One Life to Live Update Friday 9/29/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 9/29/00

By Linda C

Ben and Viki discuss Todd. Viki feels she can't bail out on him. She is

the only family he has. Ben doesn't feel there is any hope for Todd. Viki asks him for his help with Todd. Ben thinks Todd is a lost cause and the problem with Todd is Todd. Viki wants to risk taking care of Todd. She says she took a risk with Ben and it was the best risk she ever took. She tells him that Todd brought Nora home and he hates her so she is hoping that Todd changed. Ben asks her is she wants to help him because he is family? She says she is. With all Todd has done, he can't understand why she can't cut him loose like Ben did with Asa.

Kevin visits Todd and demands he signs the Sun back over to Kelly. Todd refuses. He says he owns the Sun legally. Kevin tells him that Blaire stole the shares from Kelly. Todd needles Kevin about his love for Kelly. How he blew Kelly's marriage out of the water and is using Todd to make up for it. Todd tells him to deal with his guilty conscience on his own. Antonio pulls a drunken Cristian away from Sophia and tells him to keep his hands off her. They bicker back and forth. Cris acts cocky with Antonio and calls him a jerk. Roseanne asks Sophia if she is over Antonio. Sophia says she is more in love with him than ever.

 Bo insists Colin come down the station for questioning. Colin asks Bo who he is trying to impress, Nora or Lanie. Nora looks on confused by that statement. Mel tries to talk to Colin telling him Bo is just doing his job. Nora tells Colin that he doesn't have to answer any questions, but wonders if he has something to hide. He wants to be arrested on a real charge. Bo tells him he isn't under arrest, he just wants to ask him a few questions. Nora wants to go too, but Bo refuses to let her, telling her it is police business. She says she knows that, it happened to her, humor her. Mel says she will stay with Nora. After a lot of bickering, Colin agrees to go to the station and talk to Bo.

Kelly goes to pick up he things at Joe's. She looks over and model of the Eiffel Tower. Joe comes out of nowhere and says to her, some trip, huh? Just you me and Paris. She tells him she didn't expect him to be there. He says he wasn't supposed to be. She tells him she is trying to make this as easy as possible. She tells him she knows it is her fault their marriage is over and he has always been good to her. It would have been a whole lot easier if he hadn't. They reminisce about all the times they had together. He wants her to stay the Kelly she always was. He wonders how things would have turned out if she really was pregnant a couple of months ago. She says she is glad she wasn't pregnant. That wouldn't be right. You can't use a baby to fix a marriage. She thinks they should stop talking about the past. He feels they could still be friends, like his Mom and dad are now, not that they were at first because Viki ran off with Stone Carpenter. He leaves after telling her that he thinks the two of them handled it pretty well.

At the station, Bo antagonizes Colin. He tells Colin he has a right to a lawyer, but that would only be useful if he was afraid of getting arrested. Bo points out that lawyers also interfere and it makes the client look more guilty. Hank comes in and calls Bo out. He tells Bo to let go of Colin. Bo tells him that Will is on his way back and he can prove Colin had Nora. Hank says the judge would have his hide if he didn't wait for Will and a signed statement. Bo says Colin is a flight risk and he has him convinced to talk to him without his attorney and all he needs is a little time. It is for Nora. Hank caves in and tells him that he has to go somewhere and he wants to make sure Bo talks to Colin with appropriate speed. Bo thanks him. Hank tells him to just make sure he gets Colin or Hank will be standing in front of an angry judge.

Nora and Mel talk about Colin. Nora wonders if Colin was lying about keeping her. Mel says she isn't sure, but makes sure Nora knows that his behavior looked as though he was lying. Mel nearly slips and tells her that she is seeing Bo which leads to Nora asking her who the new man in her life is? She tells Nora that there is someone in her life but for right now other people are involved. Nora asks if there is a wife? Mel begins to answer when Rachel comes in with ice cream.

Roseanne asks Sophia why she hadn't told her. Sophia says Antonio is not over Andy. Roseanne thinks he is. Roseanne tries to tell Sophia that she was in the shower when Sophia came to Antonio's but Sophia cuts her off telling her that Antonio doesn't care about that woman in the shower. Roseanne asks her why she says that. She says that woman was in Antonio's shower and don't forget his bed too. Sophia says she knows she was. Roseanne asks her why then, does she think it isn't serious? Sophia say she is not over Andy. Roseanne wants to know how else to get over her than finding someone new. Sophia tells her that he isn't ready. He told her so himself. He said the last thing he needs right now is a girlfriend. The only thing he is looking for right now is a good time. Any woman who expects anything more from him right now is totally crazy. And that is what he said. Roseanne looks like she is about to cry.

 Antonio figures out that Cristian's problem has to do with Jesse. Cris assures him that it does. He lost her. Cris walks away and RJ approaches him wanting to buy him a drink and make up for the fight they had. Antonio heads over and tries to get Cris away from RJ when Cris turns and tells them both to go to hell. RJ thinks Cris is one angry man. Antonio tells him that he hasn't seen angry yet and he better stay away from his little brother.

Viki tells Ben that Todd was never loved. His mother died when he was very young and he was raised by a miserable man. Viki says she always told Todd that he had a place with her and wants to ask him to move in with her. Ben thinks she is crazy. Viki thinks that Todd is reaching out and she wants to give him a hand. She doesn't want this to come between them. Ben says she changed his life, maybe she can change Todd's too. Kevin tells Todd that he may fool his mother but not him. Todd says what he did is business. Kevin blames this all on Tea leaving him. Todd claims it is his paper and now he has it back and there is nothing anyone is going to do to change that. Kevin tells him he doesn't want to find out what he could do. Todd says it is a job, Kelly can find another one. Kevin says she has another job. Todd teases that she has an office right between Kevin and Joe. Kevin finally tells him that he is not going to let him play with him anymore, either he puts a stop to trampling on other peoples lives, or he will. Todd badgers him again about stealing his brother's wife and Kevin loses it and puts Todd in a headlock as Viki comes through the door and puts a stop to it.

Bo accuses Colin of being in love with Nora. He asks Colin if he has the hots for the ladies. He asks Colin what he does when he is turned down. Bo accuses him of keeping Nora and not releasing her because he couldn't get what he wanted from her. Hank comes in and stands quietly behind Colin. Colin says he would never hurt Nora and that is not why ..... he stops and Bo asks him what, what has he done?

Mel insists on going to a hotel. Nora wants her to stay there. She wants to talk some more. Mel says her doctor would never forgive her for not letting Nora rest. Nora won't forgive herself for kicking Mel out in the street. Nora says there is more important things than rest. There is peace of mind. She says her Rachel can't give her a lot of the answers and she thinks Mel can help her. She needs to talk to her. Mel asks about what? Nora says Bo.

Colin tells Bo that he likes Nora, what little he has seen of her. And that is why he has taken an interest in her and that is all he is going to say without his lawyer, so he thinks they are through. Bo tells him he can leave. Colin confidently thanks him. He then says it looks like today was a bit of a disappointment for you gentlemen. An officer lets Will into Bo's office. Bo says, well, I don't know, it's looking up.

Monday: Sophia enters Joe's apartment to find Kelly standing there. They each ask the other, what are you doing here? Jesse sees Cris is drunk. Viki invites Todd to come live at Llanfair. Nora hopes Mel can help her understand. Will asks Uncle Colin if he is going somewhere. A shocked Colin exclaims, you're back!

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