One Life to Live Update Monday 10/2/00


One Life to Live Update Monday 10/2/00

By Merilee

Joey's place

Kelly is preparing to leave when she opens the door and finds Sophia there. The other girl has some stuff with her and explains to Kelly that she will be staying with Joey for a while since Todd threw her and Roseanne out of the penthouse. Sophia comes in and tells Kelly that she knows all about her losing The Sun and going to work for The Banner.  She thinks it would be a mistake and Kelly agrees but Kelly tells Sophia that Joey is insisting. The two of them have a heart to heart. By the end of the evening, the two have kind of bonded.  

Todd's penthouse

Viki manages to separate a fighting Todd and Kevin. She tells Kevin that she wants to speak to her brother alone. Kevin leaves and Viki turns to her brother. Words are exchanged but Viki manages to ask her brother to come live at Llanfair. Todd looks stunned and Viki leaves. Left alone, Todd puts in a call to Sam.  

Bo's office

There is Bo, Hank, Colin, Will, and Sam. Colin seems surprised to see Will. He looks kind of worried, too. Will tells all of them that he went to Colin's house to find Lanie and that he and Colin started talking. Somebody showed up and Colin told him to hide in the basement. Later, he found himself locked in. He tried to escape once and Colin knocked him out and put him back in the basement. He tells of his communications with Nora. Of how she was afraid of every little noise because she thought Colin was coming back. Colin tries to tell them that Will is a fugitive and will do anything for a lighter sentence but Bo isn't buying any of it. He reads Colin his rights and cuffs him. Colin is led to the jail. Sam and Hank eventually leave. Will turns to Bo and tells him that he is thankful for everything he has done but he has one more favor. He wants to see Jessica.

Sam's house

Lanie and Nora are discussing Bo. Nora tells her guest that she is divorced from Bo but that she doesn't remember any of it much less fathering a child with another man. She discusses her life with Bo. Lanie looks very uncomfortable. Nora says that she remembers the good times but not the bad. Later, Bo shows up and Nora lets him in. He tells both women that Colin has been arrested and that Will has come back and is willing to testify. Nora looks relieved. He asks Lanie if she needs a ride someplace but Nora hurriedly tells him that Lanie will be staying on. Bo walks out and both women watch him go. Nora turns around to see the look on Lainie's face.


Jessica is there by herself when Cristian shows up. He wants to tell her that he is tired of her going between him and Will. Jessica asks him if he's drunk but he says it doesn't matter. He spies the note that Jessica has written to her mother and crumples it up before he leaves. She uncrumples the paper when Joey walks in. Then Ben, then Kevin, then Viki. All of them hug her and are very happy to see her. She tells them that she is fine but that she is going downtown to see Will. She will explain everything when she gets back.  

Bo's office

Will is just sitting there when Jessica walks in.

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