One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/27/00


One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/27/00

By Linda

Kelly's stuff arrives at the Banner. Joe tells Viki that Blaire tricked Kelly into signing over her shares so Kelly is not working for them. Viki wants to know why she wasn't told. She feels it will be awkward for him and Kevin. Joe tells her she should worry about Todd, not them. They wonder what Todd is up to.

Todd arrives at the penthouse with legal papers to toss Roseanne and Sophia out. He brings his locksmith with him to change the locks and threatens them if they don't go, he will call the police and have them arrested. They leave telling him not to do anything to their stuff. He says he will have their stuff sent to them providing they tell him where they are.

Jesse visits Will in jail. She assures him everything will work out. She blames herself for all this because she trusted Cris. Will tells her it is not her fault. Sam shows up. He thinks Will looks good. Will tells him to thank Jesse. Sam asks why he hadn't contacted him. Will says he left a message on his answering machine and sent him a letter. Sam says he didn't get either. Will asks about Todd rescuing Nora and wonders how she is. Sam says she is confused and has no memory of the last couple of years. Will says she was fine the last time he saw her and was asking for Sam. Will says he wouldn't put anything past Colin. Sam wants to know everything Will knows so he can make Colin pay for whatever he did to Nora.

Mel is waiting on Bo when Colin comes up and rubs her shoulders. She turns to talk to Bo and realizes it is Colin. He tries to make her jealous saying that she waits around for Bo. He asks if she knows how Nora is. Mel wants to know why he is so interested in Nora?

Bo brings Rachel to visit Nora. Nora tells her that Bo explained why they are not together and she is okay with it. She wants to stay with her son and not in the hospital. She feels that she and Bo should be leaving and going home together with pizza and music and all. She says her place is there now with her family and she will be well looked after so Bo can go. He says he doesn't think he can.

Sophia shows up at the Banner looking for Rae to move in with her, but Joe has no idea where she is. She tells Viki and Joe what Todd did. Sophia says there is only one place she can turn to stay. Joe asks where is that. She says with Antonio. Meanwhile, Roseanne shows up at Antonio's and hears the shower running. She thinks it is Antonio and begins to undress when Cris comes out. She says she thought no one was home and was getting comfortable. Cris tells her what happened with Jesse and that he made his choice. Roseanne asks what choice he made?

Nora tells Bo that she needs to be alone right now in her own little world. He wants to help her. She says okay, but not right now. Bo tells her not to hurry, she has a lot to get used to. She says she will forever be sorry for hurting him the way she did. He says he will too. He leaves. Rachel comes downstairs with Matthew, who yells Mommy, Mommy. She welcomes him with open arms and hugs him close. Rachel asks if she is all right. Nora says she thinks so. She says it is hard to believe everything Bo told her and it is hard to believe. She says he was so sweet when he told her about her sleeping with Sam to give him a baby. She wonders if she did it for him or herself and tells Rachel she is so glad she has her two children. She asks Rachel if Bo has someone else in his life now? Rachel tells her that she doesn't know. Nora asks what happened between her and Sam. Rachel says she doesn't know and Nora should discuss that with Sam when he gets home. They think back of their love for ice cream and Rachel goes out to get some. Nora takes down a picture of her with Sam and Matthew as Colin.

Mel and Colin have it out about Nora and the missing medicine. Colin says his interest in Nora is purely professional. Mel wonders if he is just involved with Nora because Mel is with Bo and it is his way of getting into their lives. He says his attention to Nora has nothing to do with her and Bo and wonders if she is okay. Colin asks how Bo found Nora. Mel says she came to her. Colin tells her that now that Nora is back, Bo will need an excuse to play the hero. Bo comes up behind him and says that Colin is all the excuse he needs.

Will tells how Colin locked him in the cellar and how Nora sent him notes through the vent. He said he would never have left if he didn't think the police were on their way to save Nora. He asks Sam if he asked Colin because he would know better than anyone.

Viki visits Todd. She asks him what exactly he is up to? She is disappointed that he let himself down. She says he could have put his life back together without destroying others. He says he brought Nora back. She says that turns peoples heads because everyone knows he hates Nora. She says that he wants to regain her trust, then she wants to know why he brought Nora back.

Sophia says she is sure Antonio will let him stay with him. Joe thinks that is a bit too close for her. She notices Kelly's stuff and asks him who is getting too close? She says she wanted to be close to Antonio but now that she is she is going crazy. Joe tells her that what Kelly and he had together is over, not like what Sophia and Antonio have. Sophia tells Joe that he is not over Kelly and that is why he hired her. Joe says that isn't true. He says he has to go but if she really needs a place tonight to call him. She says okay.

Cris and Roseanne have it out. He calls her a loser. She says she is not a loser and he shouldn't take it out on her because he lost Jesse. Cris apologizes to her for taking it out on her. She tells him to try to find a better way to deal with what happened then the way she did with him. He wants to go out and asks her along. She wants to wait for Antonio. He says he will meet them there if they want to go. She asks him not to go because he has had too much to drink.

John tells Will that they think Lindsay was an accomplish in the kidnapping of Nora. Will says that he didn't see her there and can't believe she had anything to do with it.

Colin tells Bo that now that he has spoken to Nora, he knows he didn't have anything to do with her disappearance and expects Bo to apologize. Bo tells him to get lost. Colin leaves and Mel and Bo discuss the conversation Bo had with Nora. Bo feels like he hit Nora with a sucker punch. He thinks he is gong to be lousy company tonight and if Mel wants to scratch him off her dance card, he will understand. She says she didn't expect him to be in the best of moods and will give him all the space he needs and will stick around him tonight if he doesn't mind. She wants to be there with him and for him. He tells her that Nora didn't want to go back to the hospital tonight, she didn't want to be alone and he doesn't either and tells her he wants to stick it out with her too. Mel tells him that Colin was acting strange. He was just a little too insistent about Nora.

Colin goes to Sam's house.

Will and Jesse are left alone and Will tells her that he doesn't believe his mother had anything to do with it. Jesse apologizes to him and says she cares a lot about him and did even when she was angry with him. He says he cares about her too.

Todd wants to know if anyone else brought Nora back would she give them the third degree? She says anyone but him. He says he is trying to change, why won't she give him a chance. She says maybe she should be grateful for him bring Nora back because it is a good thing. She tells him that maybe he has changed. Maybe the hope of it is a gift.

Mel apologizes for talking about Colin. Bo says he wants to hear it if it has anything to do with Nora's safety. He wants to know if Colin said anything suspicious. She says no except he was a bit annoyed that she had told him about the medicine that was missing.

Sam calls Bo and tells him that he was just with Will and he confirmed it. Nora was at Colin's. He is the one that had her captive.

Colin rings the bell and Nora yells for him to come in, the door is unlocked. He sees her and is all smiles. She smiles back at him.

Tomorrow: Bo orders the department to get Colin before he gets Nora. Nora asks Colin why he is there. He tells her he is there to see her. Sophia runs into Cris and he asks if she needs a place to crash? Sam asks Will how he would like to leave Ireland and live a free man?

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