One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/19/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/19/00

By Suzanne

Blair tries to get out of the locked store room but Todd doesn't help. She realizes he purposely got them locked in. Todd is disgusted that she and Max want to have a baby. She tells him she loves Max and that's why she wants to have his baby --just like when she had Starr. He looks stung by the comparison. They argue about what broke up their marriage. He blurts out that Starr wants her mother and father back together. Blair suddenly knows that's what Todd wants, too. He denies it but he's not convincing. Blair says things are "very very different" now and they have to convince Starr of that and maintain a good relationship with each other. She begs him to let her out, and they start arguing again. He admits he locked them in to keep her from having a baby with Max.

At the Bayberry Inn, Max expects Blair in his bedroom to get started on making a baby, but Skye arrives instead. He thinks she's following him (she is) but she claims she's staying there and just went to the wrong room. She tells Max about her mother and says it never works to have a baby to save your marriage. She puts on a big sob story to get sympathy from him. Then she pleads with him to give her another chance. Max stands firm and tells her to leave. She doesn't take the hint and asks him to remember what they were like together. He tells her again to leave. She says maybe Blair won't be there because she's had a "better offer".

Nora visits Will in jail, trying to remember who he is. He fills her in completely. Will blames himself for being tricked by Todd and not calling the cops when he'd found her at Colin's. She's touched by his feelings and is shocked to hear about Asa's vendetta. She vows to help Will and never forget him again.

Asa is annoyed that Rae was giving Max advice on romance. He says that Skye would be the perfect daughter-in-law. She almost blabs about Max' parenting. She tells him to quit treating Max like a puppet. Later, Nora visits Asa and pretends to be nice. They talk about Bo; she shares that she knows now that she and Bo are divorced. Asa is caught in the lie he told her but says he just loves Bo and wants him to be happy. She gets him to admit he loves her, too, so she asks him a favor--admit what he did to Will. Of course he refuses. Asa almost admits the deal he had with Nora to have a baby for Bo. But he does admit the reason he hates Will because he "messed with Jesse". She can't believe this is the same Asa she remembers. She chews him out for his lack of honor and begs him to get Will out of trouble. After she leaves, Asa almost makes the call, but hangs up.

Colin catches Jess in his basement, looking for the tape. She demands the tape but he refuses. She stomps off to the jail. She gets permission to visit Will inside the cell. They hug fiercely. She tells him what she tried to do.

Bo tells Melanie he can't let Colin off easily; she understands. They discuss Will, who wants Colin to be punished. Nora comes to visit just as Bo and Melanie are making googoo eyes and watches them kiss. Then they see her.

Rae visits Sykes to talk, but he's busy. Sykes wants to get a warrant to search a locker that Colin owns.

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