One Life to Live Update Friday 10/27/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 10/27/00

By Linda C

The paramedics arrive and take Sophia to the hospital. She has multiple injuries. Antonio wants to go in with her but is turned away. He says she is his partner. The doctor tells him they will take good care of her. He goes out in the waiting room and says, they better take good care of her. Roseanne and Cristian walk in. The nurse is trying to get Cris to let someone look at his hand. He says it is just a scratch and he will be all right. He sits down and Roseanne sits by his side. Antonio glares at him. The doctor comes out and asks if he is Antonio? He is. The doc says she will be okay, he just has to fix the shoulder. The doctor goes back inside with Sophia as Antonio says, you have to be all right Peligrino. Rae and John arrive at John's. They are a little happy coming in the door after their night at Crossroads. They play a bit of humorous truth and dare. He throws in a truth. Why does she still feel that Max is her son? The mood swings when they start discussing Max. 

Todd, sitting there eating Chinese food and talking to himself as Skye walks in all dragged out. She asks if he knows what time it is? He says, yes, and when he calls she comes. He asks her if she has been following the Blair and Max trail? She has. He wants it to stay on track. She says, like hell. 

Blair finds Max at the diner. She tells him she is afraid he will be arrested right along with Asa. She doesn't want their happy ending ruined. He tells her nothing will happen, he means it and kisses her. Bo and Mel share a kiss and fall into bed. They stop and apologize to one another. They both had a long day and are worked up. Mel reminds him how they met there and she wanted to escape. He says she can anytime with him. She says they were running asks if he thinks they still are. She says they still have outside obligations. Bo's phone rings. She says, like that. Bo asks on the phone, what happened? He has to go, there has been an accident. She asks if it is serious? He says it is but they aren't done yet. He wants to know what a life is like with her and if there is a problem, they will solve it. He leaves. She notices his tie on the couch and picks it up, but he is gone already. 

Nora says good night to the nanny as Lindsay shows up to settle things between them once and for all. First Lindsay thanks her for what she did for Will. Nora says he is a good kid. Lindsay says she wants to see Colin pay for what he did to her. Lindsay wants to know if this would be a good time to start over? Nora asks her to come back during business hours. Lindsay asks if she doesn't trust her? Nora says she has been warned not to. Lindsay says that she has been trying to change after all that has gone on. She has become a more honest and caring person. Nora says that it is nice to know her death wasn't in vein. Lindsay asks if they can be friends? Nora asks if that is what she wants? Lindsay is sure Nora will need someone to talk to after this Bo and Mel thing. She knows what it is like and doesn't want to see Nora hurt. RJ shows up. He glares at Lindsay and asks what she is trying to do to Nora now? She claims she is not trying to do anything to her. Nora speaks up and tells RJ that Lindsay wants to be friends. RJ warns Nora against it. Lindsay asks Nora if she remembers RJ. Yes, she does. Lindsay says then she will remember that he has been in and out of jail and he thinks drugs were mentioned. RJ says that Nora knows there weren't any drugs. Lindsay says, let's hope she doesn't hear differently. She tells Nora to think about what she said about friends. She goes to leave and Nora stops her and thanks her for offering and she will be in touch. Lindsay leaves and RJ tells her to watch out for Lindsay. Nora says she has been warned and will handle it from there but then questions him on what he knows and is not telling her. He hints around about the DNA tests and why Nora's marriage broke up. Nora stops him and says her marriage broke up because she thought Sam could give her the child Bo couldn't. RJ says that Lindsay tampered with his results the first time around. Nora then realizes that she and Bo could have had that child together and this wouldn't have happened. She is now angry that Lindsay messed with all of their lives and Hank thinks Lindsay got a hold of a drug and erased her memory. She asks RJ if he thinks she could have done it? 

Antonio is finally allowed in to see Sophia. They talk a bit. The doc comes in and has to do a scan now, so Antonio leaves. He sees Cris outside the room and asks if he stole the car and was driving drunk? Cris says he has nothing to tell him. Antonio tells him that he is under arrest. Cris has a cocky attitude. Antonio tells him not to mess up his life, he has so much going for him and how proud he is of Cris and wants him to have it all. He puts out his hands and tells Antonio to do his job and hand cuff him. Antonio tells him to see a doctor first about his hand. Bo arrives. When Sophia hears Antonio tell Cris that he can go to jail for violation of probation, grand theft auto, drunk driving and a few other violations, she lies and says she was driving and lost control. Bo asks why she was driving Todd Manning's car? Bo tells her to be careful, maybe she doesn't want to make a statement right now. She insists she knows what happened. Bo says Todd says his car was stolen. She says he lent it to them. Bo again tells her she should wait and maybe get a lawyer. Sophia goes on the tell that Todd said they could take the car and they did. She said it was the coolest car she had ever seen and accelerated faster than she expected. It had a smooth ride but the road was slick and she lost control. Bo tells her that the passenger's side took the brunt of the damage and if it weren't for the air bags, Cris could be dead right now. He says there will have to be an investigation and walks away. Antonio asks her why she lied to Bo? Sophia tells Roseanne she needs to talk to her partner alone. After Roseanne leaves, Antonio asks again why she lied for Cris, her job is on the line. She says because he made a mistake and she doesn't want him to go to prison because when her brother went to jail, he came out a different person and she doesn't want that for Cris. Antonio tells her that Cris almost got her killed and not to protect him. She says she is not protecting him, she knows he was drunk, but there was something wrong with the steering, like it didn't exist. The doctor comes over and asks to speak with Antonio about Cristian. Sophia sits there looking worried. 

Todd tells Skye that it is time she faces the fact that she is beat. She says she doesn't do defeat. He says he had Blair trapped in that storage room and what did she do, nothing. Todd brings up B&B. He has no idea what it is. Skye says she knows, it is a scam to get at Max and Asa. Skye has no proof. Todd hints that he knows his way around the computer. She asks him to get involved. He says he guesses can get a little involved. She tells him what she needs. He says he would have to get into the government files and then admits he already started and shows her the screen where it shows Blair Buchanan as owner of B&B. She tells him he is a genius. John pushes for the truth from Rae. She says she can't tell because Renee could get hurt and she can't talk about it, please. The phone rings and John answers it. 

Lindsay drops in on Mel. She spots Bo's tie. She tells Mel she needs a friend and then tells her that she knows Nora and Bo can't live with each other and can't live without each other and when all falls apart, she will be there to help Mel. Mel tells her she doesn't want to discuss it. Lindsay tells her that she doesn't want to be the other woman. Mel asks like Lindsay was with Colin. Lindsay says she is sorry about that, they lost so much time together and asks what Mel would do if Bo wasn't over Nora? Mel says she would wish him all the best in the world and hopefully with a bit of grace. Nora pieced it all together, the train wreck, Lindsay finding out, Colin getting the antidote. She says she thought Colin was telling the truth about not giving her the drug. She wonders why he would give her the antidote if he gave her the drug in the first place. She asks RJ again if he thinks she could have gotten her hands on the drugs to erase her memory. He tells her that Lindsay probably has enough money to pay someone dearly for the drugs. He also points out that she should be careful getting close to Lindsay after hearing her say they could be friends. Nora asks him if he bought that, her telling Lindsay that? He says he thought she was serious. She is glad he did, then her plan is working because she intends to get very close to Lindsay and they will be seeing a lot of each other. She says, keep friends close, keep thy enemies closer and the truth will come out in the end. 

After Antonio and the doctor return, Cris asks what was with the x-rays? The doctor says he is almost sure it is a broken wrist. Cris says he just wants to get out of there. Antonio tells him he isn't going anywhere. The doctor tells Cris to look away while he takes a look at his hand. The doctor pokes his hand but there is no reaction. Antonio asks him why he didn't tell him there was no feeling in his hand? 

John and Rae arrive at the hospital. Rae talks to Sophia. Sophia tells her that once the police figure out what happened, she may no longer be on the force. Rae says it was just an accident and she is sure they know that. She asks if she could get her anything. Sophia wants to share a hot fudge sundae. Rae says, share, she will get them each one and tells her to sit back and relax. She leaves and John and Bo go over to Sophia. John tells her how proud he was of her when she first came on the force, he wasn't sure she would last the first week. She surprised him, not only by sticking it out but also for becoming a fine police officer. She says she blew it, right? He says it is standard procedure. If a police officer is involved in anything illegal, Internal Affairs has to step in and this could be grand theft auto and he is going to be candid with her, this could cost her her career. Bo asks her if her earlier statement was accurate? She says, yes sir. He asks if there is anything she wants to change? She says, no sir. Bo tells her he is sorry but has to ask her for her badge and weapon. She hands them over. 

Rae arrives at the diner. Soon after, Skye walks in and goes over to Blair and Max. Blair wants to get out of there but is cornered by Skye who throws it out that she knows about B&B. She hands Max a paper which Blair tells him not to take. He looks at it and sees Blair's name on it. Skye says he can see right there that Blair is the owner and CEO of the company that was out to destroy him and Asa. 

Todd continues to work on the computer. He rocks back and forth on his chair laughing and says, "Am I having fun now or what?" 

Monday: Will tells Jessica that he will understand if she wants to go to Cristian. Sophia tells Cristian that she already confessed. He says, now he is confessing. Bo goes to visit Nora for some help. Todd walks into the diner and Skye tells Blair and Max to ask him, he is the one who helped her find the information.

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