One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/26/00


One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/26/00

By Merilee


Sophia and Roseanne are talking.  She tells her that she stopped by Antonio's place this morning and there was a woman in his shower.  They continue talking about it when Antonio comes through the front door.  Sophia makes excuses and goes upstairs.  Antonio and Roseanne share some quick kisses and manage to break apart when Sophia comes back downstairs.  It's Roseanne's turn to go upstairs.  Sophia asks him about the woman in his shower.  She asks who it was.  Antonio says that since his breakup with Andy that he is not ready to make a commitment in another relationship.  That seems to satisfy her.

Banner news room

Joey, Kevin, and Kelly are discussing her coming to work there.  Joey is all for it but Kevin has his drawbacks.  They are interrupted by one of the guys working there.  Kevin leaves with him.  Joey does his best to convince Kelly that it is okay with him if she comes to work there.  She is just worried about his well being.  He storms off while Kevin makes his way back to Kelly.  He tells her of some job offers from magazines that could put her over the top again.  Kelly stops him before he can go any further.  She thinks Joey is right.  She thinks that it might be a good idea for her to come to work there.  Kevin is still unsure but Joey (who is back) asks the people in the newsroom.  All of them want Kelly there.

Asa's house

Max, Blair, Todd, and Asa are together in Asa's office.  Todd has brought a computer game for Starr.  Starr comes in and is very anxious to see her daddy.  Todd loads the game into the computer and then tells everyone to gather round.  It's a game for stomping cowboys and the little girl seems to love it.  Asa, though, has had enough and tells Todd to leave.  The room empties little by little until it is just Starr, Todd, and Blair.  Starr is still playing the game while Todd and Blair discuss his visits with the girl.  He tells his former wife that he is perfectly happy with his visits here.

Towers' patio

Lanie and Viki are enjoying themselves at one table.  They talk about Nora and Bo.  Lanie tells Viki that Nora is making progress but that the woman thinks she is still married to Bo.  Viki tells her that it must be hard on her considering the feelings that Lanie has for Bo.  Over at another table, Rae and Renee are discussing Max.  Speak of the devil, he shows up.  Renee makes her excuses and goes with him.  He wants to know why Renee told Rae that he was not her son.  Renee tells him that it was the right thing to do because the woman has been through so much.  He leaves and Renee rejoins Rae.  Skye catches up with Max but he brushes her off.  He leaves and Skye goes out to the patio.  She confronts Rae by throwing water on her.  Not so nice words are exchanged between the two of them.

Asa's house

Blair is playing the game when Max comes in.  She acts very happy to see him.  They talk of their love for each other.

Sam's house

Nora is trying to put the pieces together.  Bo finally tells her that they are divorced and they have been for some time.  She wants to know what happened.  He starts to tell her about Drew and how he died in the line of duty.  That he and Nora were trying to have a baby but because she thought he couldn't; she turned to Sam.  She has a hard time with that one but finally understands.  He tells her that he almost married Lindsay.  But, he didn't and Nora is glad he didn't.  They go into what is Sam's office and she starts looking through her books.  She finds her wedding ring.

Todd's office

Todd is gloating about his success.  He takes a disc and loads it in the computer.  It downloads and there is a message.  "Max Buchanan is a fake."

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