One Life to Live Update Friday 9/22/00


One Life to Live Update Friday 9/22/00

By Linda C

Viki and Ben are at the hospital as happy as can be. Ben says there are no worries. Viki asks if they should get married in Florida? Ben asks which one? Viki doesn't care but she wants to get married. Viki awaits her results from her cancer testing. Colin is in his office going over them as he hears Ben say he doesn't like Colin and Sam doesn't trust him. He wants her to see someone else. Viki says there is nothing wrong with Colin treating her, he has been taking care of her all along. Ben doesn't like it. Colin comes out and tells Ben that if he has something to say about him, he should say it to his face. Ben lays into him accusing him of having something to do with Nora's disappearance.

The nurse comes in looking for Nora's chart. She can't seem to find it anywhere. Nora is reading the paper and gets frustrated when she realizes some things happened two years ago. She flings her paper. The nurse asks if she is all right. Nora says she isn't and is going to call her husband. She calls Bo and says at least she remembered his phone number. She says she needs to talk to him. She has a lot of questions. He will stop over after he finishes up some work. She tells him to hurry, she really needs to talk to him. He says he will see her soon. After he hangs up, Hank discusses the fact Nora thinks they are still married. Bo thinks he should tell Nora the truth. Hank thinks he should wait, Nora has been through hell and he doesn't want to see her hurt any more than she has already. Bo says neither does he as Mel walks in and agrees with them.

Sophia comes to work and asks a coworker if she has seen Antonio. No, she hasn't, she thought he was staying with her at the penthouse in case that lunatic came back (speaking of Todd). Sophia goes to the phone and calls the penthouse and gets the answering machine. She says into the answering machine that she hasn't seen Antonio and asks if Roseanne knows where he is.

Roseanne and Antonio wake up together and talk about their time together. Roseanne can't believe the two of them are together. He says he felt this a long time. She says she pretty much hated him too. He says he never said hate. Roseanne touches his chest and he decides he had better get up and get to work. She asks him if he regrets last night.

Nora tells the nurse to look at the nurse's station for the chart, it is obviously not in her room.  Nora continues to write a list of things she remembers and things she wants to ask Bo. She writes, married to Bo.

Asa is at the hospital on the phone with Max praising him for a job well done catching Will. He spots Nora and is obviously in shock. Nora calls him an old coot and says she was wondering when he was going to visit her. She gets out of bed as Asa looks like he is going to faint. She asks if he is all right. He says what do you think. He accuses her of being a ghost and coming back to get him for all the bad he did. She tells him to pinch her to show she is alive. He touches her. She says Bo has been keeping it quiet. He is relieved that she is alive. He says it was like he was dreaming and it came true. He tells her that they blamed him and he is so thankful. He hugs her and then steps back to take a look at her and tells her how much he missed her. She offers to call a nurse. He says no. He tells her that she was always his favorite daughter in law. She tells him that he has a heck of a way of showing it. He makes her go back to bed. He says he should have known she would beat death. He says it is because she was married to a Buchanan. She agrees and asks him what they are going to do about that husband of hers. Asa looks at her like she has three heads.

Mel apologizes for interrupting. Hank says they were finished up there and is heading to the hospital. Bo tells him that he will see him there. Bo is glad Mel stopped by, he has been thinking of her all morning. She asks about what and he reaches out to her and kisses her. He asks if she is okay. She admits she has been keeping something about Colin from him.

Meanwhile, Colin tries to convince Ben that he had nothing to do with Nora's disappearance. Ben says his nephew told Sam that he saw Nora at Colin's house. Viki steps in and says this is not the time and the place. Colin and Ben agree. Ben wants her to hurry up and get her results and go. Colin says her results just came up a little while ago and he hasn't had time to full go over them yet. He looks through them and has a disturbing look on his face. Ben and Viki want to know what is wrong. Colin tells them to sit. Viki won't hear it, she wants to know if something is wrong. Colin says, according to these results, there is. Colin tells her that her CA15 levels are extremely elevated. Viki asks Ben what that means? He says it could mean a number of things. She asks if the cancer is back. Ben looks concerned. He nods his head and tells her they have come too far and aren't giving up now. Viki sits with her mouth wide open in shock. Ben asks Colin if he is sure he is reading the report correctly? Colin says he is reading exactly what it says. He says it also says the CEA marker is elevated as well and thinks this could mean they are getting a false positive results and says he is ordering another test.

Antonio tells Roseanne that he is sure he is not ashamed of anything, last night was incredible. She asks if she hears a but coming. He says he just wants things straight about last night. She says, it was what it was. He says okay. He just doesn't want any misunderstandings or anyone getting hurt. He says he is going through a divorce and has ties at the diner. She tells him not to worry and she is not going to tell anyone and is not looking for a long term relationship. He asks if she is sure. She says yes, especially after what happened with Cris. He asks if she is just fine with friendship and sex. She says, yes. They kiss. She tells him she thought he had to get to work. He does. She heads for the shower. She wonders what his Mom would have to say about all this. He thinks there are a few people that would have something to say about all this. She thinks if the do, they will just have to deal with it. Sophia arrives.

Mel tells Bo that she can't be sure, but she thinks Colin took a drug from the hospital without checking it out. Bo asks if is the same drug Larry gave Nora and wants to know if Colin gave it to Nora. Mel isn't sure. Bo asks if she is sure he took it. She says no. He asks if she saw him there? She did and he looked guilty. She doesn't want to accuse him but if he did this, it is too awful. She says she was married to Colin all those years and loved him but if he did this to Nora, she want's him to be punished. Bo can't understand why he would give her a drug and then get the antidote. Mel can't figure him out at all lately. She says Colin was trying so hard to get back together and then all of a sudden, he dropped it. Bo says there may have been someone else. She doesn't care if there was. Bo says they are together now and they will handle it.

Nora says to Asa that she knows Bo is a man of few words, but not telling his father that his wife is back from the dead is push even for him. Nora notices the look on Asa's face and questions him about he and Bo's relationship. Asa tells her all is fine and they are still in his will. Nora says she doesn't care about that. Nora asks him if he knows that she had a baby with another man and wants to know how Bo got past that? How did he handle it? How did their marriage survive that? Asa realizes something is wrong here.

Colin takes blood from Viki. Ben explains that these thing happen with test. Colin says he is taking the blood down himself and will personally watch over the test. Ben encourages Viki to go do something while they wait. Viki is so upset and feels like the first day she got the diagnosis. Ben holds her tight.

Antonio answers the door in his robe. She was wondering where he was last night and if he is okay. He says it is. She offers him a ride to the station. He says no. She says if she didn't know any better, she would think he had a woman in there. Antonio admits that he does.

Mel asks Bo if Nora knows about them? He tells her no, but he intends on telling her. Mel thinks he should wait, she doesn't want Nora to get hurt. Bo insists that keeping secrets will hurt and is what split Nora and him up in the first place. Mel doesn't think she is ready. Bo says he knows he has to be careful, but he has to tell Nora. He says he cares about Nora and will do all he can not to hurt her or make her more confused. He invites her to dinner. She accepts. He asks if she is okay with that. She says she is more than okay with that.

Asa tells Nora that the only reason she had that baby was to give Bo a child because she thought he couldn't have one. She asks if Bo understood that. He says yes after a while. She asks if they separated. He says they did but they are back together and their marriage is stronger than ever and everyone knows that. She asks him if he is leaving something out? He says no, their marriage is as solid as a rock. Nora tells him that Lindsay told her a different story. Asa says Lindsay is the devil and a liar and never to listen to a word she says. He tells her not to listen to the RappaDavidsons. She asks him, what? Asa goes on to say that they tried to break up her and Bo but they couldn't do it because she and Bo were too strong for them. She asks, what about the baby? He tells her to forget about the baby, it didn't mean anything. She is shocked by his words. She asks what he means by that? The baby is her son. He knows that. The only thing that matters now is that she and Bo are together, the other people mean nothing to her, just her and Bo means everything. She looks him in the eyes and tells him that he is lying to her, isn't he? Asa begs her not to get upset. He says he is telling her the truth. She doesn't believe him because what he is telling her doesn't make sense. He says it does and when she gets out of there, he will explain everything. The nurse comes in and tells him it is time to leave. He tells the nurse that Nora is his daughter in law and this is the Buchanan wing. The nurse tells him that she has cleaned bed pans and a few who didn't make it to bed pans and for him to stop throwing his weight around and leave immediately. He agrees to leave and tells Nora not to worry about a thing, she is back with the Buchanans.

Antonio asks if Sophia is cool with him having a woman there. She lies and says she is okay with it. She turns to leave and he calls her back and asks if she is sure she is okay. He doesn't want to jeopardize anything. She says she will see him at the station and not to worry, she will cover for him. He thanks his partner and closes the door. Sophia walks away and cries. Roseanne comes out of the shower and talks to Antonio who seems a bit down in the dumps. He tells her that he has to take a quick shower and go and that he meant what he said, last night was great. Meanwhile, Sophia enters the station and sits at her desk in tears. Asa blows in and yells at Bo for not telling him that Nora is alive. He tells Bo that Nora thinks they are still married and things can be back to normal. Bo reminds him that they are divorced. Asa says he handled that. Bo asks what kind of damage did Asa cause now and puts on his coat and heads out the door.

Viki asks Ben how she can do that? He asks what? She says she should have known better not to take it for granted. She thought she was finished with it. Ben says he thinks she is, this test is all a mistake. She says she asked herself the question. He asks what question? She says she wonders if she would have done everything she wanted to do. He asks what does she want to do. She wants her children to be all right. Jesse to get over her anger and her boys to be friends again and Todd needs him. Ben asks her what she wants for her. She names so many things. He tells her she will do all those things and more. They are both in tears and holding one another. Ben then tells her that he is going to personally check on the results. He goes out the door and throws things in the hall out of frustration. When Ben comes back he tells her that they are almost finished. He asks if she is okay. She says they just have to wait, right? Colin comes in.

Hank arrives at the hospital. He asks the nurse how Nora is doing. She tells him that the visit from Asa didn't help. He says it never does. He asks if he can step in? She says he can. He opens the door and Nora is gone.

Monday: Asa tells Max that when he dies, the whole shebang is his. Nora shows up at Sam's and questions Mel about Sam living there. Kelly enters her office to find Todd putting up a Welcome Todd sign.  The End.

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