One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/17/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/17/00

By Merilee

Dorian's house  

Kelly is fast asleep. Kevin sneaks into her room and looks at her quietly. He slowly wakes her up and she is receptive. They start kissing but she reminds him that she is still a married woman and that doing this is not right. She does say that she would not mind waking up and looking at him every morning (oh brother) Kevin gets a call. Raorke wants to meet with him. Kelly says that she is going with him and he say that he wouldn't have it any other way. After a while he comes back in character and he yells for Teresa. Kelly slips into the voice and tells him that she'll be right there. He is astounded by the way she looks but she tells him that she still has to put on her make up.   

Joey's place  

Sophia is getting ready to leave for Roseanne's place.   

Roseanne's room  

Antonio and Roseanne are sleeping when there is a knock at the door. A few minutes go by and Sophia comes in. She sees Antonio and Roseanne in the bed. She tells Roseanne she brought what she needs and throws it down and leaves. Antonio scurries out of the bed and starts getting dressed. He tells Roseanne that he doesn't want to mess up his relationship with Sophia because of their relationship with work. Roseanne is left alone and pretends that she is talking to Sophia. She claims that she does not want to lose her as a friend.   

Joey's place  

Sophia is telling Joey what she saw and that the result is all his fault. It takes a while but he finally calms her down. He still thinks it's a good idea for her to tell Antonio about the feelings she has for him. About that time, Antonio shows up. He wants to know if she is alright. She assures him that she is and that she is glad that he and Roseanne aren't fighting anymore. Antonio leaves and Sophia breaks into tears.   

Roseanne's room  

Antonio tells Roseanne that she was right. He says that Sophia will be okay. (sure)   

Palace restaurant  

Viki and Ben are there to discuss wedding plans with Renee. They bump into Skye and she looks at her ex husband. Asa is sitting at a nearby table. The two of them tell them their plans. Needless to say; Asa is not too happy. Renee, ever the perfect hostess, tries to keep the peace with everybody. Todd shows up in the doorway behind his sister. He tells her that he is waiting for her apology. Viki tells him that she has nothing to apologize for. He leaves and goes in search of Skye. Asa puts in a call to Max. It seems that B&B has bought another company he was after. Asa is looking at a copy of The Intruder. The front page shows Ben and Viki but it keeps changing before his eyes.   

Max's and Blair's room

It's morning but both of them fall back into bed. They start talking about the possibility of having babies. Blair mentions Skye and Max tells her that Skye has nothing to do with them.   

Todd's office  

Todd is working when he's told that Skye is here to see him. He pretends to be on the phone and arguing when Skye comes in. Todd gives her a story but she tells him that she knows it was Blair. She wants to know what the thing is that she can't pass up. He says with her credentials that he could make her a reporter. Skye decides to take the job but just then Blair walks in.   


Asa walks in and sits down at a table. The bartender asks him what he wants. Asa orders a drink and asks him where Roark is. "He hasn't come in, yet." Later, Roark and his men come in. Roark sits down at Asa's table. Asa tells him that he wants Ben Davidson taken care of permanently. Just then, Kevin and Kelly come in.


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