One Life to Live Update Monday 10/30/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 10/30/00

By Linda C


Will is enjoying his first night out of jail with Jessica. She is still apologizing for the things that went on while he was in jail. She asks him if he is tired and he admits he is but he's afraid to go home because he doesn't want to wake up from this dream. Just then, Carlotta comes through. They want to know why she is in such a hurry. She is on her way to the hospital. Cristian was involved in an accident. Will tells her that he says it's okay for her to go see Cristian. She says no that it will only send mixed signals to everyone.   


Cristian and Antonio are in the examining room with the doctor. The doctor tells Cris that he might have done some damage to his hand and that he wants to go talk to a surgeon about it. He gives him something to wrap it in and tells him to elevate it and leaves. John is out in the hall trying to talk some sense to Sophia. She still backs up the story that she told Bo. He leaves. Roseanne and Sophia eye each other. They both accuse each other of trying to use this situation to keep Antonio. The two brothers come out of the room and he is telling his brother that Sophia has lied; that he was drunk and he was driving the car. He wants Antonio to arrest him or he's walking out of the hospital. The doctor comes back and the news is not good. He tells them that Cristian has some damage to 3 fingers and that the surgeon wants to operate right away. Cris vetoes on surgery and Roseanne tries to talk some sense into him. He reluctantly agrees when Carlotta comes rushing in. The next we see her she is in the examining room and signing the papers for surgery. Back out in the hall, Roseanne assures Antonio that she will take Sophia home. The two girls eye each other again and Sophia announces that she is walking home.   

Nora's house

Rachel comes down the stairs and asks her mother what she is having for breakfast. But, all Nora wants is a cup of coffee. Nora lets Bo in and Rachel excuses herself to go get dressed. Bo has come on a mission. He explains that one of his rookie officer's is in trouble and needs a good lawyer. He leaves when he doesn't get the answer he wants. Later, Rachel is on the phone with her boss in Chicago. She wants an extended leave of absence and obviously gets it.   


Asa is making a whole lot of noise by rattling a cup on the bars. The guard gets worried and goes to look for a doctor.   

Bo's office  

Lanie is looking for Bo but he's not there. She takes some stuff out of her purse and leaves him a message. The guard from the jail is looking for a dr. and Lanie goes with him.   


Asa wants to know what is going on and why Lanie is there. The guard unlocks the cell and leaves Lanie in there with Asa. He accuses her of being in steadfast with the enemy. She asks him if he is having any kind of pains and he says no. She wants to call an ambulance and have him checked out at the hospital but he vetoes the idea. They continue talking when Bo appears. She tells him that she think Asa just suffered an anxiety attack.


Skye has confronted Max and Blair with the stuff on B&B. Max points out that there is a computer and he wants her to find the site where she got the information. Guess who comes slithering in? Todd. Skye points out that he was the one to give her the proof and that he could her look up the stuff. Todd pretends innocence by telling Skye that she is crazy. Rae butts in and tells Skye off. Max tells her to mind her own business and John comes in and rescues her. John wants to know what is going on. Rae shows him a copy of the paper with damaging stories. Back to the others, Skye is over at the counter typing away. She announces that she has found the site and all she has to do is press enter. She does and the information comes up. Ben Davidson is listed as the owner of B&B and Skye accuses Todd of changing it. Max points out that it's a government site and not even Todd could change it.

Bo's office

Nora has come in and is waiting for Bo. She finds the stuff that Lanie has left and figures out who it is from. Bo comes in and gives him the stuff. She tells Bo that she is there to apologize. He accepts. She also tells him that she has changed her mind about representing Sophia. She asks if they are still friends and sticks out her hand. He takes it. Lanie walks in and sees this.