One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/18/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/18/00

By Linda C.

Asa tries to hire a hit man to kill Ben. When Kevin comes in posing as Butch, the mob leader tells Asa there is someone who may be able to help him. The guy calls over Butch. Asa stares when he sees it is Kevin.

Rae breaks into Max's room and is caught by Max. He tells her she really has to stop this and asks what she is looking at when she stares at him. She says she wishes she knew.

Blaire comes in on Todd and Skye and asks if she heard right, "Deal?" She wants an explanation. Todd says it is okay, he hired Skye as a features writer. She can't believe he hired her after all she has done to her. Todd says it is none of his business what people do on their own time. Blaire tells him she doesn't want Skye near anyone she is close to and tells Todd to end the deal now.

Jessica talks to Will about the tape and is excited to think he may be free. Antonio comes in and Will needs to ask him something. Jesse wants to know what. He doesn't want to bother her with it but allows her to stay. Will asks Antonio about Statesville. Jesse says he doesn't need to know about Statesville. He is going to be free. Will tells her it isn't that easy.

Lindsay tries to convince Hank and Bo to let Will go and accept Colin's proposal. Nora says that what Colin is doing is extortion. Hank doesn't want to let Colin back on the streets and Bo thinks with time, they can get the tape from Colin without letting him off with what he did to Nora. He says there is still time to let this play out. Sam walks in and says there is no time left, Asa has the judge in his pocket and if they don't come up with the tape today, Will is on the train to Statesville tonight.

Will tells Jesse that Colin is using the tape as a bargaining chip for his freedom. Jesse says that is not his problem. Will says Colin is making it his problem. He says he will go to prison instead because he will be putting a psycho behind bars. Jesse doesn't want him to do that. She leaves. Will asks Antonio about prison and he gives him a few pointers. Jesse gets angry and says she will not let him go to prison.

Hank is willing to give Colin 5 to 10 yrs for giving him the tape. Lindsay says he won't go for that. Nora says he can't get off free after drugging her and keeping her captive. Lindsay spits out that is it all about her, Nora, it is always all about her. Bo tells Lindsay not to attack Nora personally. Lindsay calls Nora a selfish, egotistical, evil shrew. Nora glares at her then leaves. Sam excuses himself and goes after Nora. Bo then tells Lindsay to stay away from Nora.

While Mr. Rourke takes Kelly to the bar, Kevin sits and talks to Asa. Kevin tells Asa he is trying to find out who was responsible for shooting Kelly. Asa says his son, Max was shot too and he wants to get to the bottom of it just like Kevin and he also wants to find more out about Ben. Kevin wants to know why Rourke thought he could help Asa when Rourke thinks he is a trigger man? Kevin tells Asa to get out of there before he gets hurt. Another voice is heard saying he agrees. It is Ben. Asa is not pleased to see him. Asa says he should have known the mob doctor would show up there and he leaves. Ben follows him out and asks what Asa is doing there. Asa says trying to get rid of him. Ben says if he was invisible to Asa, it would be his perfect world. Asa says he will try to help him.

Rourke hits on Kelly. She gets edgy. She says Butchy likes to keep her in his sight. He says he will treat her better than Butch can. Kevin calls over and thanks Rourke for keeping an eye on "beautiful" and takes Kelly out of there after Rourke tells him not to bring her around anymore. It is a business establishment. Kevin wants to get down to business then. Rourke says he is not too sure about Kevin anymore.

Skye gives it to Blaire, telling her that there is no wonder why Max strayed from Blaire. Blaire tells her she doesn't need Skye's pointers. Skye tells her she can really tell Blaire what makes Max tick. Todd breaks up the spat and tells Skye to go get to work. Blaire asks Todd why he is doing this. He says he is doing it for her.

Max tells Rae that if she is his mother, and it ruins what he has with Asa, he will hate her so no matter what, she will never be his mother. She says she was just looking at him and he made her wonder. Asa pops in, not her Max, Skye at least, he understands. Rae starts laughing and tells him he couldn't be further from the truth. She tells Asa they were just talking about parenthood. Max says his. He is going to be a father soon and he was just getting some advice from the therapist seeing he is going to be raising Asa's grandchild and there is nothing he wouldn't do for the Buchanan family. Asa points out how much family means to Max. Rae especially thinks, the Buchanan family. Rae blurts out that they are not through to Max and leaves.

Jesse goes to Hank and pleads with him to let Will go. Hank tells her it isn't that easy. She thinks it is for him, he has the power to do it.

Lindsay explains to Bo that Will is her whole world, how can she watch his face as he goes off to prison. She cries as Mel walks in.

Sam and Nora talk. She doesn't remember everything about them, but what she does remember is that he has always been honest with her. She asks him to be honest with her and asks if he thinks she is wrong.

Lindsay turns to Mel and tells her she is glad she is there. She says that people listen to Mel and maybe she and Bo can help Will. She knows Mel loves Will almost as much as she does. She wants Mel to get Bo to let Will go. Mel says she can't do that. Bo has to do what is right. Lindsay says she just doesn't want to and she can turn her back on them but she has to live with herself. She storms out. Bo holds Mel and tells her that he would do anything to keep Will out of prison. She says she knows. Bo is called out.

Sam tells Nora that she is not wrong. She wants justice and that is what they devoted half of their lives to. There are sometimes he would love to wrap his hands around Colin's neck for taking the woman he loves and the mother of his child. Nora asks if it is fair that Will is robbed of seven years of his life? No, he thinks Will should not go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Nora asks if that tape proves that? He says yes, but the price of acquiring that tape is to let Colin free and he feels Colin is one person that does not deserve to be free after what he did to Nora. She says that brings them back to Will. He says Will is his responsibility and she deserves justice. He will handle his son. She is not wrong. She asks if he is sure? He is. She thanks him and he leaves.

Blaire can't believe Todd when he says he hired Skye to help her. He says, of course he did, didn't she know you are supposed to keep your enemies near. She says Skye is her enemy. He says that makes her his. He says he worked hard to get her and Max where they are right now and he is not going to let the red headed witch screw up his plans. She asks what plans? He says she will see. The phone rings. It is Starr. She asks Todd what ovulation means. She says she heard Max and Blaire talking about it and Blaire said she was ovulating and they were going to a motel tonight to make a baby and she doesn't want them to have a baby. Todd is visibly upset and say he will talk to her about it later and hangs up the phone. He tells Blaire to wait outside for him and leaves a note for Skye which says "first assignment" on the envelope.

Rourke and Kevin get into. Kevin wants to talk to his boss. Rourke says he gets a bit suspicious when people ask too many questions. Ben comes in and asks what is wrong and says Butch is a friend of his and when Butch isn't happy, he isn't happy. Ben hints to Kevin that he is done. Kevin goes and gets Kelly and leaves. Rourke and Ben have it out. Rourke tells Ben he has stuck his nose in his business for the last time. Ben will keep that in mind. He looks a bit worried.

Hank tells Jesse they have a search warrant. Jesse tells him to let Colin go and he will give them the tape. Hank tells her he has to hold up the law. He tries to explain but she doesn't want to hear anymore.

Lindsay tells Colin to give him the tape. He tells her that she just wants to cover her tracks. He tells her that he wasn't happy that RJ came to see him and he almost sold it to Asa. She says, he wouldn't. He says no because that little tape is going to keep him out of prison and there isn't anything anyone can do about it.

Bo goes to visit Will. Will tells him he doesn't want Colin walking even if he goes to Statesville. He wants Colin to pay for what he did no matter what it takes. Bo says he still haven't found the tape but there may be a third way. Will says okay, but he doesn't want Bo caving in to Colin. Bo leaves and Jesse comes in. She tells Will she is going to do what she has to do to get him out of there and leaves without telling him what that is.

Asa tells Max that he isn't happy about seeing him jump through hoops for that she devil. He tells Asa to get used to it because it is for real and for keeps. Max informs him that he is on his way to the Inn with Blaire. Asa wants to know why he is going there. He says for romance, Asa wants another Buchanan, doesn't he? Max leaves.

Skye reads the message from Todd. It tells her that Max will be at the Bayberry Inn to meet Blaire but she won't make it, but Skye will. PS Stay out of his office. Meanwhile, Todd leads Blaire into a storage room. She asks if that is the surprise? He closes the door. They are locked in.

Hank tells Sam and Bo that the deal with Colin's lawyer is, all or nothing, the tape for his immunity. Sam asks Hank if there is anything he can do to help Will? Hank says he is sorry, he can't.

Nora goes to visit Will.


Bo tells Mel that he can't let Colin walk after what he did to Nora.

Nora tells Will that she needs to know who he is and how he got there.

Jesse goes to Colin and demands the tape.

Skye shows up at the Inn.

Blaire asks Todd if he locked her in there on purpose?

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