One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/2/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/2/00

By Merilee


Viki and Ben are handing out candy to neighborhood children. Viki is handing out the candy and Ben is pretending to be afraid and cowering behind the door. They close the door and they talk about the holiday. She says that they are too old for Halloween. He puts in some fake teeth and wants to bite her neck.   

We see three costumed men bending over a coffin.   

Kevin's office

Kevin is looking over some things when one of his employees shows up at the door. Charlie says that he is looking over computers and wants to know if he can look at Kevin's. Kevin waves him off and tells him later. Earlier that evening, Joey has come in to turn in his equipment and gather his stuff from his desk. Kevin tells him that he doesn't have to quit because Kelly already has.   


The doorbell has rung again. Viki leaves to get some more candy and Ben opens the door. Three costumed men grab him and Ben puts up a fight but of course he loses. Some costumed women have snuck in and go in the library. Viki comes back with the candy but can't find Ben. She goes into the library where a black cloak is thrown over her.   

It looks like Ben has been led to Crossroads. Sam takes off his mask and wants to know why Ben hit him. The other two remove their masks. It's Bo and Hank. And the other one is John. They tell him that this is a bachelor party and Sam tells his brother that it was Will's idea. The coffin is eventually opened and they bring out some goodies. Party time! Kevin and then Joey show up. Sam brings out a guitar and Ben starts singing the blues. After the song, Hank volunteers to take up a collection that he will not sing again. It looks like the party moves to the recreation center. (I think) They play basketball but towards the end; it gets out of hand. Joey and Kevin start fighting each other.   

I'm not sure where Viki is led to but she is placed in a chair with a blindfold on. People start talking to her and the blindfold is taken off. All of her friends are there. She is told that it is a party before her wedding. She is told that this was Jessica's idea. Jessica tells her that another party guest has arrived. It's Nora dressed up as the devil. She brought a friend with her. It's Lindsay dressed as an angel. Viki tells Lindsay that if she does anything to spoil the party that she will have to take care of her and that nobody will do anything about it. Viki goes off and Lindsay is cornered by her sister. Lanie wants to know what she is doing there. Lindsay says that she is there because Nora invited her. Sophia announces that she has invited a special guest. In steps Madame Sevilla. She is there to foretell Viki's future. After stalling for a bit, she tells Viki that her marriage will be a long and happy one. They break into dancing and Lindsay and the Madame are eyeing each other. Renee announces a song and one by one they join in. Viki ends up on a chair singing with the others dancing around her.   


Asa is meeting with Roarke. He wants to put a contract out on Ben. Roarke introduces him to a man called Mr. Gray. He will handle everything.

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