One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/11/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/11/00

By Linda C. 

Ben throws the copy of the SUN with his story on the front page. He tells Todd he will take care of him for twisting the truth. Todd tells him that he knows Ben has a secret and when he finds out what it is, he will print it. Later, Ben says that Todd forced him to do something he didn't want to do. Todd's phone rings and Ben picks it up and hands it to him with a cocky look. Todd is told that the whole press is shut down and the computers aren't functioning. Todd blows up at Ben who snickers and tells him not to mess with Viki again. Starr listens in on Asa and Max's conversation, where Asa says he wants to kill all the RappaDavidsons. When Nigel comes into the foyer, Starr demands he brings her to see her father. Nigel tells her he has too much to do. She says she will tell Asa that he is putting his heart medicine in his eggs if he doesn't. Nigel tells her she is certainly her father's child. Nigel takes her to see Todd, who she tells all about Max and Asa and that Ben has a secret that he doesn't want anyone to know. He tells her she did a great job. She says something and makes him laugh. She tells him she likes it when he smiles. He says everything is going to be all right. 

Colin finds Nora in his house snooping around. They chit chat and he offers to show her around to see if it jogs any memories. She says no. He claims he is innocent and asks her if she remembers anything at all? No, she doesn't, she says. He asks her if she is scared of him. She asks if she should be? He says, no, not at all. He offers her a cup of tea. Outside, Sophia and Antonio sum up the situation and decide a life is in danger, so they knock Colin's door in to save a tea drinking Nora. Colin is a bit upset. Bo arrives shortly. Colin tells him he is not too happy about having his door broke down twice. Nora tells Bo to arrest her, she is the reason all this happened. Colin says he isn't pressing charges against Nora. Lindsay sneaks into Colin's and listens in then hides when she hears everyone leaving. She comes out and tells Colin that she thought Nora is the one that lost her mind. She accuses Colin of having feelings for Nora and then threatens him that if he implicates her, he implicates RJ and he better watch his step, he has nothing to fall back on. After she leaves, Colin smirks, oh, yeah, and goes to his drawer and pulls out the tape with Asa's confession on it. He says it would serve Lindsay right if he let Will rot in prison. He sits and listens to it and then heads over to Asa's. 

Jesse visits Will in jail. Same old stuff. After she leaves, Mel drops by to talk to him, too. He admits he is scared. 

Roseanne goes to the station. Upon arrival, she asks for Antonio. John tells her to keep her personal life out of the station. She says she is there to see Will. Jesse shows up and tells her to leave Will alone. Roseanne says she is sorry for what happened with Will and wishes she could take it all back, that is why she wore a wire and tried to get Asa to confess. Jesse apologizes, saying she never knew Roseanne did that for Will. She leaves and goes to talk to Asa, who she gets absolutely nowhere with. She tried to exchange his family for the release of Will. He claims he will not let Will Rappaport off the hook because he loves her and only wants the best for his granddaughter. She leaves in disgust. 

John tells Roseanne that without that confession tape Jesse had, there is nothing he can do to save Will from going to Statesville. Bo brings Nora into his office and give her hell for breaking into Colin's house. She says she wants her memory back. He tells her that she stole Colin's keys. That is against the law and not like her. She jumps on him, what is like her? What is she really like? She thinks the law is going too slow for her and she wants answers and Colin is going to walk free because she doesn't remember. She goes to leave and nearly runs over Mel at the door. Mel tells Nora that the department is trying to help her and she is risking her life. Nora then realizes what she did wasn't terribly bright and agrees, no more self investigations. Bo asks John to take Nora home. Bo thanks Mel for her help. Outside, Roseanne talks to Antonio, who has to turn her down for the night because he is stuck there with paperwork. After he walks away, Sophia approaches her and asks her if she told Antonio that she (Sophia) was still in love with him? Roseanne says no, he won't hear it from her this time, she assures her of that. Bo tells Mel he misses her and she says the same. Lindsay peeks in the door and sees them share a kiss. 

Ben and Max have it out over Asa. Ben tells Max to get Asa to back off Will or whatever happens, happens. Max says, to all of them. Ben says he has that right and walks away. 

Tomorrow: Roseanne visits Will in jail and asks if he is afraid Cris and Jesse are going to get back together? Cris asks Jesse if she is really in love with Will? Colin arrives at Asa's. Lindsay visits Nora.

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