindsay brings her an appetizer. Rene and Viki talk about how the psychic says she is in eternal bliss. Sophia tells the psychic that she knows her sister and she can tell there was something wrong when she was telling Viki her future. The psychic says she saw a black cloud. She then turns to Kelley and Jessica and says there is terrible man trouble in their lives. Rae asks the psychic about her son but is interrupted with the gift giving ceremony. Mel says they got her a blender. They then tell her they all got together and donated money in her name to the Local Breast Cancer Research. Viki is very moved by their deed. Viki wonders if it really is a blender and if she can keep it? They laugh. Nora turns to see she is face to face with the psychic. Nora asks about her future. She is told that it is not clear but there are people in connection to her. When Nora asks who, Sabilla points to Mel and Lindsay. She then calls Lindsay over. She tells the three of them to grab hands. She says she sees a friend connecting them and she sees husbands and the thread unraveling and she sees one of them will get the man she loves and one will get the man she deserves. Lindsay asks what the other one will get but it told the images have faded, maybe next time. She then tells Kelley's fortune where she says a gray haired man will enter her life. Kelley jokes that if it is Richard Geer, she doesn't have a problem with that. Sabilla tells her to get serious, she just lost the newspaper and can lose more. Kelley says her boyfriend doesn't have gray hair. Sabilla says she didn't say anything about him being her lover. Rae asks her again about her child. Sabilla says this child doesn't want to be her child, he has been accepted by another family and if the truth comes out it will be catastrophic

Sam, John and Bo break up the fight with Joe and Kevin. Bo says its s only a game. Joe says everything is a game to Kevin and other people's lives. Bo tells them that they have forgotten why they are there and if they want to fight, take it outside. Kevin apologizes. Bo tells Ben he has to apologize for his nephews. Ben says he doesn't have to apologize to him. Bo says he remembers when he used to rough it up with his brothers and says he wonders what it is about brothers. He says the word and it reminds him about Clint and then he has to remember he has more than one. Bo then says he has to ask Ben something and goes on to ask if he ever told Asa or Max anything that can be construed as a threat? Because Asa still thinks Ben had something to do with the Crossroads thing and may have set up Max. Ben can't believe it. Bo tells him to forget it. He then wants to know if heart problems can change a person? Ben says they can suffer with post depression and act out of the normal and wonders if he is talking about Asa? Bo wonders if he has just become bitter or this is a sign of depression. Bo walks off and Sam asks if there is any way Asa could know that Max is a fraud and knows Ben is his son? Ben says Asa was out of it the night he had the heart attack and he doesn't think Asa heard it. All the guys toast Ben and rile him about marriage. They all laugh and have a great time. Sam goes on to tell childhood stories about Ben and him. He tells him that he loves him and will always be there for him and they hug. Ben thanks them all for sharing in his last few days of single life. He says that is it. Will tells him they have one more surprise for him.

Asa tells the hit man if he does the job right, there will be a bonus and he is going to wait right there to get the good news that Ben Davidson is dead.

The hit man arrives at the club and hides as an unsuspecting Ben is lead to the door of the bridal shower. Inside, they lead Viki to the door where Ben comes to her and they embrace. The hit man lines up his weapon. He hears a door and hides again. After seeing who is there, he leaves and goes back to report to Asa. He tells him that he never told him the Commissioner, DA and one of their top cops. Asa tells him he was hired to do a job, do it. The hit man tells Asa that he will choose the time and the place. Asa is mad, he says they had a deal. The hit man tells him not to worry, the job will get done. Asa hollers that he wants it done tonight.

Ben asks Viki to leave with him on their last night as a single couple. They leave and everyone mingles. John asks Rae if she wants to howl at the moon. She says there is no moon. He can think of something. Nora tries to help clean up but Jessica shoes her off. Nora asks Lindsay if she is ready to go. They leave. Sam asks Mel what is going on. Mel says Nora brought Lindsay. Sam is surprised. Mel says she has to go and runs into Bo in the hallway. He wants to finish their conversation. She says she can't, she has to get to the hospital. Kelley sees Kevin beat up and asks what happened. He says Joe. She tells him what the psychic said. They kiss and Joe walks in. They stop. He says don't stop on his account. He also says she doesn't have to quit the Banner because he did. He also says if they are going to dress up as gangsters, it would serve them right if something happens and they were found out. Will tells Jessica he wants to talk to her about them.

While Max and Blair make passionate love, Todd pushes the button on his computer and the bomb goes off on the screen and the words "Max Buchanan is a fraud" come into view. He says, one more day, and I win and grins.

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