One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/1/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/1/00

By Linda C.

RJ plants a message on Lindsay's answering machine in a scary voice. When Lindsay arrives home, her light doesn't turn on. She goes to her answering machine and plays the message, and says that is what she hates about Halloween. As she walks away, RJ jumps out and scares her half to death. She yells at him not to do that again. He says it is tradition to scare people on Halloween. She asks what he is doing there? He says he is there on behalf of Nora and if she hurts her again, she will deal with him. Lindsay says Nora can protect herself and she and Nora have decided to be friends. RJ doesn't believe her, he thinks she is still up to something, playing a new game. She says he is there to try to stop her right? RJ says Nora is no match for Lindsay and she better watch that Nora isn't playing a game of her own but won't give her anything further. Lindsay wants to know what he means. RJ says a Halloween riddle and tells her to watch her back and he leaves.

Joe tells Kelley he still loves her and will never forget her. He kisses her again as Kevin walks in. He says he didn't mean to interrupt anything. He leaves. Joe has the impression that they are going to get it all back and tells Kelley not to chase after Kevin. She admits she will always love him but nothing will change the way things are now and if she has seen it coming she would have stopped the kiss before it happened. She never wanted to give him false hope. He tells her to forget it, he will never make that mistake again. He says no point in turning the clock around, she never cared. He walks out. When Kevin comes back Kelley thanks him for understanding the situation. Kevin feels he is responsible for the break up. Kelley tells him that Joe took the argument he overheard with her and Kevin as they were having problems. She says she can't work there anymore. He asks if she wants to take a little more time to think it over. She says she has thought long enough. She gets a box to collect her things. He says it isn't going to be the same around there without her. She says it is so hard. He says she is doing the right thing. She says he won't be able to boss her around. He asks if she is talking about Skye's article. She says yes. She wonders how this will affect their relationship. He tells her she is stuck with him. She gives him her resignation and they agree, it is official. In comes Joe, he places his resignation on Kevin's desk and walks out. Kevin picks it up and tells her she doesn't have to quit, Joe just did. 

Bo and Nora meet about Sophia. He tries to encourage her to have Sophia plea bargain. She says she thinks the girl was covering for Cristian. Bo tells her she can handle the case or he wouldn't have asked her. She is afraid she is out of practice. Outside, Sophia and Antonio talk about their plan to set her free. Bo comes out and invites her into his office before she makes her formal statement. He introduces her to Nora. She says she doesn't need a lawyer. Bo says she needs all the help she can get or she is going to lose everything she worked hard for. Nora offers Sophia to talk as a friend instead of a lawyer. Sophia agrees to talk. Meanwhile, Max stops by and talks to Bo. Max is obnoxious. Bo tells him to remember if anything happens to Ben, Bo is holding him responsible. Max leaves. Inside, Nora goes over the statement with Sophia and then tells her that she wants to know what really happened. Nora tells her that she knows Cris was driving and reminds Sophia that she can go away for a very long time for trying to protect Antonio's brother. Nora connects the fact that Sophia is in love with Antonio. Sophia says it doesn't matter because he is in love with Roseanne. 

After the kiss between Todd and Blair, they both feel uncomfortable. Blair tries to make excuses why she has to go and grabs her purse and heads to the door. Todd closes the door before she get that far. She wants to know what he is doing. She says she will call security. He comes up with a costume for his little Starr. She takes it. As she and Todd talk, Antonio comes in. He wants to talk to Todd. Blair excuses herself and leaves. Todd tells Antonio it is his turn, now scram. Antonio says he would, but Todd would never know how close he came to death last night. Antonio tells Todd that RJ may have tampered with the car and pleads with Todd to help him by saying he gave Sophia permission to take his car. When Todd won't go along with him, Antonio threatens him with being a bigger enemy with the police. Todd goes to the station and says he gave her permission. When Bo says he will get him for filing a false statement, Todd wants to change his story back. Nora speaks up, Bo wouldn't want that since he does want Sophia back on the force, doesn't he? Bo gives in. Antonio winks at Sophia, who smiles brightly. Bo gives Sophia back her badge and asks her to wait in his office. Todd says he has to go, too many cops there, kinda gives him the creeps. Sophia smiles through Bo's window and Antonio and he smiles back and leaves. Nora is leaving too, she has he spunk back thanks to Bo, she says and leaves. ... Roseanne and Skye have a heart to heart over failed romances. They tell each other about their problems. Roseanne swears from now on, when she has someone she is going to make sure they don't get distracted by anyone else. 

Max comes in and finds Blair in their room. She asks where Asa is. Max isn't sure. Blair says he will show up, probably out getting some air. He asks if she is all right. She says she is so upset about that B&B stuff. He assures her nothing will come between them. She thanks him. 

Nigel brings Starr by to see Todd in her angel costume. Todd tells him he can leave. Starr notices the bomb on the PC and asks what it is. He says it is his revenge on Uncle Max, she doesn't mind, does she? No, she doesn't. He says let's go get some rotten eggs and toilet paper and they leave his office.

Bo tells Sophia that he knows that she lied and if she does it again, it will mean dismissal. She says she is sorry. He says he knows that or she would be looking for a job right now. He says she was trained to have good instincts and she didn't use them this time. He says everyone makes mistakes, even himself, so he is letting her off the hook this time. When Sophia leaves the office, Antonio asks her if she enjoyed the lecture. He says he will never forget what she did for Cristian. They walk out. Roseanne is in the background dressed as a witch placing an envelope into Antonio's mail tray. 

Nora stops by and invites Lindsay out and tells her she is taking her up on her offer to be friends. Lindsay agrees to go out. When she turns to go get her purse, Nora grins.

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