One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/25/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/25/00

By Linda C. 

Bo visits Asa and tries to get him to straighten out his life. He tells Asa that he loves him. Asa feels he has a funny way of showing it. Bo says he uses what Asa taught him all his life about family and honor. Bo says everyone is at the Crossroads celebrating Will's release. Asa says that is like his dream where he saw the arrows pointing to heaven and hell. Bo asks what Asa is talking about? Bo tells him it was probably just his conscience bothering him. Asa says in the dream, they were all there and that he thinks all his dreams are going to come true. Which means that Ben is going to kill Max. Asa thinks Ben was responsible for the shooting at Crossroads where Max was shot in the arm. Bo says they haven't been able to connect Ben to that shooting. Asa asks him to save his brother's life and arrest Ben. Bo tells him he needs to see a doctor. Asa says he does all the time and his heart is fine. He realizes Bo means a shrink and says he is not going bananas and wonders if Bo is trying to have him committed to take his money. Bo wants his father back, not the money. He pleads with Asa to listen to him. In comes Max and Asa gets up and says that Max is his only son, the only one he needs and asks Max to tell Bo that they have to get rid of Ben. Bo asks Max if Asa is losing it or is Max putting the thoughts into Asa's head. Max throws it up in Bo's face that he is jealous of what Max and Asa has together. Bo tells Max that if he wants to be a Buchanan he better stand up to Asa not tell him what he wants to hear and if anything happens to anyone because of Asa, he is going to hold Max responsible. 

Drunk as can be, Cris puts the moves on Sophia. She reminds him of his love for Jessica. He says she is with Will. He also points out that his ex-wife, Roseanne is now with his brother, which puts Sophia in a down mood and agrees to have a little fun with Cris. Cris and Sophia catch RJ tampering with Todd's car as Todd enters the Crossroads and wants to be acknowledged for his part in saving Nora's life. He gets the cold shoulder from everyone and says some hurting words about them all having skeletons in their closets and picking on him. He bolts out of there and Viki comes out to talk to him. Todd thinking she is going to side with him, finds that she is not very proud of him for what he just said in there and tells him she is done with him and if he calls or writes, she will not respond. 

Lindsay tries to plant a seed in Mel's head about Nora and Bo. Mel doesn't fall for it and excuses herself and leaves. Lindsay wanders over to Nora and asks if she has seen Bo? Nora says no. Lindsay says it is funny, she doesn't see her sister either. Sam comes over and rescues Nora from Lindsay and Lindsay walks away. Cris and Sophia climb into Cris's car and begin to kiss. 

Meanwhile, Antonio worries about Sophia being able to handle Cris. Roseanne tells him that Sophia will be fine. He is not too sure.  RJ returns to tamper with Todd's car as Sophia and Cris continue to kiss. Sophia sees Antonio in Cris's place and stops Cris. She says they don't want each other and this won't make up for what they really want. She gets out of the car and dresses herself as Antonio approaches. Cris gets out of the car and tells Antonio to leave him alone. Antonio tells him to leave him the keys or he will haul him in. Cris reluctantly gives the keys to Antonio. Roseanne comes over strutting her stuff asking if all is okay. Sophia tells them it is all okay and tells them to leave them alone. Antonio and Roseanne leave. Cris jumps into Todd's car. Sophia tries to stop him but Cris gets the car started. She jumps in the passenger's seat and they drive away. Antonio looks back when he hears the car start but Roseanne assures him it couldn't be Cris because he has the keys and they continue on their way. RJ comes out and says, better buckle up Manning, you're in for a bumpy ride. 

RJ makes an appearance at Crossroads. Hank asks him if he is there to cause trouble. RJ asks if it is a crime to see Nora. Hank says no, but if he is looking for Todd he is gone. RJ says, then there will be no trouble. Todd asks Viki who he will talk to now if he doesn't have her. She says she thought that by sticking by him he would change but now, she is going to stick by the people who deserve her love. She leaves him standing there. Sam and Nora approach and Todd asks what they are looking at? He leaves. 

Bo goes to visit Mel. The two stare at each other, all smiles. 

Asa tells Max he wants to destroy Ben before he gets him. He tells Max he wants to get out of there and find some people. Max asks who. Asa says people who solve people's problems permanently. Max looks disturbed by the comment. Rene removes her ring. Ben comes over and talks to her. Ben tells her that she and Asa have a lot of memories. She feels that she has probably lost her child forever now that she and Asa are divorcing for the second time. Ben says he thought she gave up on finding him. She says she wonders how he is and where he is. Ben assures her that he is okay. She says she wonders how he would feel if he knew Asa Buchanan was his father? Ben asks, what if he already does? She looks at him confused. 

Tomorrow Mel wonders if there is something wrong with Nora when Bo comes to visit. Nora wants Sam to tell her what they mean to each other now. Rene begs Ben to tell her if she knows anything about her son. Antonio and Roseanne turn to see what is going on when Todd yells that his care is gone. Sophia tries desperately to put on her seatbelt.

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