One Life to Live Update Monday 10/9/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 10/09/00

By Merilee


Kevin and Kelly (Teresa) are sitting at a table surrounded by other men. Kevin and Kelly are pretending to be a married couple. The other men want to know where her ring is and Kelly tells them that it fell in the drain while she was doing dishes. She says that she is very superstitious. She starts telling them about black cats and ladders. One of the men gets a phone call. He apologizes and tells Kevin that he will make an appointment to see him later. The men leave and Todd follows them out the door. Back inside, Kevin is telling Kelly off for showing up and looking to spoil things. Ben tells them that this will never happen, again. That this operation is over. Kevin and Kelly go outside and find the other men out there waiting for them. Kevin tells them that he has to go play plumber. Todd is about to spill the beans on Kevin and Kelly when Ben stops him by calling him detective. The men leave and Ben tells Todd that he has a bone to pick with his future brother-in-law. 

Police department

Sam and Viki are dealing with the aftermath of Todd. (what a mess) Both of them are wondering what Todd will do next. Sam is afraid that they haven't heard the last of him.   


Colin and RJ are talking about Lindsay and Nora. RJ tells Colin that it would be best for him to forget everything about Lindsay.   

Bo's office

Bo and Lindsay are discussing her involvement with Colin. She tries to tell him that it was only an affair. He asks her where and she tries to tell him that out of concern for Lanie; they went to a motel. He wants to know where but she is saved by Nora showing up. Soon afterwards; Sam shows up. Nora tells all of them that she has a right to be there since the case involves her. "What do they expect her to do. Sit at home and cross-stitch?" Sam laughs and tells her that he can't imagine her doing something like that. Sam asks Lindsay what was so important that she had to talk to Bo alone. She tells him that it was for Bo's ears alone. Later, Colin is brought in. Hank is also there. He tells Colin that he will offer him a plea bargain. Instead of kidnapping charges; he would be charged with unlawful imprisonment (or something like that). Colin asks what the difference is and Hank tells him that with kidnapping charges; he would be out of jail to cash his last social security checks. Colin appears to think about this but still sticks to his story of not knowing anything. He's led back to the jail. Sam and Lindsay start arguing and Nora looks like she's starting to remember something. Hank comes back and tells Nora and Lindsay that he needs to speak to Sam and Bo alone. The women leave and Hank tells the men that there is no evidence. Bo is not worried because he says once forensic comes back from Colin's house; there will be proof. Outside, Nora is following Lindsay. She is stopped by Officer Moore. He tells Nora that she looks good in spite of everything. Nora politely thanks him and continues on to Lindsay. She is stopped by RJ. She finally gets a hold of Lindsay. She explains that she is having a hard time with the fact that she and Lindsay are friends. Sam bursts in the room and wants to know what his ex wife is doing to Nora now. She tells Nora that if she wants to talk to let her know. She leaves and Nora tells Sam that she is so confused about them. He reassures her that he will let her know everything about them when she is better.   


Viki is either having tea or coffee with Betty Rollins (a breast cancer survivor) Viki tells her that the last meeting that she went to it was to discuss their breasts that were replaced. She tells Betty that it's thanks to her that they can have a good time like that. After Betty is gone, Joey shows up. He wants to know the truth about Todd. His mother tells him that because of the situation Todd will not be staying at Llanfair. Joey tells her that yes it is hard for him to work with Kelly but it is also hard for him when she's not around. He leaves and later as Viki is taking care of a plant; Ben sneaks in the door. She tells him of her decision that Todd will not be living there. Ben tells her that he already figured that out.

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