One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/5/00


One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/5/00

By Merilee

Cristian's place  

Roseanne is in the bedroom when Antonio, Sophia, and Cristian comes in the front door. Antonio and Sophia are trying to talk some sense into Cris when Roseanne comes in and agrees. 

Lindsay's place  

Lindsay is back from visiting Jen only to find Lanie waiting for her. They go into the apartment where Lanie tells her sister that Will is back. She explains that he was found in Ireland and that Sam brought him back to the States. Lindsay tells her that she has to go be with her son. The only one who believes in her. As she's leaving, Lanie drops another bombshell. Colin has been arrested on suspicion of keeping Will captive and there are suspicions on him for keeping Nora prisoner as well. 

RJ's place  

RJ is talking over a deal with some man. Later, RJ is unlocking the door when he turns around suddenly. Lindsay comes out from behind a huge potted plant. He invites her in. She tells him of Colin's arrest but just then there's a knock at the door. Lindsay hides while RJ answers the door. Sophia and Antonio are on the other side. Antonio warns him of messing around with his family especially his brother. He sees Lindsay in the background but says nothing. Sophia tells RJ that she will take care of him if he messes with Antonio. Back inside, Lindsay and RJ are talking again of Colin and Barnes and Sam. "What do you want me to do? Kill somebody?" (take one guess as to who) Sam's house Sam, Nora, and Todd are talking. (rather yelling) Nora and Sam are making accusations and Todd acts like he's pleading the fifth. He reminds Sam that he hates Nora but that he brought her back for Sam. Sam wants to go to the police station and orders Todd to go with him. Todd, seeing that he has no choice, agrees. 


Bo is questioning Colin in the presence of Colin's lawyer. Colin is still denying everything and his lawyer wants to talk about bail. The door opens and Sam is standing there. "Not so fast. We have another witness against you." He moves aside and Colin sees Todd. "Gotcha."

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