One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/4/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/4/00

By Linda C.

Skye tells Max that she is watching his back where Rae is concerned. He tells her not to bother, they are no longer an item. She begs to differ. She tells Max that she saw the jealousy in his eyes when she was with Daniel. He informs her that he is with Blair now and that is the way it has to be. Skye tells him that she is going to expose Blair for the person she really is. In comes Blair and asks if that is a broken record she needs to shut off? Max gets a phone call and leaves the two of them alone. Right away, Skye asks Blair if she doesn't trust her with Max. Blair says she doesn't trust her at all. She tells Skye that she and Max are tighter than ever and there is not room for Skye to squeeze in. Skye informs her that Max needs her to watch out for Blair. Blair tells her that there was a time that she would be scared, but not now, she knows there is no one that can come between the two of them. Max finishes his phone call and comes back to them. Blair flirts with Max and tells Skye that they are starting a family. Skye's response, oh, really? So, your not pregnant yet? Blair says no. Skye says good, Rae can get a kid and a grandkid all in one happy package. Blair says that Rae won't interfere with Max and what he has become. Skye tells her that if she really loved Max, she wouldn't give him a false sense of security because when the mother from hell shows up, Max better be ready. John wants Rae to tell him what he is not supposed to know about Max. She tries to seduce him and get his mind off the idea. When John pushes to find out if she has more information to prove Max is her son. She asks if he is interrogating her. He replies, yes, until he gets an answer. He also thinks Max is pulling a fast on too. She asks if he knows something he isn't telling her? John points out that she thinks Skye knows something too and once told him she was afraid of Max but John feels she had something over him. He wants to know why she really feels Max is not Asa's son. He knows if it is proved Max is not Asa's son, Max will lose everything and Max wouldn't want that. John gets a call from the station and has to leave. 

Antonio books Cristian. Sophia tells Cris he is being rotten to his brother. Cris tells Sophia she is beautiful. Antonio tells him that he is on probation and if Max's charges stick, Cris can go to Statesville. Antonio tries to talk to Cris but he gives him so much lip and blames him for the past and not being there. He throws Antonio's failed marriage in and how he is not there for Andy either. Antonio gets angry and asks Sophia to get Cris out of there. 

Sam in angry to find out that Todd knew about Nora four weeks before he turned her in. Will tells Sam the whole story about Todd bringing him to the port and erasing the messages. Sam says the first he heard from him was when he was at the port but he got cut off before he could tell him about Todd. They come to the conclusion that Todd was trying to get rid of Will and Nora so he could have Sam all to himself. Sam asks Will to tell him everything and he does. Will says he could have died and wonders if he didn't care if Will died because he would be out of the way. Will tells Sam that Nora had her memory when he saw her. Jesse asks if they think Todd had anything to do with Nora losing her memory. Will feels bad because Todd is like a son to Sam and he is putting him down. Sam reassures him that Todd is not his son, Will and Matthew are. He calls for the guard and leaves. 

Todd asks Nora if she remembers him. She tells him he is one memory she can do without. He antagonizes Nora about her memory. She asks what he is doing in her house? He asks if that is any way to treat the guy who brought her back from the dead? She tells him that he is just after something from her and he is not going to get it. She says good bye. He says he isn't leaving until they settle some things. When Nora gives no gratitude for Todd saving her. Nora tells him that he did it for himself. He says maybe he should have left her wandering around the streets confused. He tells her that her memory isn't good but she was actually happy to see him, a familiar face and he was happy to see that she was alive. She brings up the time he attacked her when she was blind. He says it is funny how that part of her memory wasn't erased. She says, funny she knows when he is trying to pull something over on her. He tells her that she is so difficult. She asks him what he wants, why is he there? 

Will tells Jesse that he feels bad for having to tell Sam about Todd. Will says that Todd and Sam were so close when he was a kid, that he remembers feeling jealous of their relationship. Jess says she remembers how Todd did some bad things and went to prison, but when he escaped, he saved her life. Then she found out he was her uncle. She really thought he was nice. He was always nice to her and she could always talk to him. But now, she wonders why he did these things. She thinks her family is falling apart. She tells him she is sorry she lead Cris and Max to him. He says he isn't because now it is all in the open and he can get to see her again. Cris is brought in and Jesse is shocked to see him. She and Will stare over at Cris in the opposite cell. 

Todd tells Nora that he brought her home for Sam. She wonders what was in it for him. He says he did it for Coach. She wonders who would bother with a juvenile like him. He tells her that Sam came to Llanview because of him, not her. He says he was having legal problems and Sam came to help him and that is why he rescued her, to pay Sam back. She tells him that she doesn't believe him. Sam comes in and Todd asks him to tell Nora how he saved her. Sam tells him to stop it, he is not going to tell Nora a damn thing because every word of it is a lie. Sam asks Nora if Todd hurt her. She says no, he stopped by to reprimand her for not sending a thank you note for bring her home. Sam asks Todd if he was trying to get his story straight before Sam could get the story from Will? He tells Todd that taking advantage of someone with no memory is even beneath Todd. Todd says nothing is beneath him, Sam knows that. Sam says Todd knew that as soon as Will came back he would know the whole story. Todd says he told him that Will may be a little angry with him. Sam asks why, because Todd was hoping Will never came back? Sam accuse him of trying to kill Will so he couldn't tell. Todd says he put food and drink in the container with Will. Sam says he messed with his kid, he isn't going to get away with it now. 

Rae walks in to see a stunned Max. Skye and Blair throw insults at Rae. Rae asks Max how it feels to have 2 out of control women run interference for him? Max asks why she is there. She says she wants him to take another DNA test. He says he isn't her son. Rae says, make the good Lord make that so. She doesn't want him to be her son any more than he does. She just needs to know so she can get on with her life. He tells her she doesn't need a test for that, just do it. She says she is not backing down. She is gong to be on his tail every second until he agrees to do it. Rae tells him that she and Renee have become good friends and she will not ruin that friendship by telling Asa, but there are limits to that and not to count on her to keep the secret forever. She says she has nothing to lose, unlike him. She is going to stay on his case. After Rae leaves, Skye asks him what makes him so sure Rae isn't his mother. 

John arrives at the station. He asks Antonio if he can help him get some information on Max. Antonio asks if he means he want him to talk to Andy? John says yes, she is his sister. Antonio says that Andy and Max didn't even grow up together. He is very upset. John tells him that he will make the call, he is just giving Antonio the heads up, that's all. Antonio says that is all he needed to hear, his ex-wife. John asks him if he has a problem. He says yes, his brother is down stairs and he put him there. John tells Antonio that he is sorry. He picked a lousy time to ask him about Andy. Antonio tells him about Cris hitting Max. John tells him that he did the right thing by bringing him in, even though he is his brother. John also gives Antonio a word of advice. Lose the attitude so it doesn't interfere with his job. Sophia encourages Antonio to go to Cris and be there for his brother. She regrets turning her back on her brother. Antonio is in tears. 

Cris looks over and says, lucky him, look who he gets to spend his jail time with. Jesse asks him if he is still drunk? He says he is more drunk, her house was only one of his stops last night. Will asks Cris what he did to Jesse. She says he didn't do anything, just said a bunch of stupid things. He says he hung around her house last night wanting to tell her so many things but when he saw her, he couldn't. Will asks what he did say to her? Jesse tells him not to worry about it, Cris is drunk. Cris says he is trying to apologize. Will tells him that she doesn't want to hear it. Cris says it is Will that doesn't want to hear it. Cris says Will is always getting in the way. Will says and he will continue to get in the way. Cris informs him that he will not be in the way for long because he is going to Statesville for a long time. Jesse tells him to stop it. Will says maybe he will see Cris there. Cris says he himself is an idiot for going all the way to Ireland to warn Will. Jesse asks why he is in there and he says he punched Max. Jesse asks why? He tells her to figure it out, if he wanted to get Will he could have done it from there and not travel. Jesse is glad he told the truth. Cris tells her she doesn't know what truth is, she was going to marry him and was in love with Will. 

Todd tells Sam that he didn't want to be the one to tell him this but Will is a little slow at times. He tries to convince Sam that Will is confused about the time of events. Sam says this is not going to work, he doesn't believe him. Sam says there are four weeks from the time Will saw Nora and Todd brought her home. Meanwhile, Nora is walking around thinking. Todd asks why he would know where Nora was and not tell Sam. Sam says Will has told him of messages he left and phone calls he made that Sam never received. Todd insists Will is a little confused. Sam says he was at Colin's when Todd took Nora away. Todd says maybe Will lost his memory too. Sam says he didn't. Todd says Will is lying. Sam says he is not lying. Todd says he doesn't even like Nora, why keep her for a month. If he did, he would be a basket case. Nora looks at him and tells him, this basket case remembers everything you did! 

Blair tells Skye to hit the road. She will go for now, but it isn't over between her and Max, she says. After Sky goes, Max tells Blair he loves her. Blair tells him to take the test and get Rae off their backs. Max is afraid Asa will find the results and it will be over. Blair asks him to do her a favor and drop the charges on Cris. 

Antonio visits Cris. He gives Antonio the cold shoulder. Antonio brought him a drink and some aspirin. Cris thanks him. Sophia comes in with a guard and tells Cris that Max dropped the charges. Cris stops by Will's cell and badgers him, saying he will see him in seven years.

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