One Life to Live Update Monday 10/16/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 10/16/00

By Merilee

Police department

Sophia and Antonio come in. They are congratulating each other on the jobs they just did. Roseanne is waiting for them. Sophia excuses herself and Roseanne makes her move on Antonio. She asks him back to her place and they leave. 

Roseanne's room

Roseanne and Antonio come into the room and there is a nice table with drinks and food set up for them. Later, they are in bed. Antonio is relaxed and Roseanne is perched over him. She wants to tell Sophia the truth about them but he says no and that once they told her; they would have to tell everybody. Later, he is asleep and Roseanne makes a phone call to Sophia. She tells her that she has a job interview and that she needs something of hers that was left in Sophia's stuff. Could she bring it over?   

The park

Todd and Blair are discussing Todd. He says that everybody is trying to change him except her. Blair reminds him of the misfits they are. He starts to leave but she calls him back. She tells him about the company that she owns and that the company buys up everything Asa tries to buy. She wants him to buy it and erase all mention of her with the company. He thinks about it then agrees.   

Todd's office  

RJ has been cornered by Cristian. RJ reminds him that he as a police officer for a brother and Cris reminds him that he has the DA for a brother. They continue talking and RJ reminds Cris that they are really alike. Cris grew up in Angel Square and RJ grew up in Chicago. Cris has spotted the note from Tea. He asks RJ about it. After those two are gone, Blair and Todd show up. He logs onto his computer and brings up The Banner. She tells him that the name of her company is B&B. He types it in. She tells him that she has to go.   

Bo's office  

Lanie has confronted Lindsay in the office. Lindsay tells Lanie that it was terrible of her and Bo to keep the secret about their dating. Lanie agrees but she says that it was not Lindsay's place to tell Nora. She agrees but she reminds her sister that it was not fair to Nora to leave her in the dark.     

The jail

Colin and Sam are discussing what Colin wants to do and Will is listening. He is telling Sam about there being evidence out there and that somebody might have it. Sam's not buying a word of it and orders the man to leave. Before Colin leaves, he goes to the cell where Will is. He starts quoting the tape word for word. Will says that's it.   

Nora's house  

Nora is still talking to Bo. He apologizes that she found out from Lindsay and that he should have been the one to tell her. He asks her if she is okay. She smiles and tries to reassure him. He gets a phone call from Sam. He tells her that he has to go back to his office and she says that she is going with him. He starts to argue but changes his mind.   

Bo's office   

Sam tells Bo and Nora about the possibility of the tape being in Colin's possession. Bo says that it's impossible because it more than likely blew up in the train. Sam tells them that Colin quoted it word for word. 

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