One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/10/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/10/00

By Merilee

Asa's house

Asa enters the house and Todd sneaks in after him. Todd sneaks up the stairs. Asa goes into the front room where Max and Blair are. Asa picks up a copy of The Sun and glances at the article about Ben. He is overjoyed and then questions Max about what he knew of their loss with the company B&B beating them out again. Blair suddenly tells the two men that she's going to Starr's room to help her with her computer. Upstairs, Starr is playing with her toys when Todd sneaks in. Soon after, Blair shows up. She's not to happy to see him. Todd asks Starr to go play with her computer. He starts grilling Blair to find out information about Ben. Max appears in the doorway. He orders Todd out of the house. Blair and Max leave leaving Todd and Starr alone. She starts playing with her toys, again. Todd enlists Starr's help to dig up information on Ben. Blair and Max are down in the front room still arguing about Todd. Todd announces that he's leaving but Starr is right behind him. She stands outside the room listening to her mother and "Uncle Max."   


Viki is busy making breakfast when Ben joins her. The talk turns to Todd and what happened the day before. Viki picks up a copy of The Sun and starts reading it to him. Later, a guest shows up. Asa. He's come to see Ben and to gloat over the newspaper article. Viki orders him out of the house. She tells him that her cancer is in remission but that he will have to live with his conscience forever.

Sam's house

Nora is downstairs by herself going through some old cases. Lanie shows up and can see how frustrated the other woman is. Nora tells her that there is stuff that she worked on but she has no memory of it. Matthew comes downstairs and runs to Lanie. He's afraid of Nora because she is a ghost. It seems that people are telling him that she is dead. Nora asks his nanny to get him a cookie. She gets frustrated and leaves the house. Later, Lindsay shows up. She wants to know what Lanie is doing there. "Nora asked me to stay." "That should be interesting Bo's ex wife and current lover under one roof.   

Bo's office

Colin, his lawyer, Bo, and Hank are still discussing things. As usual, nothing is resolved. Later, Nora burst in demanding to see Colin. Bo explains that he is in court for a bond hearing. She wants to leave and go testify but he stops her by pointing out that she has no memory of him. Hank shows up and Nora guesses by looking at him; that Colin was let out on bail. She tells them that she is going to the ladies' room to wash her face. Outside the office, she looks at an envelope of Colin's personal effects. She takes the house keys and leaves. Bo is on his way after her when Lanie shows up.   

Todd's office

Kelly is arguing with Briggs. Kevin joins them. Briggs opens up Todd's office and all three of them go in. Kevin asks Briggs to leave and gives them some privacy. They talk about a job with Todd. But, Kevin has only one request of her. To wear an outfit like she had on yesterday. Things steam up and they start kissing. Briggs comes back and tells them that Todd is on his way. Kelly and Kevin leave. Later, Todd is looking over some stuff when Ben surprises him with a visit.   

Colin's house

Nora is looking around downstairs. Looking for anything that is familiar. She starts to go up the stairs when Colin comes in. "Scarlett?"

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