One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/12/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/12/00

By Merilee

Asa's house

Nigel asks Asa if he will be dining with Max and Blair. Asa says no. The doorbell rings and Nigel answers it. Colin wants to see Asa. He goes into the room where Asa is and introduces himself as a consulting doctor at Llanview hospital and as someone who worked on the Nora Buchanan case. He starts questioning Asa about the tape. Asa does everything he can but literally laughs in his face. The talk gets heated and Asa asks him to leave. Just then, Renee walks in. "Do you know who this is? This is the man who held Nora captive." Asa gets even angrier and pulls his gun out. He gives Colin two choices. He can leave on his own or be carried out in a box. Colin leaves and Asa turns to Renee. Renee tells him that she is not there to reconcile. She takes the settlement papers out of her purse and asks him to sign them. He walks out of the room.   

Bo's office

Bo and Lanie are discussing Nora. Just then, there's a knock at the door and Bo opens the door. Sophia gives him some papers on some cases.   

Outer office

Sophia and Antonio are working. Roseanne is trying to talk to Antonio. She wants him to leave so they can go to his place. He says that he can't because he has a lot to do. He finally admits that he's worried about his brother. Sophia wants to know if they are arguing and Roseanne says no. With one last look at Antonio, Roseanne leaves. Sophia asks Antonio if everything is okay and he admits that he's worried about his brother. She tells him that everything will work out. 

The Park

Cristian and Jessica are discussing Will and her feelings for Will. Jessica looks more confused than ever. Over at the other end of the park, sitting on a bench is Bo and Lanie. He treats her to some food and they seem to be enjoying themselves. They are in an embrace when his pager goes off. Back to his office. Cristian is left alone when RJ shows up. 

The Jail

Will is thinking about things when Jessica shows up. 

Bo's office

Bo is reading some papers when Colin bursts in. Colin says that he has had enough and that he will be bringing a lawsuit against the evidence. Bo hands Colin the papers. (the expression on both of their faces is priceless) 

Sam's house

Nora and Lindsay are trying to be civil to each other but not succeeding. Lindsay tells her that she is here to tell Nora the stuff that Bo and Lanie won't tell her. Nora asks her who the new love of his life is. "Lanie." Later, Nora is pacing and pacing. Lanie comes back to the house. As soon as she gets inside; the two women look at each other. (oh boy) 

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