One Life to Live Update Friday 10/20/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 10/20/00

By Linda C

Blair tells Todd that she is not going to let him ruin things between her and Max. Todd tells her that she is doing a good enough job of that herself, living under Asa's thumb and Max being with Skye. Blair claims that Max is over Skye. Todd asks why Max sniffs around Skye then? Blair says because Maxis a normal, healthy man but Todd wouldn't know anything about normal or healthy. He says, look whose talking. She tells him hat Max is worth ten of him. He says Max is a mutation. Blair blasts him with about being Victor Lord's son and they all know who he is and they all know who Todd is. Todd looks hurt. Asa knocks Starr's dolls off his desk. Max walks in and asks what is wrong? Asa says he feels like he is living in daycare with that devil child. Max says he will have the stuff removed. Asa tells him to make sure that brat doesn't play in there. Max says he will make sure Starr doesn't play in there. Max wants to know what is really wrong. Asa tells him about Will going tonight and Nora came by and told him a real Buchanan would not let this happen. Max tells him not to get soft. Asa says he isn't soft it is just morning over Nora and then getting her back, it changed things. Max tells him that Will is a Rappaport and as far as being a real Buchanan, it is what Asa says it is. Nora has it all wrong. Viki walks in and says, no Nora doesn't, she has it exactly right. Viki looks at Asa and tells him that if he lets that boy go to prison tonight, there is not hope for him at all. Ben visits Will. Jesse is there too. Jesse asks where her mother is. He says she went to visit someone. Jesse guesses it is Asa and says she is wasting her time, she has gone there before but there was no changing his mind. Ben assures her that Viki is tough and won't give up on something this important. Lindsay comes in. She hugs Will. She asks where Sam is. Ben say she is in court trying to get Will's transfer delayed. She says that he could free Will if he would just get Nora to give Colin the deal he wants. She says that Nora is willing to ruin his life just to get revenge on Colin. Will stops her right there. Will says he himself is the one who told Bo not to take the deal. He wants Colin to pay for what he did to Nora. Lindsay sees it a different view, she feels Nora is free and Will isn't and who cares if Colin gets off. Ben says Nora is free but has not memory of her son or his birth or life with Sam. Nora asks Bo where Sam is. She wants him and Hank. He wants to know why? She says there is not time, please just do it, get them in here. Bo gets on telephone.

Blair tells Todd that maybe she shouldn't have said that, she has seen the loving side of him. He says she is right. She says no, she knows he loves their daughter and for some crazy reason she thinks he still cares about her and asks if that is why he is keeping her there? She says it is over between them and wants him to open the door. He asks her what is it that she and Max have on Ben or better yet, what does Ben have on them. She claims she barely even knows Ben. Todd chuckles. He tells her she is a big liar, not as big as him, and she isn't good at it. She asks why she would lie about Ben? He says every time he mentions Ben, she and Max freak out. He tells her if she nudges him in the direction of Ben, he will let her out of there. She says he does know how to get the door open. He says he never said that. She says okay, she will tell him. She says that she and Max are space aliens and Ben knows it. Now open the door, please? He says he would but he has to protect the good citizens of Llanview. She accuses him of keeping her no matter what she tells him. He says that depends on whether she tells him what he wants to know. Ben wants to know why Lindsay is so eager for a man who hurt Nora to get away with it aside from the facts she hates Nora. Lindsay tells him not to bring up Sam's suspicions, she had nothing to do with it. Will tells Ben that his mother has been through enough already without being accused of a crime. Lindsay says there is only seven hours left, why isn't Ben out there helping to get Will out. Jesse says Ben has done all he can. Will backs Jesse up. Lindsay says she can't sit around and wait for them to take him, she has to go talk to Bo. Will tries to stop her, but she goes.

Viki tells Asa how his granddaughter has told her that she hates him and she hates being a Buchanan. She says that his family has been trying to save him from his worst enemy, himself but at this point, he is the only one who can do it. He says he has never been real good at making Nobel gestures. She tells him not to do it because it is noble, but to do it for the same selfish reason he has done everything in his life, to get what he wants and in this case, it would be his family. Do it for himself. She leaves. Nora tells Hank to give Colin immunity. It is the right thing to do. She doesn't want to see Will go to jail for something he didn't do. Sam asks if she is sure, they all want Colin to pay for what he did? Hank says it is justice for Colin to pay for his crime. Nora says that sometimes, the world isn't just. He says they do their best. She agrees and says they also bend over backwards to make sure innocent people don't go to prison. She begs Hank to go along with her on thins. Sam thanks her. Bo jumps in and says, no, he can't let her do it, Colin is dangerous and has to be put behind bars.

Outside the office Lindsay comes up and sees Mel there. She asks what is going on. Mel says they are discussing Colin. Lindsay wants to be in on it. Mel stops her from going into the office. She tells Lindsay that Nora has something important to tell them. Lindsay thinks Nora is being selfish and doesn't care about what happens to Will. Mel asks if she blames Nora for wanting to see Colin punished after what he did to her? Lindsay tells Mel to wake up, Nora is in there to score points with Bo. Mel tells her she is wrong again. Nora is in there fighting for Will. Inside, Nora tells Bo that she is Colin's victim and if she can live with it, so can Bo. Sam asks Bo to weigh what is going on here. Is it better to send an innocent man to prison or let a guilty man go free? Sam says that Bo knows what is on that tape and what Asa did. Nora says that if it wasn't for Will finding her in Colin's, no one would have known where she was, he saved her life. Bo wants to try to get a confession out of Asa and get Will released. Nora can't live with herself if Will goes away for seven years. Hank tells Bo that Asa is guilty too, he has had his hands in all of this and they hadn't the evidence and now they will. Bo feels Colin is dangerous and doesn't want him to hurt Nora again. Nora thanks Bo for trying to protect her but she will take care of it. She doesn't want to be saved at Will's expense. She begs him to go with her on this. Viki visits Will. Jesse thanks her for talking to Asa. Will gets Jesse and Ben out of there so he can talk to Viki. He then tells Viki not to let Jesse visit him in prison. He wants her to live and meet people and new guys. Viki tells him that she has learned that she can't run Jesse's life anymore, she is a grown woman but they will be there for her through whatever she does. She hugs Will. Colin is brought up. He sees Mel. She accuses him of lying to her again. He says he had to but things are about to change. She says he bets they are because she is going to do everything she can to get his license revoked. She walks off and Lindsay says to Colin that if he says her name, he is dead. He says it may be worth it and that she would have to come looking for him because as soon as this is over, he is going to be free enough to disappear. John comes by and brings him into Bo's office. Hank tells Colin he will give him full immunity if he turns over the tape and gives a complete statement. Furthermore, he wants honest answers about Lindsay's involvement. Colin agree. He has Colin swear on the bible to tell the truth. Colin says, absolutely. John prepares the taping of the confession. Hank questions Colin about kidnapping and keeping Nora after the train wreck. Colin says he didn't know who she was. Hank asks if when he still found out who she was, he still kept her. He admits it but says he didn't give her drugs. Bo wants to end the session, he says Colin is adding more than what is asked of him. Sam says he is just covering for Lindsay and asks Colin why he doesn't come clean? He asks Colin if it was Lindsay that gave Nora that drug? Colin says, no, Lindsay had nothing to do with anything to do with Nora. He tries to say he took the antidote to try it on Nora because he thought it may help her get back her memory after she showed signs of amnesia after the wreck. Nora asks him why he did this to her, rob her of her memories? He says he didn't, he swears he would never do anything to hurt her. Sam says he is lying, Will saw her and she was fine. Colin says Will must have caught Nora on a good spell. Hank questions that remark. Colin says that Nora came in and out of it, remembering someday and other days her memory was not quite as good. He says the bad periods got worse so that is why he got the antidote. Sam questions why her memory came back with Will. Colin says he is not responsible for her emotional trauma after Commissioner Buchanan left her to die in the train wreck. Bo jumps in and asks Colin why he did it, what was his motive? He says that once he started caring for her, he realized he had never met anyone like that Jane Doe he called Scarlet. She amazed him with her sheer force to live and that is what made him take her into his house to help her to gain a complete recovery. Sam says that once he knew who she was, he still kept her. Colin says that after all that time had passed, he couldn't explain it and panicked and kept quiet and admits he didn't act right. He says that Mel had left him and taking care of Nora made him feel better. Sam can't believe he is using this excuse. Hank agrees, this doesn't qualify as a full confession. Colin says that is the way it happened, now do they want the tape or not, there is not much time left. Asa tells Max that they all want him to give the kid a break. Max doesn't want him to. Asa asks if he hates Will too. Max says forget about Will. He loves Asa and if Bo and Hank have anything on Asa, he could end up in jail. Max tells him not to give them anything they can use to come after him. Asa tells him he has a good argument. Max is returning the favor. Asa heads out to get some more bourbon. Starr comes in and Max tells her she is not supposed to be playing in there. She says she is not playing she is looking. He tells her to stop and asks where Blair is. Starr asks why he wants to know? He tells her she has gotten awfully fresh since her daddy has been back. He is worried about her mommy and wants to know if Starr knows anything. She tells him not to worry, Blair is with daddy and he better leave them alone. Todd and Blair still discussing Ben and getting nowhere. Todd worries about the effect Ben has on Viki and points out how much different Sam and Ben are. Blair wants to know why he is so interested. He is just making conversation to pass time. She tells him he is stalling but will not come between her and Max. They are on the right track and he is not going to stop them. Todd says the hell he's not. She asks what he meant by that? He says he still gets to her and she doesn't know what he is going to do next and she likes that. Blair hears a noise and starts pounding on the door. It is Max. He bursts in and grabs Todd around the throat. Blair tells him to stop before he kills him. Colin takes them to the tape. They arrive at Nora's memorial plaque. Nora looks into Colin's eyes and says how he did this to her, reduced her to nothing but a plaque on a wall and took her from her family and everyone who loved her. Hank tried to intervene but Nora says she can handle it. She says they can get this whole thing over and won't have to see Colin again. Bo asks Colin where the tape is. Colin's lawyer opens his brief case and hands Colin a crowbar. Hank grabs it from him and says he will do it. Hank lifts the plaque away from the wall and reaches in for the tape. They go back to the station and listen to the tape. Colin asks if he is free to go. Hank tells him he is free to leave. When he comes out, Lindsay asks what happened in there. He tells her to smile, they are off the hook. Mel tells him to enjoy it while he can because his medical career is over and she walks away. Colin leans over to Lindsay and says, by the way, she is off the hook too so stay away from him. Max tells Todd that if he goes near his wife again, he will go off in a body bag. Todd is fuming. Lindsay goes and tells Will he will be free soon, Sam is in with the judge. Will doesn't want to get too excited yet. Jesse says there is no way they can hold him now, no way in the world. Nora goes back alone to look at the plaque. Thunder in the background and a flash of lightning. Colin comes up behind her and says that if it wasn't for him, that memorial would be for real and wonders if she is even a little bit grateful? Asa is sitting at his desk and picks up the phone. He asks for governor and says it is a matter of life and death. He is startled by Bo. He jumps from his seat and tells Bo there is something he wants to tell him. This thing about Will. Bo says that is why he is there. He is under arrest.

Monday Sophia can't believe Roseanne has the nerve to speak to her after what she did. Starr tells Todd that she wants him and mommy to have a baby. Colin tells Nora that the fact is, she held something from him too. Sam delivers the good news to Will.

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