One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/26/00


 One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/26/00

By Linda C

Nora wants Sam to tell her the whole story behind the two of them and where they stand now. Sam wants to know if she is ready for this? She wonders if she will be happy. He thinks so. They talk about his coming to Llanview and how he never stopped loving her back in Chicago. They talk about why she got pregnant by him. They discuss how Bo and Nora's marriage fell apart and how they came to live together and became engaged. She says she must have really loved him a lot. He says she did. She asks why they weren't married yet? He tells her they had other problems, like Bo. They talk about Lindsay lying to Bo and Nora breaking up Lindsay and Bo's wedding. She tells him she is sorry. He says he is fine and has had time to adjust. She wants to know where they stand and he says they are friends for now and have put everything on hold. She feels she put him through hell. He smiles and says purgatory. He says he made mistakes too. He didn't always tell her the truth because he was afraid of losing her to Bo because of the bond they had. She bets she and Sam had fun. He says it was the happiest time of his life and he has the memories of them. She is envious because she doesn't have hers. He is sure they will come back. She says until her memories come back, she will have to start over again with him and Bo. 

Rene asks Ben how her son would know he was a Buchanan. She tells him if he knows something to tell her so she can end this limbo. Ben says her son is also someone else's son and she would have to be willing to share with his adopted family. She says she will be will to. Todd comes in complaining that the cops are doing nothing about his car being stolen. Ben turns back to Renee and says he is sorry and continues what he was saying. She stops him and says she understands what he means and decided she wants her son to stay with the loving family that raised him so he doesn't have to know Asa. It will be best for everyone, including Asa. Viki tells her is wouldn't be fair to Renee. Renee says it would be selfish of her to pursue this but it is simple, she can stop looking and thanks Ben for helping her to see it all so clearly. She walks away and Ben looks at Viki and back at Renee walking away. Tears in Ben's eyes. 

RJ sits drinking a few shots and laughs to himself about Todd enjoying his last ride. Hank comes up and asks what is so funny. 

Antonio and Roseanne look for Cris and Sophia. Roseanne thinks they may have gone for a walk until Todd comes up looking for his car. Antonio finds Sophia's purse on Cris's car and yells out to her. 

Meanwhile, Sophia begs Cris to stop. She is going to arrest him. He stamps on the gas as she screams at him for going over 80 miles per hour. 

Bo tells Mel about the times when he was a kid and Asa came to his rescue when he fell off a horse. Asa made him get back on the horse and go for it again. This helped Bo get over his fear of riding and says that helped him to be determined as he grew. They then discuss Nora and her need for someone to lean on. He says he will help Nora, but he won't keep his feelings from her. 

Antonio and Roseanne jump into Cris's car and head after Cris and Sophia. 

Kelley and Kevin stand outside Crossroads and discuss the shooting there and how they still want to find out who did this but tonight they are going to go in there and have some fun. As they go to enter, Joe grabs Kevin and asks how he could get her involved in all this? He can't believe Kevin is letting her hang out with the mob. Kelley says it is not his fault, she is the one that followed him. Joe says if Kevin doesn't end it now, he will blow them out of the water before they get killed. Kelley says it is her choice and her life. He says if someone loves you, they listen. Joe thinks she is crazy because she is so into the danger and thrills and says that is probably why she ended their marriage. He was boring. She convinces him not to endanger Kevin's life by turning on him. Joe agrees and leaves. 

When Sophia finally gets through to Cristian to slow down, he realizes there is no steering and loses control and crashes. 

Todd accuses RJ of arranging this. RJ says if he wanted to do something to Todd, he wouldn't have stolen his car. Todd asks Viki if she knows what is going on. She ignores him. Hank then asks RJ if he had anything to do with this. RJ says that Hank always blames him for all the bad stuff that goes on and whoever stole Todd's car will get what they deserve. 

The scene comes up with Cris and Sophia unconscious in the smashed car. There is a spark at the tail of the car. Cris comes to and tries to arouse Sophia. 

At Crossroads, the power goes out. They light some table candles and turn on a radio to continue their celebration. 

Bo and Mel sit down and watch a football game on TV. She talks about watching the game with her dad when she was a kid. He wonders what else he doesn't know about her. She tells him to stick around. He thinks he will. 

Sam assures Nora they will always be friends, no matter what. She says she needed to hear that. He says another thing friends do is hug and he feels she is long over due for a hug. They hug. She is ready to go back inside and he wants to stay out there for a little while longer. Tears swell up in his eyes. Todd comes up behind him and says he is sorry. Sam tells him not as sorry as he is going to be. He asks Todd if he has better things to do than spy on him and Nora. Todd says Viki threw him out of the bar. Sam doesn't believe that. He says well, she wouldn't talk to him, same thing. Sam tells him that Viki loves Todd and so does he, but Todd can't accept that. He won't give an inch. The reasons Viki isn't talking to Todd is because he hurt her. Sam says that Todd just doesn't see it, he has to give and inch and has to admit what he did or nothing will ever change. Todd says, what if he doesn't do that. Sam says then whatever happens is on his own hands. 

The batteries die in the radio and Renee suggests they tell ghost stories. They elect Ben to go first. They start off with "It was a dark and stormy night" They continue the story telling as Sam comes back in and watches Nora laugh at the story. Meanwhile, Todd peeks into the window and watches all the fun. 

Sophia comes to and says that everything hurts. Cris breaks out the drivers side window and pulls Sophia out. She goes back unconscious. He leans over her saying he is sorry as Antonio and Roseanne arrive on the scene. Antonio asks if Sophia is alive. Cris says, barely. Roseanne calls 911 on her cell phone. Antonio keeps over Sophia, calling her partner and telling her to hang in there. 

Tomorrow: Skye asks Todd if he can get her the proof she needs to nail Blair? Antonio cries that Pellegrino has to be ok, as Cris and Roseanne look on. Bo tells Mel he wants to know what a life with her is like. Lindsay tells Nora that she wants to settle things between them once and for all.

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