One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/31/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/31/00

By Merilee

The diner

Skye, Todd, Max, Blair, John, and Rae are still there. Skye is still blaming Todd for tampering with the evidence of B&B. Todd's defense that he has never bothered with government stuff. Skye finally blurts out that Todd will do anything to break up Max and Blair because he loves Blair. Words get more heated and John and Rae try to break things up before they get out of hand. Roseanne wants to know what is going on and Blair spits out that it's none of her business. Skye starts warning Max about Blair and telling him that she will be there to see what's coming to him. Ben comes through the door when she says that will reveal the secret that Max and Blair have been hiding. Skye sees him and clams up. She leaves and Ben goes after her. Max's cell phone rings and he answers it. He tells Blair that it's about Asa's bond hearing. She tells him to go.   

Joey's place

Joey helps Sophia into the place. He asks her if she is all right and all she says is that it's her shoulder that hurts and nothing else. "Besides, I have little pills." He wants to talk about the accident and what it means for her career but she tells him to go to work. He picks up his stuff and opens the door. Antonio is standing there and wants to see Sophia. Joey lets him in as he leaves. Antonio wants to know how she is feeling but she is more worried about Cristian. He tells her that he is being operated on at this time. She tells him that he should be at the hospital. He tells her that when he and Roseanne got to the accident site that she was lying on the ground and Cristian was hovering over her. He wants to know why she is covering for him about being the driver of the car. He says he doesn't want to lose her as a partner. He adds "you are doing this for me." She tells him that he doesn't know anything. Things heat up between the two of them and it looks like passion is going to take over.   

Kevin's office

Kevin is doing some work when Kelly comes in. She wants him to proofread a story that she has done on Skye. He starts to read but tells her that he's not happy with it. Kelly wants to know what is happening to the freedom of the press. Joey comes in and wants to know the same thing. Kevin tells his brother that there is some stuff that he wants him to look over on his desk. Joey leaves. One of the Banner workers comes in and tells Kevin that there is an emergency. Kevin says that he has to go take care of this and leaves Kelly mumbling to herself. Joey comes back and tells Kelly that he agrees with her. Things heat up and it looks like......................(oh brother).  

The  jail  

Asa is suspicious at the site of Max and his lawyer. Max tells him about the bond hearing and Asa's lawyer tells him to take a deep breath and try to make a good impression with the judge.   

Todd's office  

Todd makes a paper airplane and flies it to the front door of his office. Blair comes in and demands to know what his business was with Skye. He finally breaks down and tells her part of it and she seems to buy it. She is very grateful. Things heat up with them, also.   

The park

Ben has caught up with Skye. She tells Ben that she came close to disclosing the truth about Max but that she changed her mind because she didn't want to hurt Ben. They talk about their divorce and she tells him that she never wants to go through that kind of pain again.   

The courthouse

Asa has been le out on bail. Max wants him to go away for a while but the old man says no. He has something that he has to take care of.