One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/24/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/24/00

By Merilee

Todd's office

Todd is looking through some stuff when he comes across a note telling him to meet me in the park.   

The park

Todd is screaming for Tea. He wants to know why she is doing this to him. He sits down and fakes crying. Time goes by before he screams for RJ. RJ walks out of the shadows and moves behind Todd. Todd wants to know what he thought of his performance. He laughs as RJ leaves.   

Police department

Will, John, Jessica, Lindsay, Sam, Nora, Hank, Viki, Bo, and Ben are in the squad room. (talk about a happy scene) Everybody leaves but John, Lindsay, Nora, Hank, Bo, and Ben.   


Asa is still hanging on the bars when Max shows up. Asa wants to know how soon he can get out. Max says that there is a problem. He explains that the judge who presided over Will's case is now looking into inproper activites by the other judge. Of course, Asa gets mad. (what did you expect) Renee comes in and Max excuses himself. The talk is not pleasant. She gets upset and she is visibly shaken. Ben is watching the exchange and comes to her rescue. Before she leaves, she tells ASA that the doctors are wrong about his heart. "You have no heart."   

Police department

Max is talking to Rae. She wants to know if he has changed his mind about the DNA test. He says "no" and that the only reason he is there is because Asa has been arrested by another family member. "Bo." John overhears some of the words and wants to know what is going on. Max just says it was a misunderstanding and leaves. John asks her if she is okay and she says yes. Renee comes in. They start talking about Max and she tells Rae that it would break Asa if Max were to get in trouble and she leaves. Rae tells John that she must honor Renee's wishes.   

Bo's office

Bo is congratulating Nora. She says that all of this is her fault. He reminds her of the facts but she tells him that Asa is blaming her for what she did with Sam and that started the whole thing.   

Police department

Lanie comes in and Lindsay gives her the good news about Will. Lanie wants to go to him but her sister stops her and tells her that Bo is talking to Nora. She says that there is a party for Will at Crossroads and the sisters leave.   


Bo comes to see his father. Asa wants to know what he wants. "I want my father back. I miss him."   


Roseanne is still trying to talk Antonio into leaving. They start to go when Will's party arrives. (they change their minds) Sam is telling everybody that this party is for Will. He thanks all the people that helped out with the case. Viki wants everybody to enjoy themselves and tells them all that Ben says that the beer is on the house. Nora comes in and the two women hug each other. They move to a table. Jessica goes to the bar where Cristian is. She wants to thank him for what he did but he gently rushes it off. Music starts playing. Jessica grabs Will and Cristian asks Sophia to dance. Cristian and Sophia start dancing but she is watching Antonio and Roseanne. Both couples get very seductive in their dances. The music ends and Sophia assures Antonio that she will take Cristian home. Outside, Todd has driven up. He gets out of the car and looks at his reflection in the window and leaves. RJ walks slowly around the car. Back inside, Rae, John, and Renee have joined the party. Sam asks Nora if he can speak to her alone. He thanks her for what she did. All she wants in return is to find out about the two of them. Sam agrees. The door opens and in walks Todd. He looks around the room. He takes out his revenge list and studies it. 

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