One Life to Live Update Friday 10/6/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 10/6/00

By Linda C

When Ben comes to visit Kevin, Kelly figures that the two of them are working on the Crossroads shooting and she wants in on it. Kevin tells her, not a chance. Kevin admits that is what they are up to but he doesn't want her involved. Kelly is worried about him. Ben says he will be looking out for Kevin. Kevin tells her to trust him. After Kelly leaves, Ben tells him that he wants him out of it to because he loves his mother.

Jesse tells Viki not to let Todd move in and explains how he locked Will in the cargo bin so he wouldn't tell that Nora was alive. Jesse asks her why Todd would do that? Viki doesn't understand him either. Now Viki feels like an idiot believing in Todd. She is so furious. Joe stops by and talks with Jesse. They talk a bit about Kelly and Joe says he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him. She asks if that includes her? He says she is the only one who can and he hugs her.

Colin sticks with his story. He did not have Nora at his house. Todd insists that he took her from the house to save her from Colin. Bo pushes for the answer of who gave the drug to Nora? Sam asks Colin why he is protecting Lindsay? Colin asks how they are so sure Todd didn't drug her? Colin's lawyer keeps trying to tell him not to answer any questions, but Colin keeps on commenting to try to cover his butt. Sam accuses Lindsay of being behind the whole kidnapping. Lindsay stands outside the door listening in as RJ goes to get into Colin's cell. RJ asks her to keep Bo busy if they move Colin back to his cell. Lindsay hears them accusing her of setting the whole thing up. Bo tries to tell Colin that he may be the good guy in all this because he tried to save Nora's life by getting the antidote. Colin says they are all off base, he and Lindsay would never. In comes Lindsay asking if someone mentioned her name. Todd tells Lindsay that Colin gave her up as the one in on the kidnapping of Nora. Colin says he didn't give anyone up. Lindsay looks at Colin and asks if he kidnapped Nora. Colin says of course not and he never came close to saying he did. Sam says that he only said he didn't give Nora the drug. Lindsay tells Colin that she hopes he didn't implicate her to protect himself. Bo reminds Colin that if he knows who drugged Nora and he doesn't open up, he will be an accessory to the crime. Colin's lawyer stands up and says the interrogation is over. Bo wants Colin back to his cell. Lindsay asks Bo if she can talk to him a minute. Hank offers to bring Colin back. Colin gives Lindsay and evil glare before he goes. Lindsay asks what is going on. Bo wants her to confess. Todd badgers her to tell the truth, he saw them together. Lindsay asks if they are going to believe Todd over her? Sam says she must have something on Colin for him to do what she has asked of him. Lindsay says she is ashamed of what she did. Bo asks what she did? On the way to the cell, Colin's lawyer threatens to sue for false arrest. Hank tells Colin that his lawyer should stop wasting his time with treats and worry about him being put away for a long time. He warns Colin that he better start naming names.

Todd badgers Lindsay about her deep dark secret, spit it out. She says she isn't saying another word until she is alone with Bo. Sam says he has a right to hear this. She says no, he already has her guilty and put away, she only trusts Bo. Bo asks Todd and Sam to give him a moment alone with Lindsay. Before they leave, Bo tells Todd he is not done with him yet and he better wait in the squad room. Outside the office, Todd tells Sam that Bo is using him as his scapegoat. Sam feels that of all the people in the world, Todd is the one who has paid for his sins the least. Sam says he is going to make sure Todd gets punished for his involvement. Viki shows up just in time to chime in that she is too.

Bo promises Lindsay that if she gives him the scoop on Colin, he will make this as easy on her as he possibly can. He asks her what happened. She says she was angry with Nora because she thought she hated her after losing their baby, but after she thought Nora died, she realized she didn't really hate her. Especially after Bo told her that Nora told him to forgive her just before she died. Bo asks her for her side of the story. She tells him that Todd was right, she did have an affair with Colin and that is why he saw her at Colin's house. She did this because of the break up of her and Bo. She claims she did this so Bo could have time with Mel. Bo says he has learned not to take anything she says at face value and asks if Colin will tell the same story?

When Colin is placed in his cell, RJ is there. Colin asks if he has a problem. RJ says no. Colin tells him if he doesn't bother him he won't bother him. RJ accuses Colin of pushing woman around and keeping them against their will. Colin asks who he is? He says he is a friend of Lindsay's and her enemies have recently become his.

Sam accuses Todd of making a bad situation worse so he could make it look better. Todd says Sam refused to help him when he came back to town and he just wanted to help. He says that Will and Nora are back and the real criminals were caught. Viki asks Todd why he agreed to move into Llanfair. He tells her to tell him since she knows everything. She asks if it was damage control because he knew Will was coming back. Todd tells them that they both told him they trusted him and invited him to live at their houses. Viki says they thought he had changed but he was lying to them. Todd says he was just playing them as fiddles. Sam says that is the truth, isn't it? Todd says if you want it to be the truth, okay, it is the truth. Todd looks very hurt, almost to tears and says, you know what, even if that isn't the truth, that is the way things are going to be.

Kevin gets ready to go, with the alias, Butch Flynn. Harry is afraid Kevin is not going to pull this off. Ben comes in and Eddie and Harry express their doubts to him. Kevin hears the chatter and comes on like a real gangster. After his act, they are convinced he has what it takes. But, Eddie tells him not to get too cocky. Ben agrees and warns Kevin that if he makes one wrong move, he is dead.

Lindsay tries to play the victim here after Bo doesn't believe her. He tells her that this is not about the two of them. She says it is because of them because she wouldn't have been with Colin if she wasn't trying to get over him. Bo says they were in love and almost got married, he knows all that. She tries to convince Bo that the timing of her and Colin is a coincidence. Bo says then she must have seen something during all this time.

Colin tells RJ that he may just tell Hank and Bo what happened since Lindsay sicked RJ on him. RJ says that has to be his first impulse, is he sure he wants to play it that way? Colin says, yeah, he is sure. RJ tells him he is going to enjoy this because he forgot to mention, he is a very good friend of Nora's.

Eddie introduces Kevin as Butch to his lead. And tells him that Butch has come into some information about Daniel Faulkner. He is welcomed with opened arms. Kevin looks over at the jukebox and there is Kelly dressed to kill. The leader asks if he knows the lady? Kelly walks over to Kevin and says, hi, good looking. The Boss looks at Kevin.

Lindsay says she can't back up Todd's story. She broke up with Colin when there was suspicion he had something to do with Nora's being missing. She says she was afraid for her own safety because of it. Bo tells her to come to the holding cell with him to confront Colin together.

RJ wraps up the sheets from the bunk as he talks to Colin. Colin asks what he is doing. RJ asks him if he ever mourned the loss of someone he loved. You don't always get a second chance, and for him, it is Nora. He holds up the sheets in a noose.

Todd tells Viki and Sam that he has given them a million chances to love him. No matter what he does he can't please them, so they can go to hell. Sam tells him if that is the way he feels, he can go to hell too. Todd says okay, you want to see bad, that is the way he will be from now on. He walks away. Viki asks Sam what he thinks Todd will do. Viki says she is sure they will find out soon.

Monday: Bo tells Lindsay he wants the truth. Nora walks in and says, she does too. Colin asks RJ, what about Lindsay, what about the person who really hurt Nora? Viki tells Sam that she is very frightened where Todd is going and what he will do next.

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