One Life to Live Update Friday 10/13/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 10/13/00 

By Linda C

Blair catches Starr trying to leave the house. Blair wants to know where she is going. She says she has to see daddy and she can't tell. Blair threatens to tell Nigel not to take Starr anywhere without her permission. She tells Starr to get in her pajamas and get to bed. As she is walking out, Starr says, we'll see about that. After Blair is gone. Starr says, you better come out by the time she counts to five or she will start screaming. Skye comes out from hiding. She tells Starr not to scream. Starr tells her to give her some money and she won't tell. Skye says no. Starr heads to the door and Skye gives in to her and gets her out a 20. Starr says, that's all. Skye gets her a lot more. Blair calls out to Starr. Skye hides. Blair sees that Starr didn't change into her pajamas. She asks again what the secret is with Starr and her daddy? Starr says, it wouldn't be a secret if she told. Blair tells her that she isn't laughing, so Starr says, okay and shows her where Skye is hiding. Skye calls Starr a lying little brat. Blair wants to know what she is doing there? Starr cordially asks if she can go and play her video game and thanks her and leaves. Blair calls out to Starr but then turns to Skye. She wants to know why Skye was snooping around Starr's room and what she is looking for. Skye and Blair hash out all the old stuff about Max and their shared love. 

RJ works on getting Cristian on his side. He points out how they have so much in common between their brothers and woman lost. Cristian warns him to stop and raises a fist to RJ. Todd comes up behind them and asks if he can watch. RJ tells him to take a hike. Todd says, secret meetings, secret places, what is going on her guys? Cristian says nothing. RJ offers him a drink and to finish their talk. No thanks and leaves. RJ asks Todd if he is following him. They poke each other back and forth and laugh about the bomb in the lap from RJ and Todd shooting RJ. Todd feels they are even RJ tells him, not by a long shot. Todd's smile drops. He asks if this is about Tea. RJ says if he likes. Todd doesn't want to talk about her and says for the last time, he doesn't want to discuss Tea. RJ badgers him by telling him that Tea told him that Todd was impotent, but says that doesn't make him less of a man. Todd is getting angry, then uncomfortable. Tea tells Todd how it was when he made love to Tea himself. Finally, Todd explodes, telling RJ that he will kill him. They glare into each other's eyes. RJ eggs him on and then teases him on how he will kill him. He keeps pushing until Todd finally raises a hand to hit him. Blair yells out for Todd and he lowers his hand. RJ says, just like Tea said, impotent and he walks away. He turns and glares at Blair. 

Bo announces to Colin that he has the results and Nora's hair was found in his house. Sam and Hank enter to hear the great news. Colin tells them not to start celebrating just yet. Sam tells him there isn't a jury that wouldn't convict him. Colin offers a deal. They tell him that he was offered a deal and gave it up. Sam says, wait, he wants to hear the name, Lindsay. Colin asks what makes them think Lindsay had anything to do with this. Colin is told that Nora means too much to too many people. He picked the wrong girl to kidnap. Colin says that is the closest he will get to prison and leaves. Sam feels he has something up his sleeve. 

Lindsay visits Will. She can't stand to see him in there. He says it beats a cargo container by a mile. She tells him how much she loves him. He is her whole world, everything else is falling apart. He tells her that he is on her side no matter what the case. She asks what he means. Did his father say something. Will tells her that he feels she had nothing to do with it. Lindsay lies to Will, telling him she would never do something like that. Will says he believes her. Sam comes in. Sam says he has some good news for Will, they got Colin. All the evidence points to him. Lindsay tells him that she is happy for him. Will asks him to tells Lindsay that he knows she had nothing to do with Nora's kidnapping. Sam glares. Will asks again for him to tell her. 

Mel comes home to find out that Lindsay filled Nora in on Mel and Bo's relationship. Mel admits it. She tells her they didn't want to throw so much at Nora at once. Mel tells her that Bo feels about her very deeply. Nora cuts her off telling her she doesn't need Mel telling her how Bo feels about her. Mel says she is sorry again. Mel tells her that is will be a lot easier on everyone when she leaves. Nora tells her she is not going to talk her out of it this time. Mel goes to pack. When she comes down the stairs, she tells Nora that she never meant any of this to happen. She stayed there to help. Nora asks with Matthew? Mel says, yes, and also because she likes Nora. Nora tells her she likes her too. It is so complicated, they could have been friends. Mel gives back the key and leaves. 

Later, she arrives at the station to talk to Bo. He is all smiles. She says it must be good. He says he has a lot to smile about and tells her about the DNA findings. He sees Mel is down. He asks if she is okay. She tells him the Lindsay told Nora. She says she is sorry. He tells her not to be, no one can explain Lindsay's judgment. Bo asks how she took it. Mel says Nora seemed to take it well on the outside, but thinks she may really be hurting like hell. Meanwhile, Nora goes through her files and finds the divorce papers between her and Bo. She says, case closed and tosses the papers. 

A warden comes down to Will's cell and tells them that one of them has to leave because they are only allowed 2 visitors at a time and there is someone who wants to see Will. Lindsay opts to leave. Will tells Sam that he has got to know that Lindsay is innocent and Colin is responsible for all of this. Colin comes in and says, speak of the devil. Sam tells Colin to get out of there. Colin says after their business is settled. Will asks Colin if he is ready for prison? Colin says, like it or not, Sam is going to get him off scott free. Will says there is no way his dad is going to help Colin. Sam says they have all the evidence to put him away. Colin says the only thing is the things are not always that easy, as of right now, Will is the only one going to jail. Colin says they can help each other. Sam says he will never help him after what he did to Nora and their son and will not rest until he sees Colin suffer the way Nora did. Colin says Sam can have his revenge for Nora, but the revenge will cost him his son's freedom because he has the evidence that can set Will free. 

Bo says he has to go see Nora. Mel tells him to go, she is fine. She says she feels like the "other woman". She wanted to make if better for Nora but feels she made it worse. Bo says Nora will understand that she was trying to help and she shouldn't feel guilty, he will help Nora. He kisses her and leaves. 

Blair gives Todd hell for making plans to meet Starr in the park at night. It is dangerous. She tells him not to involve her is his sick games. He feels he is her father and if he wants to have a secret with her, he will. She asks if he is trying to turn Starr into a Todd clone, it will never happen. Todd says it is too late, she already is. They are this close and he crosses his fingers. She asks if he wants to turn Starr into a lonely, vindictive, loser like him. He says it is better than a pathetic, clinging ex-wife like her. She smacks him in the face and walks away, stops and waits. He asks her who got her knickers all twisted up? She says Skye. She asks who ruffled his. He says RJ. 

RJ sneaks into Todd's office and plants a note from Tea. He makes it look like the note was intended for Todd but was originally RJ's.  Cristian comes in and turns on the lights and says, breaking and entering. He asks RJ if he considers this strictly legitimate? 

Blair asks Todd if he is thinking about Tea? He is. She says Tea only wanted his money. He tells Blair to forget her, she isn't worth it and neither is Max. She says, this comes from a man that self destructed over Tea. She says at least Max isn't trying to change her. She says Tea never wanted the real him. He says nobody does. Everyone is trying to change him. Everyone, but her. Mel blasts Lindsay for telling Nora about her and Bo. 

Meanwhile, Bo shows up at Nora's. Nora asks him if Mel told him. He says she did. He asks if she is okay. She asks what he thinks. He thinks she is mad. She says she is furious, so furious she can't think straight. He says, figures. She says, figure this, he is a jerk.

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